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u/Nyteowls · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

TLDNR; Without having more info on what I described in the first paragraph. I'd say just buy a couple 10TB Easystores on sale ($180ea) and use your current SBCs and smaller server setups. After I wrote all of this I saw that you are from AUS(I think), so no clue if you can get close to $18 per TB in your area, but prices are coming down every year so sometimes better to just save $$$. It is super fun to think about a new and more powerful setup, plus buying it and putting it together, but as you can see I've done a lot of this thinking already. You are also probably feeling guilty that you have to make use of all your 2TBs, but lots of little HDDs do require more electricity to power up and cool. You need storage density and you cant get around that. Upgrade to 10TB and use the 2TB as a cold storage (backup). You are at a heck of a crossroads because the cost to go from SBCs to a "Proper" server plus buying storage isnt a cheap one. Currently there are limited stepping stones, but more powerful SBCs and Ryzen Embedded are here and on the way so wait if possible. Either way you go, you will spend more money and use up storage faster than you planned... The more powerful SBCs arent always cheap either, once you factor in cost of: memory card, power supply, case, possible heatsink/extra heat sinks, a fan, etc. Their lower price starts creeping into the middle range...

What brand, how many, and how long have the 2TBs been powered on for? It sounds like you are currently swapping out the 2TBs for others depending on what you want to watch and on which HDD it is? Do you have any projected storage numbers and what is your current and future budget? You mentioned that you have a small dedicated server? Is that another SBC or what is with that setup and how many sata ports? I'd forgo the transcoding ideas and nix buying any sort of new "Server" options. Focus on reusing what you have or going with a "Used" setup, so you can start saving that money for when 8TB or 10TB Easystores go on sale.

IMO for a true new build you'd want to price in ECC RAM, UPS, and I personally prefer a case that has hot swap access to HDDs. The Rosewill that meemo linked cant be beat for the price especially since it comes with 7 fans, but it requires extra steps to access the HDDs (internally only), which may be fine for you. There is Mediasonic (JBOD version only) that you could plug into your SBC, but that technically isnt hot swappable either, plus it is USB 3.1 to USB-C which isnt the worst but it isnt the best... I know you wanted to get away from SBCs, but if you disable transcoding there are some SBCs that use SATA to SATA connections that are very viable. Any SBC or standalone storage that uses USB is a potential risk, since USB can suffer connection issues when doing rebuilding, parity, and scrubbing maintenance (same if your power goes out, hence a need for UPS). Helios4 is a time restricted option, since they only open up orders once or twice a year (they are currently taking orders). *I saw a post saying that since the Helios4 is a 32bit processor, so it is limited to 16TB volumes. You get 2GB ECC + 4x SATA and I believe you can use any HDD size with that (double check tho), so 4 separate 10TB volumes (4x$180sale=$720+tax), not including parity... I'm not sure how the 32bit and the 16TB volume limit effect drive pooling... I gotta research more into that. I'm not familiar with the UnRaid, FreeNAS, or the other options that you mentioned, but OpenMediaVault4 has MergerFS drive pooling and Snapraid plugin, you could run 3x storage HDD and 1x parity or you could forgo parity for now. If you prefer Windows (You can also run omv4 on windows in a VM) there is Stablebit Drivepool (Not free) for pooling and then Snapraid (not completely novice friendly) for parity. Depending on the HDD type you could reuse the discarded Easystore enclosures and put your 2TB drives in there (still USB connection). If they are a different brand (non WD/HGST) I think you have to desolder something on the Easystore board? I lost the link on how to do that. You could also just keep the 2TB as cold storage backups, but that still carries a risk, but it's cheaper. You could also get 2nd Helios, but for about the same price you could use that money on a 10TB. That would replace 5x of your 2TB drives... Not too mention the extra electricity to power and cool 5x drives vs 1x drive... As you can see, storage density starts coming into play here, big time.

There are other SATA SBCs that you could use and you could also do a janky setup and put the SATA SBCs inside a hot swappable case like this Silverstone one. There are other cases, but this is the only name that came to mind. This case also doesnt have any power supply or fans to cool the HDDs so there will be extra cost there, plus you'll need a power supply, PLUS a way to turn on your power supply (with a power board), since that SBC setup wont have a motherboard. You can also make your own "Dumb" JBOD HDD enclosure and connect that to your mini server. Another option to SBCs is the ASRock cpu+mobo line: J3455-ITX, J4105-ITX, annd J5005-ITX. The issue with this that it appears you are still limited to 4x SATA or other variations of these boards have a PCIe 2.0 x16 slot at x1 or x2 transfer lanes/speed instead of x8 or x16... Also you have to factor in the price of ram and a mini PICO power supply. There is a subreddit+website that focuses on used parts for cheap server setups, but you might want to verify the power consumption of those setups when they are idling. With the NAS killer option, you gotta make sure all of the parts are still available on ebay or refurb sites, plus make sure you have time to build your setup to verify everything is working plus stress test it before the return window closes to weed out any weak used parts.
HDD enclosure option
Power Board

Another option if you really want transcoding and a more powerful "Server" would be a Dell Optiplex 7010, which are used business computers that are "Refurbished", but I think they just take them from that company and wipe the hard drive, nothing else. The Minitower Desktop version is roomier than the slightly cheaper SFF (SmallFormFactor) version, which might be important if you want to swap out the power supply, watch the youtube video to get an idea of what you are getting into. Since a cheap power supply is a weak point plus a potential hazard I'd recommend swapping in a new power supply, but you could risk it with its current power supply. Everything else should last for a good while. You'll also need to install a HBA card. You can get Genuine used cards that were in good working order or you could get a new knock off from China. Both options are viable, but personally I prefer the used option. Theartofserver, ebay seller, also has a youtube channel, so I purchased from him, but I have also purchased from other sellers and got good working parts (I think Ebay still has the most honest and accurate rating system out there?). Since the Optiplex doesnt have room for internal HDDs then you are left with a few options with various HBA cards (internal vs external), expander cards, and adapter setups (SFF-8087 to SFF-8088). If you want it to look "Proper" there will be a lot of wasted money on 2x adapters (1x Optiplex + 1x external HDD enclosure) and an extra SFF-8088 cable between the two. I'd just go janky with it and get a longer reverse breakout cable of 3.3feet (4x SATA to 1x SFF-8087), which should be long enough to go from your external HDDs setup into the Optiplex case and internally connected to the HBA card, like the popular 9201-8i. The janky part being that you'll have the reverse breakout cable snaking directly into each case, instead of plugging into an adapter in the back.
Single adapter
Double adapter
SFF-8080 cable

u/comicidiot · 5 pointsr/DataHoarder

Let's compare Apples to Apples (Red Pro to Iron Wolf Pro)

Hard Disk | US price | In my country (India)
WD Red 8TB NAS Hard Drive (WD80EFZX) | $259.00 | ₹32,499.00 ($499.95)
WD Red Pro 8TB NAS Hard Drive (WD8001FFWX) | $309.79 | ₹30,587.94 ($470.75)
Seagate 8TB IronWolf Pro (ST8000NE0004) | $315.54 | ₹34.990 ($538.27)

Looks like it's actually cheaper for you to buy the WD Red Pros than the non-Pros in India? Seagate was offering $50 off per drive, which makes them cheaper than WD Red Pros but pretty much no one here needs Pro drives. That's where they missed the buck, in my opinion.

They looked and made decisions on the data rather than the community. Granted, we all took their poll and generated that data for them, but they should have weighed the topics more heavily where we all talk and enjoy plain and simple Reds. Had this sale been for the regular IronWolf, I'm sure there would have been significant amounts of praise; I definitely would have bought some.

Granted, some people would have complained that it's still not close to the price of a "shucked WD Red" but really, $50 off an IronWolf 8TB drive would put it ~$62 under the regular WD Red 8TB drive. For a ~$12 difference I'll still buy Reds but for a difference of ~$62 or more? I'll purchase Seagate.

u/edgan · 81 pointsr/DataHoarder

Raw storage:

u/17thspartan · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

Sure. There's plenty of disk bays that connect to the PC via USB 3 or esata. I have a Drobo, which has served me well, but my next purchase will likely be something cheaper than that. I've been running it nearly 24/7 since I bought it 4 years ago (there was a month or two when my PC was off, so the drobo was in sleep mode).

There's a wide range of things like that available. Just search 5 Bay enclosure or 5 hdd Bay on Amazon (I'm on my phone or else I'd link you).

Edit: Mediasonic ProBox HF2-SU3S2 4 Bay 3.5" SATA HDD Enclosure - USB 3.0 & eSATA Support SATA 3 6.0Gbps HDD transfer speed

That's a 4 bay drive for 99 dollars. But just FYI, I don't know much about what hardware is good or reliable for USB drives (or Nas for that matter). It's something I plan to figure out or ask about when I get the money to buy a new enclosure or Nas.

