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u/long_live_mcqueen · 1 pointr/Dermatology

Tenia Versicolor. My bf and I have it too. Very common, almost symptomless skin disease. It's simply an imbalance of yeast on your skin and afaik it is not contagious. I had it all over my back, some spots on my chest, and also in my private areas. It frightened me but it is nothing to be worried about although it is unsightly.

We have had luck with selsun blue. Put it on full strength (use a tiny bit of water to lather if you need to) and leave it for 30 min to an hour - go shirtless in the sun with it on your skin for bonus effectiveness points. If you don't live with someone who can get it onto your back for you, invest in a bath brush! Super helpful. Also using those exfoliating gloves to rub the soap in seems to help, it also feels really good.

We have also been using bars of zinc soap which has seemed to help clear it up and keep breakouts away.

Finally, when I was first taking action against tenia, I used a few drops of tea tree oil in coconut oil and used it as a lotion on my spots.

I listed all the methods I used to help rid myself of it, they may work for you or they may not. Mine cleared up rather quickly (within 2 weeks) and my boyfriends is on the way to clearing up. He has had it for years (just assumed that was the way his skin was) so his rash is more "compounded" and thick. Yours looks more like mine and it should clear up quickly.

Some doctors will prescribe an anti fungal but tbh I don't think those will be super effective as I have taken those for unrelated infections and though I'm not a doctor I think the yeast can develop a resistance quickly. Plus these medications have other side effects. My completely unprofessional opinion is to try a medication as a last resort.

From what I've read, if you have this condition it is likely you will have flare ups from time to time. I now wash with the zinc soap every day and selsun blue once a week which I hope will keep the condition at bay. Some articles I've read say to sleep in clean sheets every night or to wear clean clothes every day but this didn't seem to reinfect me. I generally change my sheets every week and wear the same pajamas for 3 nights in a row.

Good luck and I hope you are able to get rid of it quickly!

u/eva_destruction_ · 1 pointr/Dermatology

I was having this issue too about a month ago! I was putting chapstick on like crazy and it wasn't helping. I think it is because I drool at night, which I read can be a cause (which if you started using the invisilign it would make sense that it might be trapping bacteria in your mouth and drool). It does look like angular cheilitis, but I'm not a doctor.

I'd try some tea tree oil mixed with some vitamin E oil. Tea tree oil is a natural antifungal, antibacterial, and antimicrobial, and you don't need to use a lot (it's potent!) so it is an effective an inexpensive treatment. You can usually find tea tree oil at the pharmacy or the grocery store, but if not you can get it online or at health food type stores. The vitamin E oil they should have at the pharmacy or grocery store as well, but if you have any vitamin E capsules you can crack one open and apply it.

I also read that this problem can occur when your immune system is weakened, which can happen when you're stressed or haven't been eating enough nutritional foods. It wouldn't hurt to add a multivitamin and some vitamin C. I know when I started taking vitamins, the corners of my mouth cleared up in a couple weeks.

u/noodleparty · 2 pointsr/Dermatology

Nope! You can find it at a local drug store like cvs or Walgreens in the shampoo dandruf section or on amazon

As for the bra - you can totally wear one but once you do the first treatment make sure you are wearing clean bras after that. Fungal stuff is hard to get rid of 100%. But just wash everything in some hot water until the skin is clear again. Once it’s clear you can be a little more relaxed and just use the nizoral as a body wash every other day or whatever.

u/Richter915 · 3 pointsr/Dermatology

The fact that you've seen it on multiple body parts and has been around through the bulk of your adolescence and young adult age makes me think eczema that much more.

I think at this point you need to get official word from a dermatologist. As soireeduthe is suggesting, this could also be a fungal infection. The treatment of fungus and treatment of eczema are very very different. Only a doctor can distinguish between the two.

What you can do in the interim is to try the following moisturization protocol which I posted in another thread and see if it helps any:

I'd like you to moisturize using vaseline and I want you to apply it in a specific way. Shower with warm water (enough to get the bathroom steamy but not boiling hot). When you dry your feet, pat your feet dry and while there's a thin layer of water still on the feet, I want you to apply the vaseline. Leave that on overnight.

Preferred vaseline:

People don't like it because it's greasy but I tell you it works. If you want the vaseline lotion, get the one with the absolute least number of ingredients.

Other things that can help: humidifier in the bedroom, warm air, and diligent moisturization.

See if that gives you any relief. It often takes upwards of a week to see any results at all. In the mean time, get to a doc's office if you can!

Dr. K.

u/_blackbird · 1 pointr/Dermatology

Not a doctor, nor have I tried this product so I realize that this doesn't sound all that convincing. But I have heard absolutely great things about this soap (in addition to the great reviews posted, as well). Hopefully, you can buy it in Ireland somewhere.

u/Aloysius_XLP · 1 pointr/Dermatology

Assuming you are in the US, they sell wart removal kits like this in the medicine/pharmacy area of most supermarket stores like Public/Kroger/Walmart/target/etc. Dr. scholls makes a plantar wart remover which should also be sold in the same area.

A cursory glance at Amazon shows you can buy medical freezing spray but I don't know if it would be best for this situation. Looked like a large output and would potentially freeze larger areas than you would want; however, there were many options and I just looked at one.

u/stir-thepot · 2 pointsr/Dermatology

hydrocolloid bandaid like this one

Band-Aid Brand Hydro Seal Extra Large Waterproof Adhesive Bandages for Wound Care and Blisters, 3 ct

u/kmoney1215 · 1 pointr/Dermatology

You could try Nizoral shampoo ( and hydrocortisone 1% ( but if it doesn’t work I’d go see at least primary care. They should be able to manage you without sending you to a dermatologist.

u/austinalextommy · 2 pointsr/Dermatology

Bump Patrol Original Formula After Shave Bump Treatment Serum - Razor Bumps, Ingrown Hair Solution for Men and Women - 4 Ounces

u/elastic-craptastic · 1 pointr/Dermatology

I have seborrheic dermatitis and have the same issue. I get it on my face as well. I just got this stuff and it works great on my face... like so good I'm pissed I never tried it before. It got rid of id of flare ups in 2 days that would normally take a week or two to stop.

I just tried it on my scalp yesterday so check back with me in a few days and I'll let you know if it works. Be careful though as it may discolor hair so spot test it.

u/MarkGeraz · 1 pointr/Dermatology

Shave ONLY after a hot shower, leave this shave gel on your face for at least 3-5 mins before you start:



Use THESE razers only:



Shave AGAINST the grain only and as few times as possible, no more than 3 in the same spot. My beard is thicker than anyone else's, it can literally grow outward like a cactus fro.


Let me know how it goes.

u/sixfans · 1 pointr/Dermatology

Thank you this seems to be the closest diagnosis looking at the pictures. I don't think I have eczema but I just read lichenfied skin is treated as such, so would this help with the healing process?

u/the_mad_scientist · 2 pointsr/Dermatology

I can vouch for Zanfel as the best. I somehow manage to get poison ivy frequently. You can find this at drugstores too.

u/thinnyvivi · 1 pointr/Dermatology

I really like keracare's itchy scalp/dandruff conditioner. I swear by this stuff. Has the zinc in it and I noticed a HUGE diff when I used it on my scalp and face. You can also try a bar soap with zinc. Below are what I used.

Avlon Keracare Dry & Itchy Conditioner 32oz and Dry & Itchy Scalp Moisturizing Shampoo 32oz

DermaHarmony 2% Pyrithione Zinc (ZnP) Bar Soap 4 oz / 113 g - Crafted for Those with Skin Conditions - Sebortheic Dermititis, Dandruff, etc.