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u/s_belle · 4 pointsr/DecemberBumpers2017

I would just like to say that I recently revisited the baby book that my mom did for me and it was SO AMAZING, and that is the sole reason why I will be doing one for mine. I always knew about it and had looked at it several times throughout my life, but I thought it was weird. Until recently, now that I'm more mature and maternal and can fully appreciate it. She used a template book, so it wasn't particularly creative, but it was more important to me that I could read about what her pregnancy was like, the things she was excited/nervous about, and (after I arrived) she included things like daily entries from my first nanny, and cards from loved ones to congratulate her on the baby. Just a bunch of random things that really painted a picture of my mom as a young mother, and I absolutely loved experiencing that part of her. And how special that she put such time into someone she barely even knew yet (me)! I guess what I'm getting at is - it's never too early. Pregnancy memories will mean a ton to your grown-up child, maybe even more than the ones about his/her young self.

P.S. I found a templatized one that I liked, though I haven't started it yet. I love love love that it a) has really unique writing prompts that aren't all cutesy, b) gives a lot of focus to "mom and dad's" relationship, pre-baby. I wish I had known more about that part of my mom and dad's experience/romance/pre-baby life.

u/sparklepants100 · 3 pointsr/DecemberBumpers2017

Sure! I went with this one: Element Pre & Postnatal Yoga:

As I said, the yoga is very relaxing and a great stretch session, but the commentary is a little granola for my taste. If you don't want to be told to put one hand on your heart, one hand on your baby, and breathe radiance and love into your baby...this probably isn't for you haha :)

u/wrapunzel · 2 pointsr/DecemberBumpers2017

I'm looking for a good pregnancy book too, with a focus on natural birth. The two I'm considering are Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and Husband-Coached Childbirth: The Bradley Method. I had an early 2000s edition of the Mayo Clinic Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy during my first pregnancy and found it informative and helpful.

When my baby was about 5 months old I read Magda Gerber's Dear Parent: Caring for Infants With Respect and it changed our little family forever. I recommend it to every new parent. Completely amazing! although I don't agree with everything in it for the newborn time period -- I'm big on babywearing and cosleeping.

u/SecretSass · 2 pointsr/DecemberBumpers2017

Love that advice! Thanks for making me feel a little less guilty about my food aversion! :)

As for blenders, I bought this Ninja:, over four years ago and it's still going strong (best $35 I've ever spent). We may upgrade to a different model because we plan on making baby food too.

u/cielitogirl · 3 pointsr/DecemberBumpers2017

I grew up in Seattle and live in the California Central Valley where most neighborhoods have hard water. We've tested our home and the tests don't come back as hard but I can still tell the difference - I think I am spoiled from Pacific Northwest water. Couldn't justify the expensive cost of getting a softener for the house when we technically don't have hard water but I did buy a water softening shower head and it has made a HUGE difference for me!

This is the one I purchased in 2014 and have used it since. The price has gone up since then but I'd pay for it all over again!
Jonathan Product Beauty Hard Water Shower Filter System

u/YogiMamaK · 4 pointsr/DecemberBumpers2017

This weekend we got a crib, dresser/changing table, and crib mattress. Snagged it at a furniture store liquidation sale for half off! Baby's room is starting to look like a real nursery! Next up is paint. The furniture is dark, so I'm thinking white walls, yellow curtains, and floral decals with birds. Our house can be dark, so the white will give it a nice bright look. I can't bear the idea of a whole room pink. Just not my style. These are the wall decals: Witkey Birdcages Flowers Flying Birds Wall Stickers Birdhouse Decals

u/magnitudeintheattic · 7 pointsr/DecemberBumpers2017

Something like this is a safe way to have your child covered in a carseat. General rule is don't have them in heavy snowsuit or too many layers under the carseat straps. Too much compressible fabric is unsafe!

So this one that goes around (not under) the carseat will be good. Depending on where you are for winter you can also tuck a blanket over the straps and under the cover.

We did a fair amount of baby wearing in the winter, where he would be inside my jacket (I had a zipper extender) inside the Ergo.

How are you traveling with your kiddo? Car, walking (babywearing), walking in a stroller, public transit? All of these could require different layers.

u/BeCooLDontBeUnCooL · 2 pointsr/DecemberBumpers2017

My husband was gifted this book by our best friends (who have kids). It opened his virgin-to-babies eyes. He learned a ton and we talked about what he was learning. I've noticed him becoming even more attentive to me and planning for our little family's future.

u/tsquaredwsu · 2 pointsr/DecemberBumpers2017

I got these from Amazon and they work really well! Plus they don't taste bad.

u/doofcat · 3 pointsr/DecemberBumpers2017

Ferrous Gluconate is better absorbed and gentler on the stomach than Ferrous Sulfate. Is that the kind you're taking?

During my first pregnancy my prenatal was causing lots of constipation and nausea, but I switched over to a gummy plus ferrous gluconate and haven't had any side effects at all.

u/LoveLeeLife · 2 pointsr/DecemberBumpers2017

We will be staying in our 1 bedroom apartment for the first 7 months of baby's life and then moving abroad. We don't have a lot of room so we are considering a mini crib or playard.

u/myfavefoodismeat · 3 pointsr/DecemberBumpers2017

I've noticed I've had a runny nose & worse than usual allergies in the last few weeks. Then last week I read the 14week chapter of the book Up The Duff (actually recommended by my Doctor) and it says that a runny nose is a common occurrence at this stage.