And it should be noted that while I've had a good experience with Drobo (it's super easy to use, you can swap out drives for larger ones when you need to, and it can protect against one or two simultaneous drive failures), they use a proprietary RAID. That means if your drobo enclosure dies, you'll need to get it fixed, or replace it with another Drobo before you can recover the data on your hdds. I've read thaf migrating from one drobo to another is easy, and you don't need to know which order your drives are in or anything like that.

u/LusT4DetH · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

The controller it comes with is a standard Silicon Image SIL3132 2 port PCI-E eSATA controller. Nearly all "cheap but works" eSATA controllers are a SIL31XX chipset. I have several. They work fine in Linux, Windows and I think FreeBSD (would really surprise me if it didn't) because SIL chipsets are pretty much the low-end standard for devices like this. Doesn't matter what controller you research, it will likely have a SIL31XX chip on it. Startech/Addonics are SIL chips from what I recall. Even the Startech 4 port eSATA card is a SIL3134 chip.

I also have two of these Mediasonic External 8bay enclosures, but these have a SINGLE eSATA port on the back, so again, the controller must support port multiplier to see all eight drives. I like these better than the Rosewill as they also have fan control settings (low/med/high/auto) for the enclosure. Also, they only take one eSATA controller port per eight drives. They also support USB3, but I don't recommend raid arrays over usb at all. Stick with the eSATA function. I can't remember if these come with an eSATA controller or not, but if they do, its also a SIL3132 board.

I've been using these cheap SIL2132 controllers for a long time, they work fine. I've had them on 4 drive, 5 drive, and even single cable 8 drive boxes and drives do occasionally die, but they always die sooner or later. I don't think they died any more than the drives on my SAS box. Just buy a good quality eSATA cable, not a $3 one. The biggest flaw with eSATA imo is that the cables and ports have too much "play" in them and the cables can be bumped out of the ports or vibrated out pretty easily. I just insert and tape down with a little tape and good to go.

Side note: if you are thinking SAS->eSATA breakout cables for a superior controller, the SAS controller likely doesn't support port multiplier, so if you rig up some SAS->eSATA cabling, you will probably only see one drive. I tried that too.

u/firejup · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

I'm surprised that you haven't gotten much response in the last day. I suppose the FAQ is there, but you've looked through it and it doesn't provide you with the answers you're looking for so you're asking the community. So... what to do next? I'm gonna assume you're asking about what to do next hardware wise. Something that is low cost and won't lock you into something you can't change later.
40-50TB is nothing to scoff at, I'm surprised you've managed to get by with hooking them up direct this long, but hey if it works, it works (it's not dumb if it works).
A baby step could be increasing your density.
Grabbing a MediaSonic Pro Box and shucking your externals into a 4up bay would free up some ports.
Then a cheap next step would be to upgrade from USB3 to some ESATA ports. I use this ESATA card to hook up to the MediaSonic box and it works great. I still run this setup on one of the computers in my garage for "offline" backups. I just WOL the machine and backup some critical data then power it down.
If you want to start offloading the workload to another computer all this stuff would transfer well into another computer.

Other than that the FAQ does have a ton of good recommendations for what software to run under each different platform WINDOWS/MAC/Linux. In this day in age I don't think there is a "wrong" choice. Work in what you're most comfortable in. I'm partial to Windows and then Linux (mainly Ubuntu). If you have any other questions feel free to reach out.

u/shysmiles · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

That card you linked has 2 sff-8087 connectors if thats what you have you can use that if you wanted. Each sff-8087 sas port has 4x sata ports basically. Both of your SSDs (and 2 more) should be able to hook up to just one of those ports. The breakout cable that goes from 1 to 4 looks like this:

You can get a sff-8087 to sff-8088 adapter that converts the internal 4x connection to a external one to connect something like that ds4243, but for about the same money I'd still recommend the LSI adapter if you can verify you can use one more of the pcie slots. Its better to have a non raid card if your going to use something like zfs file system.

What i mean about the eSATA is that its a single sata port, vs the sas ports that are 4x sata ports. The DS4243 and others like it have a multiplexer that lets all 24 connect with that 4x connection. Those istar esata boxes have some kind of multiplexer or a controller as well, but how good/reliable are they vs something enterprise grade i dont know.

There are lots of other used SAS disk shelfs around as well (dell etc) its just about finding a good deal on one that has all its caddys etc. If your lucky maybe you can find one local on craigslist since they are so heavy and shipping is usually half the price.

u/tya1999 · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

It does look pretty sweet except that "Price: $224.32AU + $268.58AU Delivery ($492.90AUD, or $350USD)", "Shipped from and sold by Amazon US".

If the shipping wasn't so expensive, yeah. I don't mind paying for a product, but paying to have the privilege of buying it is kinda annoying. Rosewill has always been difficult to get here. Based on this review, heaven forbid I have to send it back...

> CyberSkulls

> 4.0 out of 5 stars

> Great value, but quality is hit or miss

> 3 March 2018 - Published on

> Capacity: 4U, 15 Bays & 7 Fans Verified Purchase

> I've probably bought 25 of these chassis over the years. The quality is extremely hit or miss or for lack of a better term, sub par. Then why 4 stars? For a $100 chassis, it's still an extremely great value. You just have to know upfront they typically don't check these for quality before they leave the factory. So if a chassis has issues, it will make it all the way to your door, it will never be caught at the factory.

> Example is I received six more of these a week or so ago. Out of those six, one had a lock that just wouldn't work no matter how hard you turned the key. One was missing all the motherboard standoffs. One had wires pinched below the drive cages so it literally had exposed wires in it for the front panel connections. One had too many left hand drive slides (the blue ones that slide into the cages) and not enough right side ones. And finally one of them had the motherboard standoffs over drilled where the standoff goes in basically at an angle and wouldn't line up with the screw. So what I did is take one chassis, tear it down for the spare components, fixed each of the above issues on the other chassis and basically created a chassis full of issues to exchange with Amazon. It was better than returning five chassis to Amazon and possibly playing this same game again.

u/Xertez · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

Are you looking to build one from complete scratch, or are you looking to buy one that already has some of what you need(hdd trays, caddys, etc)?

for my last NAS build, I ended up getting myself a 4U chassis. A good one that I can recommend is the RSV-L4500 You can also pick something like the RSV-L4000 for something with a horizontal bay if you like. Or If you know that you want it full of Drives and are comfortable stopping at 12 hot swap bays, Rosewills RSV-L4412 would be ideal from the get go, as you wont need to replace the bays that it comes with at any point.

I ended up purchasing 3 3x5.25 to 5x3.5 bay hdd caddys for a total of 15 drives. Looks exactly like THIS

After you get the case, you can put the parts that you like in it. Just read what size motherboard fits, get an appropriate power supply for the number of drives you'll be using, get an HBA that does JBOD and can can connect to the number of drives you'll be getting, and you're good to go.

Specifically for freenas, you can put the OS on a USB and run it from there, however because Small USB tend to be hit or miss, i recommend a SATA DOM or two, plugged directly into the motherboard instead of via the HBA. Two if you want to mirror the OS. Remember, do not use any form of hardware raid when using freenas.

Edit: words.

u/teh_fearless_leader · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

As /u/just_insane has mentioned, plex is a good option for streaming. I'm an opponent of freenas, in favor of using something homebrew (zfsonlinux with debian or ubuntu, in my case, gentoo with zfs) to do what you need. I don't like how finicky freenas can be even with server-grade hardware. It's just not my thing.

That said, for someone who's new, it may be a good idea to try out freenas or nas4free. I just finished building a 16TB usable (20.5TB raw) system last week. I'll link my items below.

2x iocrest controllers

1x16GB kingston ECC ram

1xNZXT source 210

5xHGST 4TB deskstar NAS

1xsupermicro mbd-x9scm-f-o - Great board. Loving it so far. dual onboard nic is nice.

2x850 Pro 256GB that I had laying around

1x 550W PSU laying around.

total ran me about $1300 and I'm able to max out a 2x1GB LACP setup writing and reading directly on rust.

EDIT: my recommendation, in most cases, is to at least do raidz1 (RAID5). RAID is no substitute for backups though, so invest in something offsite and make sure it's staying backed up. I use CrashPlan for offsite and local backups and it works like a charm.

u/gd2246 · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

Well you don't have to go with a server-style case, it's just what I default to thinking of. The one you linked to only holds 8 drives, though they are hot-swap which I admit is a very convenient feature.

The Cooler Master Cosmos II holds 11 drives and looks like a normal PC case. It also has three 5.25" bays which means you can shove a cheap 5-in-3 drive cage in there to be able to use all 16 ports on the LSI 9201-16e. Don't forget to buy a fan for it though.

You could also go for a case that has all 5.25" bays in the front like the Antec Nine Hundred, then use those 5-in-3s for 15 total drives. If you really want hot-swap though it would be expensive. With a quick search the cheapest 5-in-3 hot-swap bays I could find are the NORCO SS-500s.

As far as a PSU you goes, you don't need much since it will only be powering HDDs and fans, no CPU or anything like that. It can be a low power one, 500 watts is probably more than you'll need. Just make sure make sure it has a single rail for the 12v and 5v power and is from a reputable brand. I like the EVGA Supernova, that would easily run 16 drives.

EDIT: WD 10TB Elements drives on sale for $160 until midnight Pacific time. This is an even better deal than the 8 TB ones for $130 the other day. You should definitely snatch up as many as you were planning to get.

u/zxseyum · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

Easystores have a WD Red (sometimes white label which is a red drive with some quirks) NAS drive which is popular for 24/7 usage. These have either an archive drive or a barracuda drive. Archive drives are bad for frequent writes, but are good for backing up/storing once and reading many times as they use shingled magnetic recording. The Barracuda is a desktop drive, which is kind of the middle ground. If you are going to use this one as an external drive, it has a two port usb 3.0 hub in the front that the Easystore does not. Another alternative is to buy the WD Mybook which is guaranteed to have a WD Red and has a 3-year warranty. Currently @ 184.99.

u/ismee · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

Thank you so much for the response and info!

I saw this review on Amazon. What do you think?

That person also links to the following products. How essential/necessary do you think they would be to the node-804? I've read some other review that don't highlight suggestions as the review above does. What are your thoughts?

u/xTheDeathlyx · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

It would really be more beneficial to just shell out 300 buck for an r710. I'm pretty sure you'll save more money in the long term since like you already know, that thing uses a ton of power. Around 300w idle which depending on your electricity that adds up! r710 can idle at a 3rd of that.

If you insist on keeping it, the h200 is a great card and can be crossflashed if needed. You'll just need some breakout cables like these

u/ShortSleeveinWinter · 4 pointsr/DataHoarder

WD Mybook 8TB for £119.99 (until midnight UK time on the 16th of July):

We can finally feel like Americans for a day with these bargain prices. You need to sign up for Prime as well but if you don't have an active prime membership, you can also start a new Prime trial if you haven't used your 30-day trial in the last 365 days. I just checked and these are the lowest prices these 8TB hard drives have ever been sold for in the UK.

They also have the WD Elements Desktop 8TB on a Prime Day sale for £124:

From what I've read it's quite similar to the MyBook but doesn't offer backup, encryption and password protection by default. Both are good for schucking. The main advantage of the Elements Desktop 8TB seems to be the ease of adding another drive in its case later on if you decide to schuck it.

The Seagate Expansion 8TB is on sale for only £109 and I've heard only good things about it in comparison to their smaller drives which seem to be problematic. I went with the MyBook 8TB myself.

The only other good deal I found was the Western Digital My Passport 4TB Portable. Still debating whether to buy it as well or get another Mybook 8tb. It is currently on sale for only £75 which is the second lowest price ever for it in the UK:

u/ARandomCountryGeek · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

Amazon has been selling 10TB WD Elements drives for $179.99 lately. Not sure how much that will go down on black Friday.

That same link has a variety of sizes to choose from. The 8TB drives have been 124.99 for over a month. The only difference I can tell is that the WD Elements (Amazon's 'exclusive') have 2 years warranty instead of 3 years of the EasyStore (Best Buy's 'exclusive').

I have one of the 8TB models, it has an WD80EMAZ-00WJTA0 in it. It was super easy to open, didn't even need to use an old credit card like I do for the Easystores. I just laid it flat, back facing me and pulled on the ends and pushed forward with my thumbs on the flat part.

u/ElectronicsWizardry · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

That budget makes this hard.

You have 2 options, DAS or NAS. A DAS would attach via usb, or a simmilar interface, while a NAS connects over internet.

For the DAS option, Id probably get something like the segate archive drives

These are really cheap because they use SMR on the hdd. SMR makes it so that writes can be very slow, but reads are fine. I probably buy a second one or use a clould service like amazon's unlimited acd to back it up.

For NAS, Id probably get this

And 2x 4tb hdd's to go with it. Any hdd will work, but there are nas optimized drives like wd reds, that are lower power, have longer warranties, and have firmware that is designed to handle errors better.

Here is a drive id pick

u/broken_cogwheel · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

I don't know of any guides, but for the home user, it's really not expensive or difficult.

What you need, besides HBA in your host machine, is just a bunch of cabling. If you don't have an and available on ebay.

Just an FYI: Most hard drives don't use a lot of power. (you can look up the max power requirements for specific drives through their manufacturer spec sheet) A 500 watt power supply can often supply the vast majority of that over the 12v rails. Your power supply can run many more disks than it has provisions for, so splitter cables are often the only way to maximize your chassis disk space. As I mentioned before: don't use cables with molded connectors. Cables like - you can see they are plastic and snap around the cables themselves and aren't a molded piece.

The super quick and dirty to expand your storage past your server computer's space or power capabilities is:

u/averam · 0 pointsr/DataHoarder

How many drives did you connect to it? From the post i've got feeling that there are two connected (each drive). This card uses ASM1061 chipset which uses only one pci-e lane for data so maybe that's where the bottleneck is?

The second card which you've linked looks a bit better for me. It uses an Marvell 88SE9215 chipset which has some pretty solid reviews, for most people: "it just works". But i would never try to connect four drives in it - it uses only PCI Express ×1 x2 connector.

I was searching for inexpensive card for my home NAS to connect one additional drive right now and second in the future. For my server I've chosen an Delock PCI Express Card which uses an Marvell 88SE9230 chipset which is giving me normal, stable SATA 3 performance. Disk is visible in BIOS and is bootable. This card uses PCI-E x4 connector so it got more bandwith to use. Be advised that i'm right now only using this for one drive so it is not throttled by anything else and i'm only planning to keep max two disk on it.

As u/daericg, said: "You get for what you've paid for". If you want high, stable speeds then you should invest in eg. Perc H310. You can probably find many of them in good prices because (as far as i remember) Dell uses them in some of their workstations and some shops are reselling them. If you want inexpensive card for sata disks i would look at the Delock card linked above.

EDIT: links

u/user10110010 · 11 pointsr/DataHoarder

Mediasonic has some low-cost RAID/JBOD boxes. Amazon link

edit: Or you could get a SATA port expander and a drive cage if you've got room in your PC case.

edit2: How to combine multiple hard drives into one volume on Windows 10

But at some point you've got to look at the cost of a new 8TB WD Eaystore on sale for $160, versus spending any more money on making those 1TB drives useable. The best bang for the buck is a new 8TB external, second best is scrounging up some free PC hardware and hacking together a low-cost-no-cost PC.

u/DJ_Skryblz · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

I just added this to my tower, it seemed like the best trade off of 2x5.25 bays for 3x3.5 HDDs, has a fan and removable/washable filter. Fitment was perfect, also comes with a bracket for 4x2.5 drives if you wanted. If you need hotswap ability though I'd look at something like what you have, or I thought of buying this one.

u/bobj33 · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

A lot of stuff on eBay is used but I don't have a problem with that as long as the seller has good ratings and will take returns.

I have bought 2 used LSI SAS cards and a few used 10G ethernet cards from eBay sellers and they work fine.

If you see 16i it means 16 internal ports. 4i4e means 4 internal, 4 external and so on.

I'm assuming you want to use consumer SATA drives but these cards are "enterprise" SAS cards. SAS cards will support either SAS or SATA hard drives as long as you get the right cables.

Look at the different connectors here.

SFF-8087 and 8088 are the most common for internal and external drives but each cable supports 4 drives so you have breakout cables like this

If you run out of drive bays in the future you could get a card with an external SFF-8088 port and run a cable to a separate box from of drives.

u/Glix_1H · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

If all you’ll ever do is some streaming, then yeah you don’t need 10g. If you ever want to work on files on the NAS though, then once you go 10g you never want to go back. For example I store, sort and process tend thousands of pictures for my research work (alongside my general data hoarding habits) and my 26TB array acts like a sata ssd. A 1g connection is painfully limiting and slow dealing with that as it’s a bottleneck. It’s good to have the option, which you should thanks to your multi pcie slot board.

Also, the great thing about a NAS build is it doesn’t need to be pretty. You can literally just zip tie everything to a milkcrate or hardboard/pegboard. All you really need is the keep the hard drives from vibrating too much and give them some airflow via spacers and fans.

Eventually I’m going to fabricate my own top loading hard drive bin with wood and backplanes (and felt or rubber acting as spacers) and use an external pointing version of HBA cards to link them up with the host computer.

By the way, to connect an internal HBA like I linked above to sata drives, you’ll want these kind of cables: Cable Matters Internal Mini SAS...

u/Not_the-FBI- · 6 pointsr/DataHoarder

Sure, this one. I needed 4 sets to get enough connectors for all my drives. Take the back cover off of the connector, its just clipped on. Pull the wire up from both sides to keep the metal connector in place. Repeat for all the connectors. Then put your drives in your caddy or whatever you're using, put the empty connectors on the drives, then run your new wire across all of them for perfect spacing. I used new 18ga wire, but you could reuse the old too. Skip the wire for the 3.3v line, then get a flathead screwdriver out and push the wire into the connectors. Do the same for the female connector with however much spacing you want, then just put the back covers back on and you're all set.

All in all I think it took me an hour or so to do my 3 caddies. Once you figure out how to do it it goes pretty quick. Super easy as well, just make sure to double check you have the female connector the right direction so you're not reversing the pins power and killing your drives.

u/IXI_Fans · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

I'm a lazy POS, I haven't bought anything yet.

I'm close to pulling the trigger on...

BUT... I am still researching building a rig from scratch, which I don't want to do... but everyone says to go that route. Honestly, I am only looking for a 3-4 year solution. After that, I will be established enough that I need a full separate computer.

I'm not converting and 99.99% of the time there will only be one stream playing. That is why I am leaning to DAS instead of NAS. I have a ShieldTV which has pretty good horsepower.

u/zonedguy · 6 pointsr/DataHoarder

You can definitely stick with the Fractal series. I did because I couldn't have a loud, unsightly machine setup anywhere in my home. I have my main system w/ 10 Drives + 2 SSDs + 3 NVME drives in an R6. That has a DAS connected with 19 drives inside an R5; 8 stock bays + 3 in 2x5.25 bay adapter + extra 3 drive cage + extra 5 drive cage.

As you are in Europe, you might not even have to pay crazy shipping charges to buy spare drive cages from In the US I had to source the extra drive cages from r/hardwareswap but that proved to be easier than I expected. Here is a pic I took before I added the 2nd 5-bay drive cage:

Edit: Request for more info...

I have not done a build log as I am not yet "finished" with the build, but it looks like there is sufficient demand for parts info so here it goes:

I have an R6 for my main NAS server loaded with the motherboard, 10 3.5 drives and one SSD. The R5 has two extra drive cages (3 + 5) as well a 2x5.25-to-3x3.5 bay adapter.

The expansion cards I use are:

  • 1x LSI 9210-8i with SAS to SATA cables for 8 of the 10 internal drives in the R6. The other 2 + SSD use SATA ports on the motherboard.

  • 1x LSI-9207-8e connected via 8088 cables to two HP SAS expanders powered in the R6 by riser cards which connect to the drives with the same SAS to SATA cables as above.

    Additional parts I used:

  • An SFX PSU is important so you can fix the extra drive cages. Don't skimp on this one. You don't need a ton of Watts (I'm using a 600W Gold) but you need quality, you are hooking up thousands of dollars of drives to it!

  • Power splitters: One & Two

  • Power switch to turn on the DAS PSU and reset it any time you need to take the NAS offline (DAS always must be powered on first)
  • Fan controller for powering fans in the DAS

    More inspiration can be found here:
u/Matapatapa · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

Aughhh this is getting more and more complicated.

My PC only has one more drive bay free, I've been using it as my smb host.

Cost wise going multi drive is....

Wait. What if I shucked WD my books instead of a Seagate 8tb external?

They have blues or something in them right?

Like these?

u/blaize9 · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

Get this external storage instead, because seagate has higher failure rates as proven in the past.

Idealy you would want an Internal HDD, but for some reason your friend has everything on USB.

If you would like to use internal HDDs (and get wayyyy faster transfer speeds) but have no space left you can buy this or this or any other one you would like and then you just plug it into an eSATA port or USB. If you have an internal SATA available you can buy this and have a nice place to plug it in, or just buy long eSATA to SATA cable and shove it through a slot.

Note: To protect your data you need to put more money into it, currently you have 0 data protection.

u/SirMaster · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

Well, the other popular place is for people with edu accounts, you can get 8TB Red for $198 as many as you want from the WD EDU store.

Otherwise, you can get as many 2-bay WD MyBook:

It's not really "shucking" it so much as it's designed to be opened and the disks are designed to be swapped out and carry their own individual warranties. So it's $250 per HDD that way.

u/hungryhippos1751 · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

I picked one of these up to shuck them, sadly I am unable to buy more right now as I have 8 x 3TB Reds to replace, and doing all of them all at once would cost a bit too much with an impending house move.

I note that the 8TB one here is also shuckable, but reports are that they would most likely be white drives. Are there any other external drives that have a good chance/are definitely WD Reds beyond the My Book Duo?

u/kearneykd · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

Just over £10 per TB is great!


The best price on Disk Prices is currently over £18, up from £15 from the last few weeks as prices go back to "normal" before the sales. If the codes would have worked for other drives the this non-SMR WD drive might have been better value.

u/bingbong69bingbong · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

WD 8TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive - USB 3.0 - WDBWLG0080HBK-NESN

Something like this to start? Or any of these external type hdds? Use that for the time being while I save for a synology+drives then use that while I save for a server?

u/Valeen · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

20 TB is going to take some time to transfer like this. I'm guessing there's no way to run an Ethernet cable between the two servers and set up a direct connection?

If time is an issue and you can't directly attach them, than your quickest mode of transfer would be an external raid enclosure,

Then you could throw some 6 TB drives in raid 0 and go to town.

If time isn't an issue, and people really care about money, then anything like an easy store from Best buy will go the trick.

u/monnon999 · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

One of my debian setups is still in an old desktop case too :)
I run this raid card:
I flashed mine to be in IT mode so that it doesn't act like a RAID card anymore, just acts like a bunch of lonely SATA ports: Help with this can be sought in the #DataHoarder IRC room, there are a few of us there who have done this on a few different models of cards now.
Got 2 of these cables so I can slap 8 disks in that sucker:
Then I installed ZFS as my filesystem and run my disks in a glorious 50TB array:
I even slapped an SSD off a mobo SATA channel as a caching disk. Happy building! :)

u/jmango23 · 6 pointsr/DataHoarder

Here's a like to the 8TB because it's on sale right now: WD 8TB. If you look around you might find a 10TB. If you have some time, someone usually posts deals on these types of drives to the subreddit.

Also Best Buy has a brand that usually goes on sale. Hope that helps!

u/Steffwiz · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

Just wanted to add that many Seagate enclosures have SMR drives inside. These have poor write performance and so many people prefer the WD Easystores which have WD Red equivalents that do not use SMR. If your use case is write-once read-many SMR drives will be just fine and can often be found for pretty cheap in Seagate external enclosures. Amazon has the 8TB model right now for $146.99.

u/DistinctRutabaga · 6 pointsr/DataHoarder

Is this a genuine question? Because your link looks like an affiliate link (there's a partner code in the URL) plus Amazon has it cheaper.

I doubt there's any decent drive in there. The same price, or less, can get you 8TB WD or Segates. Like: for $129 & for $149 if we go by your link price.

Unless they're running HGST drives or something, which is super unlikely, it's not worth shucking.

u/bonehead5550123 · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

Where do you see that?

8 TB Easy Store $199.00

8 Tb WD Red (which is in the easy store) $288.00

Also, the Seagate 8TB externals (which generally carry the Archive drives) are the same way. Over $200 for the bare drive and $170 External.

u/IndianaTony · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

In your position I might consider a WD Duo 12-16TB, if it's in budget (B&H has it $50 cheaper than Amazon for the 16TB). It's a USB 3.0 dual-disk enclosure containing two WD Reds. Then I would configure it in RAID-1 giving 6-8TB of usable space with redundancy. The disks can be easily removed from the enclosure and used as internal disks later if you decide to go that direction. One caveat, though: The enclosure encrypts the data on the disks and it cannot be disabled, so if the enclosure dies you have to jump through some hoops to regain access to your data.

I'm running a Silverstone DS380 mini-ITX which has 8 3.5" bays if that helps at all. I stream using Serviio (similar to Plex) with very few issues, but my TV has good codec support so I do very little transcoding. The little C2750 Avoton struggles if it needs to transcode.

u/PulsedMedia · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

> WD EDU store

You said it yourself :)

> 2-bay WD MyBook:

250$ a piece by taking mybook, which isn't too bad, but still more expensive than seagates (~215-235$ a piece for similarly targeted drives)

I actually bought from one of those (wanted 2) to get some cheap WD Reds so i can have my own data as well during black friday.

I was worried they have firmware changes like Seagate does to ruin performance when used internally. Shucked 5TB Seagates are extremely inconsistent when used internally.

u/jmd27612 · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

I would use this drive.

WD Red 4TB NAS Hard Disk Drive - 5400 RPM Class SATA 6 GB/S 64 MB Cache 3.5-Inch - WD40EFRX

Save up and get a good enclosure like this one. It has 4 bags, supports both USB 3.0 and eSATA. It will grow with you and supports hardware RAID.

Mediasonic HFR2-SU3S2 PRORAID 4 Bay 3.5" SATA Hard Drive Enclosure - USB 3.0 & eSATA

u/ottawagunnit · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

By Canadian standards, the elements 8TB is a great deal. Don't forget to factor US state sales tax and 13% HST into the 10TB easystores - unless you've been in the US >48 hours you ain't bringing them back tax-free. Given the difficulty of sourcing the EasyStores without an AmeriFriend (Best buy blocks freight forwarding addresses), the next best option is to buy the 10TB elements from's Black Friday sale and ship them directly to Canada:

Though this will increase your cost/TB calculation by a fair bit and certainly won't beat the 8TB Elements from The only reason I mention it is that the WD 10TB white-label drives are helium-filled (less heat) and have unusually low power consumption. This is a big draw for me when filling a 24 bay chassis. YMMV.

The QNAP box offers good value, but if you decide to go a bit more hardcore, you really can't beat the ebay deals on used Supermicro 846BA-R920B boxes. The 846BA-R920B is ideal for 3 reasons, aside from the obvious hotswap bays. Platinum level power supplies (super efficient), passthrough backplane without expanders (avoid all the stupid compatibility/stability issues with expanders), and finally, SAS2 multilane connectors so you have 6 cables going to the backplane instead of 24 like with the TQ cases. Example (there's a whole lot more than this):

I worked out the taxes-in $CAD/TB as follows: 8TB bestbuy $25.4, 10TB $28, 10TB $30.8

Obviously if you find a way to avoid NY sales tax and/or HST, the 10TB from gets cheaper.

u/will_work_for_twerk · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

Saw this, but I was looking for the lowest $/GB ratio I could find for my modest setup. This comes out to $33.75/GB which certainly isn't the cheapest out there.

I ended up going with this, and it's on prime as well-

Which comes out to $21.25/GB. I know it's not good for an enterprise application, but I have an unlimited cloud backup that will provide insurance.

But I'm going to rip it out of the enclosure and see how it works for my home setup.

edit: if anyone knows of any better prices I'd be happy for some other input.

u/dawgol · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

Yes. As you noted, you can basically have an HBA card point inside or outside the case.

In my experience, 4U all in one 24/28 hotswap bay cases are stupid long and heavy, and frankly an unforgiving design for home use. Those external HBA cards can potentially let you have a short/thin computer case, and stick all your drives in a separate enclosure with their own power supply and/or backplanes. Typically in such a setup the drives are plugged into an Expander Card that could just be powered by one of these. Then you can move things around and easily and all you need to plug and unplug are the external cables without reconnecting dozens of drives.

There are a load of ways you can go about things as long as you do your research and triple check that things are going to work the way you expect them to.


For now you most likely just want a plain old internal HBA, even if you decide to redesign your enitre setup you'll find a use for it somewhere. Search ebay "Dell H310 6Gbps SAS HBA LSI 9211-8i" and you should see plenty of options for "IT firmware" pre-flashed cards for ~$55. Note that these cards are generally intended for cases with forced air, so it's highly recommended to put a fan over the heatsink on them to prevent problems that can sometimes happen.

I use one of These. Took off the heat sink, cleaned the old paste of, drilled two holes in the corners, put the heatsink back on with some of my spare kryonaut, and used twist ties to mount the fan to the heatsink. No issues for over a year nor would I expect any.


If you want to connect sata SSD's directly to the HBA, you need one of these cables, just make sure you know what length of cable you need, and if getting a right angled version is prudent before ordering. If you had disks connected to a backplane that feature an SAS connection, you could use one of these. Some motherboards like the asrock x399 taichi, supermicro boards, and an increasing amount of others now feature a "U.2" port that can be seen here. These U.2 ports (to my current understanding, I could be mistaken) should not be expected to have an actual SAS controller implemented and the ability to control SAS drives unless they explicity state that as being possible, but these ports should support sata disks using the breakout cables like the one here.

u/madmax12ca · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

Since it's external, I would likely get something like this:

It's a good deal, 8TB, and USB3.

If you decide you want a backup (highly recommended), depending on your connection, you can get Amazon Cloud Drive. As long as you encrypt your backup data on there, you'll be fine :)

u/Gozaradio · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

I was about to pull the trigger on a couple of Seagate 8TB units from Amazon UK for pretty much the same price at £129.99 but would this be a better drive to shuck? Looks like I still get free shipping to UK.

u/Figs · 5 pointsr/DataHoarder

A lot of people here are buying external drives in bulk and shucking them since it's substantially cheaper than buying plain drives. This is a really weird dynamic. Why on earth is it cheaper to buy a drive with additional hardware and packaging around it than to just buy the drive itself?

e.g. this external drive is $180, but a bare archive drive is $228. WTF? It is almost $50 more expensive to buy just the drive without the enclosure around it. (And that's assuming the 8TB external is an SMR archive drive inside, rather than a regular PMR drive -- which is even more expensive!) You might say "oh, it's on sale!" -- yeah, they're always on sale at those kinds of prices from one brand or another.

With WD products instead of Seagate, this has gotten absolutely ridiculous. BestBuy is regularly advertised on here offering external drives containing shuckable 8TB WD Reds in the price range of $150~$200 while the drive by itself often goes for nearly $300! It's twice as expensive to buy the plain drive?! WHY?!

u/ham2play4me1 · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

If you are looking for a new chassis The Rosewill RSV-L4500 one is a great choice if you have large dreams and small pockets. It will also pair nicely with a pair of 9211-8i

u/gj80 · 6 pointsr/DataHoarder

In the HP Server vs Storinator graphic... how was the HP configured? Those writes aren't just "bad" - I think the only term that could apply is "broken". A USB hard drive would be better than that. Heck, a USB drive with an SMR disk inside would have better writes.

That performance graph looks a lot like untiered Storage Spaces performance in parity arrangements (which is well known to have abysmal write performance). Was that what the HPs were actually doing? If so, comparing that to Storage Spaces in a mirror arrangement isn't really a fair comparison. Not that I'm not sure they likely went from a bad place to a good place with a new server setup in the case study itself - just saying that that doesn't seem to be Apples to Apples in the graph, is all :)

u/Jr712 · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

Why would you go with $160 for 6 TB Seagate Barracudas when you can get a higher quality WD NAS drive with 8TB of capacity for the same price?

Shuck these and they have drives similar to the WD Reds which retail for much higher:

u/thatweird69guy · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

Amazon has 8tb wd external drives for $200. I'm not sure if they are shuckable though..
There are some listed as used-like new by Amazon warehouse for $180
WD 8TB My Book Desktop External Hard Drive - USB 3.0 - WDBBGB0080HBK-NESN

u/omega_point · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

I think it's compressed, because last time the same director sent me files, they were .R3D files.

Holy shit, this just made me run a quick test, and I can actually edit these large
.R3D files in Premiere Pro in real time from my 16TB WD RAID 0 external drive!!

Meaning I would be able to easily do my VFX work on R3D files too.

My impression was that these are not compressed, and are just in a container (R3D). But looks like they are compressed like ProPres.

^^^paging ^^^u/beaclicion

u/MDS550 · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

I have the NZXT source 210 good case, but add fans to the drive cages. I also got a 3x5.25 bay to 4 x 3.5 adapter to bring my drive count up to 13 (8 Disk in the cages + free hanging Boot SSD + 4 in the bay adapter). Get the rosewill bay adapter not the silverstone one doesn't fit well, not sure if i can post links

EDIT: links added

u/Grus · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

Cables like these that give you 4 SATA power connectors out of one molex connector, I've seen one with 6x SATA before, but I can't find it anymore, I hope I will. And then just a PSU with enough molex connectors, I guess. I think there might be some aftermarket cables for modular PSUs too, I don't know, it would make sense... But you could probably use more than one PSU to power all the drives, maybe that's a good idea anyway.

u/BLKMGK · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

Am going to try out the "Used - Like New" option for $449. The $26 in tax sucks for me but it's still cheaper and I had a pile of Amazon credit from having one of their credit cards. They seem to have done a bait and switch on shipping though, in my basket it said Deliver Sunday, but after purchase it's talking mid-week :( I'm hoping that this is simply a damaged stock being sold off by a wholesaler! Jet, even with coupon codes and no tax, couldn't touch this price. If anyone else has gone this path I'd love to hear about it!

u/The_Cave_Troll · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

I'm taking about this thing, which comes with 2 easily removable WD 8TB Red hard drives. You really haven;t lurked this thread if you haven't heard of those sweet deals.

u/worldlybedouin · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

I'm currently using 3 of these in my home file server. Works great with no issues. Allows for storage density like /u/Dstanding mentioned as well as all drives are easy swapped in/out as needed.

u/mar_kelp · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

Camelcamelcamel is usually pretty about tracking prices on Amazon and third party sites. Shows pretty steady prices over the last 6 months:

Drop in any Amazon ID to check history.

u/BadElf21 · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

Amazon canada has been selling at that price for months now:

I love how Newegg calls it a "sale" by setting their regular price $150 more than amazon, then claiming "sale" by setting it like everyone.

u/pixO · 4 pointsr/DataHoarder

I'm a huge fan of WD Reds, but you can buy two of these Seagate externals and save $100. They have an ST8000AS0002 in them.

u/Xenopract · -5 pointsr/DataHoarder

For those that want to use them as externals for backups - If you figure in the sales tax that you are going to have to pay at Best Buy, spend another ~$10 and you get the newer, non Best Buy model with an extra year of warranty, and the build in encryption and auto backup.

u/smmsp · 7 pointsr/DataHoarder

I'm not an expert on backplanes by any means, but I don't think there are any standards for them across manufacturers. Each is made to fit a specific chassis.

If you want to avoid proprietary, you could get something like this. It will fit several different board form factors. I believe you can remove the front drive cages, which essentially leaves you with a load of 5.25" bays that you can load up with a couple of these, which are essentially self contained, four slot SATA backplanes that fit in 3 5.25" bays.

Again, I'm no expert, but I've seen some posts of similar setups as this and am considering doing this myself if I ever have the space for a rack.

u/iamtheuniballer · 0 pointsr/DataHoarder

I was going to use some of my easystore 8tb drives, so it looks like it won't make a difference based on what you said. :) Since I use these for Plex, I think I should be fine with the USB 3.0/esata version like I already have.

u/fleton · 9 pointsr/DataHoarder

A fast and easy option is get a sata power spliter. Just snip the last wire which disables the 3.3v pin and they work perfectly fine. It is what I did.

u/slurpeepoop · 4 pointsr/DataHoarder

Yes they are.

The one you linked to is the previous model, and only comes with a 1 year warranty if you live in good ol' Murica.

However, the newer model is the same price, linked here on Amazon:

comes with a 2 year warranty, and the hard drive inside is rated at a higher max temperature.

I'd suggest buying the newer model. For the same price, you get the better rated model (both are 5900 rpm Archive hdds however) and double the warranty.

u/IInvocation · 1 pointr/DataHoarder


first for the "crazy 8 TB rigs" - most Hoarders buy disks like , because these (those with 8TB and more) should be as reliable as WD Reds - but they're much cheaper. (You only have to move them out of the enclosure - this is called "shucking") - you really should check the price of these where you live.

Also - i've found the following article: (This doesnt really sound that expensive for me - there's probably even better deals... Also - german amazon seems to ship to finland so...\^\^)

Only thing to note is:
You'll sooner or later run into something like the 3,3v bug where a shucked drive isnt recognized by the computer.
There's several solutions like:

  1. Taping the 3,3v pin (i hate this method - every time u unplug - you'll probably have to reapply the tape)
  2. Use Molex-to-Sata Adapter (this removes 3,3v) (risky with cheap adapters, see "molex to sata - lose all your data"
  3. Use a sata-power-splitter without 3,3v (which is what i do by now), see for example: (It's missing the orange cable - so it doesnt have 3,3v which is good for "our" use case)

    As for ZFS - i can only recommend - i'm using mirrored vdev's myself - and i've already seen it repair 256KB that I'd never know to be damaged if i had not used ZFS. (OK - it's nothing - but still i want my data they way it was when i put it there...) Can't say much about compression or deduplication - since my files wouldnt benefit from this - so i never even bothered trying.
u/Eloquessence · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

So far the 8TB Mybook from is still the best price I've spotted. Around 200 euro. Don't forget to you need a UK to EU plug. I believe there's a white inside for those who care.

u/scottgal · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

Combine that with two USB3 (shuckable) 10Tb for £150 each ( ) and you have 20Tb of storage in a 4 Bay NAS for £600. Of course with two bays spare for future expansion. That's pretty amazing!

u/velogeek · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

The issue is that SAS1 was created during the era of PCIE 1.0. Even at 12Gbps per cable (of 4 channels), you would still saturate an x4 card with a single port. It was necessary to use an x8 and even then, it was possible to saturate that link with a dual connector card.

PCIE 2.0 was released just before SAS2 and this basically put it in the same scenario where you can get 24gbps per connector but with 500Mbps per lane. So, a dual connector card can do a theoretical 48Gbps whereas an x8 PCIe can only do 40Gbps. Again, not a terrible bandwidth issue because workloads are rarely that sequential.

So in reality, there's just never been a business need for an x1 HBA. On the other hand, cards like this one exist in the consumer space for just adding SATA ports to an x1. If OP has a 2.0 slot (possible but not sure how likely since standard PCI was given as an option...) then that card can add a few ports - it just won't be expandable and the jury is out on whether or not it's a true HBA in regards to passing drive data.

u/Cyno01 · 4 pointsr/DataHoarder

I saw your other post, so i cant really speak to european amazon and other etailers, but in the US at least, stock levels, shipping times, total selection, selection of other things for one stop shopping, customer service reputation if there is a problem... With amazon about 50% of my orders come the next day, 95% within two, for free basically if i wanna lump Prime in with Netflix and Hulu.

"Want it Sunday, April 23? Order within 7 hrs 18 mins"

Ignoring that amazon actually IS cheaper right now, neweggs free shipping is 4-7 business days, and i havent personally dealt with their CS in a long long time, ive heard its gone to shit. $175 to my door tomorrow. $184 to my door by next friday, and i cant get dog food and mouthwash with it.

EDIT:And this is is another factor for me but doesnt apply to everyone, i also get 5% back on my credit card on all amazon purchases.

u/ender4171 · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

If you HAVE to go 8TB drives, you would be better off getting 8 of these and shucking the WD 8TB Reds that are inside. The drives you linked are SMR and as such aren't made for 24/7 use and are slow as molasses especially when it comes to writes. They are archive drives for a reason. They are made to be filled and then...archived. If you go with what I linked, you'd be looking at an increase of of $554 (or 14%) which isn't much when you are looking to drop nearly $4k anyways.

u/candre23 · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

SFF8087 (mini SAS) is basically four SAS/SATA ports in one connector. You can even get breakout cables to split them out into 4 individual connectors. You would need (and that backplane has) 6 ports/cables to access 24 drives. The 3 and 4 port references you saw were likely for the 12 and 16 drive variants of that backplane.

The stock fans are 80mm, and you can replace them with any 80mm fans with zero modifications. Some folks remove the fan wall and use three 120mm fans (they fit pretty well), but honestly, 80mm fans move enough air for the drives themselves.

u/AlaskanBeard · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

Regarding your concerns, most enclosures are designed to be on 24/7, so that shouldn't be an issue. Most enclosures have built in fans, and as long as ambient temperature isn't too crazy that should be plenty.

As far as different drive speeds, it can be an issue, but as far as I'm aware it only really matters when you get into high drive counts. Most companies that provide enterprise grade storage won't honor a warranty if you had mixed drive speeds. All that said, I've done it in both desktop and rackmount enclosures without issue.

The only enclosures I have had a good experience with are from MediaSonic, so they're the only ones I'd be comfortable recommending. They only have 4 and 8 bay ones, though, so it might not fit the bill. Here's the link in any case.

u/TheCheapNinja · 4 pointsr/DataHoarder

LSI LOGIC SAS 9207-8i Storage Controller LSI00301

Mini-SAS to 4x SATA Forward Breakout Cable

I picked up one of these cards and the breakout cables and it handles 8TB drives, easy to install. Works great

u/Sovos · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

They contain WD Red drives, which are do better in a RAID/NAS than traditional drives. An 8TB red drive is usually about this price.

u/mynameisbogdan · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

It was 143.99 Euro on Monday here:

Bought only one to test the shipping, but I'm still hoping for $130 or less on :)

u/chicitybender · 5 pointsr/DataHoarder

I bought 1 already but want another. I'm new to this, so after shucking where can I place them? My only computer is a laptop so my options are either building my own server or finding a dock that can support multiple 8TB drives, preferably 4 ports. Can someone gimme an amazon link for something to look at?

I was thinking this

But won't that not support plex transcoding?

u/descention · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

Before ceph:
Two bay dns323 with raid1 and two 3TB disks. Power supply died recently.

With ceph:
I have one server, for now, with three 3TB disks and one SSD for the journal in a hotswap bay. I have ProxMox installed in the server and used that to manage ceph instead of ceph-deploy.

I created a ceph filesystem with one disk and mounted the raid to copy data to ceph. At this point my pool size is 1 (no replication) to allow a healthy state. My crush map is set to allow replication across disks instead of requiring replication across hosts. After the data was migrated, I added the other two disks to ceph and set the pool size to 2 for replication (raid5 equivalent?). It took some time for the data (~1.5TB) to balance out over the disks. I now mount ceph via fuse on my virtual machines. Still figuring out how to automount on boot as there's a bug in my installed version.

I've had some help in understanding how to set this up. I did some initial testing using manual deployment, ceph-deploy, and then proxmox; scrapping my progress each time till I learned how each worked.

I had some trouble using rbd images for my end use. During testing I created a 1TB image, mounted it in opemMediaVault, put a filesystem on it, and shared that to my network. I then ran into the issue or resizing. Expanding the image is easy, expanding the filesystem while it was mounted was not easy. I wanted something I could add more disk or another server to and have more space instantly. I wanted to get rid of doing data migrations to larger disk pools.

u/godzplague89 · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

Hmm will it still perform if the only other pcie slot on my Mobo that can support x8 size will only run in x2 mode. Wonder if something like this would be better?

u/Th3AntiNoob · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

I have a Coolermaster HAF X and I threw one of these in there. I currently have 9 3.5" hard drives and an SSD just free-ballin' it in there.

I like it since I can fit my huge Noctua NH-D14, my larger GPU, and all my other PCI cards in case along with the drives and everything stays coolish.

Edit: Oh yeah my two hot swap bays on my case are open too. I might jam two more drives in there sometime.

u/dandruski · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

[Mediasonic Probox]( ProBox HF2-SU3S2 4 Bay 3.5” SATA HDD Enclosure – USB 3.0 & eSATA Support SATA 3 6.0Gbps HDD transfer speed is what you're thinking of I believe. Had one for a couple of years and it's been great! There is also a version with built in RAID if needed.

u/MattHashTwo · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

We don't get the easy stores in the UK from what I can see.

WD WDBWLG0080HBK-EESN 8TB Elements Desktop USB 3.0 Hard Drive for Plug-and-Play Storage – Black

These aren't terribly priced but you're essentially swapping a $ for a £. Also if you take the plunge there's some digging to do around those but I'd expect it'd be a white. (Can probably find a better price, that was just me earlier depressing myself...) haha

u/War_Dave · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

I ended up going to a nas a few years ago myself after I ran out of room my my main machine for drives, I went with this case and unraid from

But I love it I have a i5-4440 CPU in it. It also has the ability to run apps on top of the nas os, I use it to run sickrage, mineos, plexmedia server,a teamspeak 3 server, and pi hole for dns add blocking. Also even with all that running this is my usage for it

So far I have 7 drives for a total of 11TB of data with the ability to add in 5 more drives.

u/yellowkat2016 · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

That's what I was initially thinking of. But I read some comments of people that had problems with that kind of solution messing up their drives. Maybe it was in the past and things have gotten better? Maybe due to the quality of components? I didn't wanna risk it. Plus, it's almost the same cost as a SATA 3 card.

That's the most recent thing I found on Amazon that seemed like it could work for cheap. To just disconnect the whole extension instead of the drives themselves. Read they were safe too.

u/12_nick_12 · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

I second this also. I have 4 LSI 9211-8i's and I love them. The only issue I have is that my case needs 5 to be able to use all the bays, but the LSI BIOS will only let me use 4 cards. I paid ~$100 per card, well worth every penny. [LSI 9211-8i] (, [Mini-SAS to Sata Cable] (

u/meemo4556 · 4 pointsr/DataHoarder

Upgrade that ram, ryzen LOVES high speed. Get something like 2x8gb 3200: Only $20 more

For the case I would use this: and take off the rackmount ears.

u/TheShandyMan · 6 pointsr/DataHoarder

Everyone here seems to be pushing hard on various cloud solutions; but either they haven't actually read all of your requirements, or are ignoring them:

> Occasional read-through of entire dataset (may be several read throughs within a week)

Even on a GigE connection it would still take 11.5 days to download a raw version of that, and if you managed to get a 90% compression rate, that's still ~28 hours of just downloading data.

Right now; these appear to be the cheapest 8TB drives (ignoring the Archive drives which are so slow on bulk writes it would take months to back everything up). So without any parity, you need 14 of those for 100GB raw (8TB drives have 7.3T usable).

If you can play around with your compression and get it < 15TB - which for plain text isn't unthinkable) you can look around for the 16TB WD MyBook for around $500

u/jamalstevens · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

Noise level is acceptable, I mean it's got quite a few fans in it, but you can mod it with noctuas if so desired, which makes it quiet as heck.

I bought this one:, but you can get one (not this same model but the same chipset so they just flash the 9211 firmware to it) pretty darn cheap on ebay pre-flashed to IT mode (here's an example:

u/Monatigo · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

You can do the Mediasonic Probox line for that. I have the one without RAID, but use software (DrivePool) for redundancy. It works great via USB. My only complaint is the back fan can be loud.

They also make one with RAID built in:

u/occamsrazorben · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

Is that this one:

Are the UK ones any different do you know? Easy to chuck? Any 3.3v power connection issues or encryption issues? Thanks

u/lordderplythethird · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

Not at all a problem! I use the Norco 4224 currently, and I love it. Previously I used the RSV-L4500 and I honestly hated that case (it's absolute hell to add a new drive to it). I just use my old motherboard and i7 4770K I retired from my gaming rig in my server, with a handful of SAS cards plugged into the HDD backplane for connectivity to them, and it works like a perfect angel. When I finally fill up all 24 bays, I'll probably buy a second one, or at least another 4U 24 hotswap bay case, and use some cards like the one I linked earlier. That way I'll only have one server that just happens to have 48 hotswap bays over two 4U cases, if that makes sense.

u/SemperFlux · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

So just to clarify, it's these, right?

I'm itching to kick start my new media storage vault, but I'm still uncertain which one to buy. Shucking is super easy, zero problems doing it.

Is there any chance at all that I won't get a Red out of it? I keep seeing some reports of some people getting Blue equivalents...

u/kladze · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

i have used regular tape aswell as gaffa tape...

a better and proper solution (if you have multiple drives like this) would be to get a sata splitter and then remove the cable that "covers" the pins for 1-3... i just got myself these

Now where each "sata plug" is... you can open the cap remove the wire so it only have 4 wires and then you dont need to do the 3.3v mod anymore and then pop the cover back on.

u/BlanchDolor · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

How recently was "just bought"? I only ask because the product you linked is for a $155 Easystore drive (Best Buy model but being sold on Amazon by 3rd party seller), while Amazon sells 8TB Elements drive for $139.99...

u/leetnewb · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

Monster machine. Easiest option is probably to get a DAS unit such as: But you are limited to USB3.0 speeds. If that isn't an issue, Stablebit Drivepool + SnapRAID over the drives or Windows Storage Spaces. If you need something faster than USB3.0, the HBA approach is probably your best bet. I'm a complete novice there, but I know the used enterprise ones support 4 drives with the standard cables. They can be expanded to 10+ ports with a secondary expansion card. Paired with a couple of those SANS Digital racks, you end up around $200 - so a little cheaper than the Mediasonic, faster performance,

u/sc4s2cg · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

Is there a significance between the WD 8tb and this Seagate 8tb for the same price?

u/12345sixsixsix · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

If you have Amazon Prime, the WD Elements 8TB is currently $222.88 delivered, including GST, from

If you don’t have Prime, I think you need to pay shipping on top of this price.

u/Learning2NAS · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

Let me pop in and help.

/u/xlltt was linking you to, but the same product is sold in the US under another name. You can find it here:

That said, there are cheaper USB 3.0 options out there. Unless you also need the ESATA port for some reason, this is a much more cost effective option.

u/ktnr74 · 8 pointsr/DataHoarder

When you want to share an Amazon link - shorten it to the "/dp/<10 character long Amazon Standard Identification Number>" like this


u/rogerairgood · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

I would suggest an LSI 9211-8i flashed to what is known as IT mode. This mode does not use any RAID and passes the disks directly to the operating system. The 9211-8i has 2 internal SFF-8087 SAS ports. SAS can support SAS as well as SATA. You can buy a breakout cable like this one which has 4 SATA connectors on it.

Here's a link to the 9211-8i itself, already flashed to IT mode. You can flash IT mode yourself, it is just a little "involved".

u/MasterKongQiu · 38 pointsr/DataHoarder

Bam! $35 (with rebate) with 10x external 5.25 bays

Keep it easy and add in hot swap 4 into 3 adapters as needed. This would support up to 12 drives all hot swappable without opening the case:

u/oxidius · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

Great price, but I managed to get them at 200$ at least 2 times.

  1. From seagate itselft around 2-3 years ago.
  2. From Bestbuy boxing day.

    There is also a cheaper model right now in the prime sale

    I bought 2 of those last month and got barracuda inside instead or archive SMR drive... so who knows, maybe I'll get lucky again :D
u/Thousandsmagister · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

$92 + $5 shipping fee for 4TB ...not a good deal IMO

You can get 8TB drive for only $150 , free shipping here :

Most hoarders here buy external drive then "shuck" it later

u/dmenezes · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

I have done both: directly connecting bare drives through a 4-disk vertical loading USB dock, and ready-made external portable hard drives, and both work great (with a significant performance and cost advantage to the bare drives+dock approach).

A few years ago, I've also started using this:
It's quite fast and portable, and seems to protect the disks well (I've even sent it with disks inside on checked air travel luggage with no ill effects).

u/lawpetex · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

SSD: I used both 500GB and 1TB doing lots of hoarding and file transfer and found that 500GB to be the sweet spot. Unless you do gaming VMs and stuff, the main purpose of the cache drive would be to assist saturating a gigabit connection (unraids array is SLOW), so going above 125MB/s has no point at all. Can probably go for a cheap 2.5' tbh. Or shift the money towards higher capacity 2.5' like those 2TB micron

Case: if it sits in the basement why would u need an expensive eye candy. Might be better off with that those cheaper rosewill 4U chassis

u/Horner14 · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

Amazon have some WD 8TB Elements for £139

u/Ayit_Sevi · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

It seems SAS cards get a lot of praise in this site, perhaps something like this might work?

u/gt500tr · 7 pointsr/DataHoarder

I splurged and got a Synology box and loaded it with 4x4TB and 4x8TB red drives (2 volumes). (those reds aren't cheap).

Then with extra drives, got a couple of Mediasonic HFR2-SU3S2 PRORAID 4 to house the rest of my drives connected via eSATA and formatted ext4. These little 4 drive NAS are not very expensive and work well. I hung an extra 5TB drive for backup, other misc files off the Synology as well.

I have found using external NAS makes performance with Plex better since the work of the RAID is done separately from the processor doing the encoding.

u/trumpet205 · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

Seems this one can do what you want, well sort of,

It mentions that the transfer speed is locked to SATA 2 when using hardware RAID. SATA 3 is only available to individual hard drive mode (JBOD). Do keep in mind different vendor defines JBOD differently (QNAP for example defines it as spanned volume).

Since SSD DAS is your end goal, maybe you should save up and either go straight for ITX/mATX build or Thunderbolt 3 enclosure? Otherwise USB 3 will be the bottleneck here.

u/Qazerowl · 5 pointsr/DataHoarder

I would think you'd be much better off just using 3.5" drives. Yes, the 2.5s are physically smaller, but it's far less expensive to use a few large full sized drives, and they'd be more reliable. You'd only need 6 8TB drives to match your current storage, and that's few enough to fit in a regular sized computer case.

8TB reds are on sale right now for $0.033/GB:

u/Limebaish · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

Hi OP, seeing as you've mentioned the Queen's quid, I assume you're in the UK (your username is a bit of a hint too!). Why not shuck the WD My Book 8TB that is available on Amazon for ~£220, you may get a helium filled drive akin to a Red but it'll have a white label and less warranty. Obviously if you can get Red Pros then they're fantastic but perhaps your needs are more about quantity than quality.

u/7blink · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

I use the router to block outside connections to the NAS to keep it more secure.

At 56TB (from your badge), it should be cheaper to build your own NAS especially if you need it on 24/7. WD MyClouds are cheap, but they will power down after some time and they aren't the fastest drives in the world.

As an example, here is a case
that is only $110 and can hold 15 drives.

And then a motherboard like this

for $230, brings the costs up to about $350

u/Berzerker7 · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

I had one and would recommend the RAID version

Have one of these currently as an on-site backup for my NAS, still going strong after almost 2 years.

u/TheMUGrad · 5 pointsr/DataHoarder

You can also get the same drive at the $139 price @ Amazon. $3.01 more, but you can use free prime shipping.

u/benuntu · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

EDIT: I just noticed your requirement for Seagate Ironwolf drives. Not sure how you're going to pull that off when the cost of your drives is nearly equal to your entire budget. Are you dead set on those drives?

Check out a used Supermicro 4U as a starting point. If you're looking primarily at storage, I'd add 32GB of RAM to the base build and stick with the dual 6-core Xeons. Figure $700 shipped for the server, then you'll need drives.

That case will give you 24 bays which is plenty if you choose 10TB drives. 10x10TB will give you 100TB of raw storage and in raidz2, 67TB of usable space. Or 9 with a hot spare will be 60TB. Right now you can get a 10TB WD external and shuck it for $160+tax, so about $172 each = $1,720. That's a total of $2,420, which leaves some room for either a couple more drives or some other hardware.

If you want to go even cheaper, you could build up a whitebox starting with a Rosewill 4U case with 15 internal bays. Here's a breakdown:

u/fuzzycuffs · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

So I take it I should be looking at a DAS RAID, especially if I want to move it between hosts. Seems like there's another version of that Mediasonic enclosure with RAID support

Wonder what separates the $150 Mediasonic vs. the $300 drobo.

u/MagnusAuslander · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

Now I'm confused...the one on Amazon isn't the same one that BB is selling?

WD 10TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive - USB 3.0 - WDBWLG0100HBK-NESN

u/Snij_Glau · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

That's not actually a RAID box, but rather just another style of external drive. There is a very similar product in the same line that actually has a hardware RAID controller added,

I have used that RAID box version for a couple years to great success (which is to say, I've had drives fail and had no trouble recovering). But both devices require a computer to function. That was fine for me, since I was mostly budget conscious and also adding on to a computer I already had.

I would say the main caveat on that enclosure is that it doesn't sound or send any alarm in case of trouble. An LED changes color, which is of no use under a desk or in a closet.

I'll let other, smarter, less cheap people guide you on independent NAS boxes. (They seem like a cleaner solution if you're starting from scratch.)

u/outpostnorth · 5 pointsr/DataHoarder

When you can receive two 8TB reds for the same price from amazon in an easily opened enclosure for "shucking" the drives, I would have to recommend that still:

u/mrbeck1 · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

I bought this a while back and am satisfied.

Rosewill 4U Server Chassis/Server Case/Rackmount Case, Metal Rack Mount Computer Case Support with 15 Bays & 7 Fans Pre-Installed (RSV-L4500)

u/amcfarla · 5 pointsr/DataHoarder

If you have an Amazon Prime Credit Card you can get 15% credit back towards the purchase until the Nov 22nd on the hard drive.

u/KeenBlade · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

I'd recommend the Mediasonic Probox. I got two recently and they've been a wonderful solution for me, and they're much cheaper than what you posted.

Using them with esata was almost a disaster, though, with some very weird behavior, though I don't know if that was the enclosures, my esata controller card, the mobo or what. But with USB3 I can absolutely recommend them.

u/harritaco · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

I'm looking at this Segate as an alternative.

Any reason why I'd consider the WD instead?

u/lord-carlos · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

You can use camelcamelcamel for alerts and price history.

There is a myBook currently on sale for 160 USD.

See the sidebar for WD Easystore compendium -->

u/devianteng · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder

Uh...huh? I'm talking about these WD Elements.

u/Josey9 · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

If people don't mind it being sent from the US the WD 10TB Elements is down to £155.45 + £6.72 UK Delivery.

u/-TheLick · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

These are insanely cheap, best value out there when they are on sale for even lower

u/the_journeyman3 · 3 pointsr/DataHoarder


I just applied for the card and was approved instantly. Received a $100 credit which I can use against any purchase. With tax, the 8tb easystore is $36.55

u/slacker0077 · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

Mediasonic ProBox HF2-SU3S2 4 Bay 3.5" SATA HDD Enclosure - USB 3.0 & eSATA Support SATA 3 6.0Gbps HDD transfer speed

This might help, I have one just for random stuff.

u/GBKPres · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

WD 10TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive - USB 3.0 - WDBWLG0100HBK-NESN


u/Not_So_Invisible_Man · 8 pointsr/DataHoarder

If you care about your disks or are using certain enterprise drives you should be using decent quality sata to sata splitters such as

Some drives have issues if they don't have the extra 3.3v leg.

u/incarniac · 2 pointsr/DataHoarder

In the UK you can get the Seagate Backup Plus Hub 8TB for ~£180 from a few places. From what I read they contain Seagate Archive 8TB drives, which may not suit your usage scenario, but it's a pretty decent price for 8TB (£22.50/TB).

u/Phurky · 1 pointr/DataHoarder

WD 10TB Elements 220eu 213 from
Just bought this 3 days ago also for 220., all of them came with EMAZ Drives. Need the enclosures for my other drives which are naked right now >.>

otherwise i would just have bought the WD MyBook's for 20 less.
WD MyBook 10TB 200€ From was not so long ago for 175. which is the lowest GB/eur ever?

But Mybooks has hardwareencryption.. which makes it impossible to read it on desktop if you are swapping around without formatting the drive..

Edit: has a nice offer..

Seagate external 8TB for 135€

WD Elements 8TB for 155

WD MyBook 8TB for 161

WD MyBook DUO 20TB for 463 ( Guranteerd REDS! no whities