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u/raorao · 7 pointsr/DesiWeddings

Congrats! My (caucasian) wife and I just had our Indian wedding a few months ago -- some big picture advice:

  • A lot of traditional wedding advice won't apply to you. Things like budget guidelines, planning timelines, day-of scheduling templates -- none of that stuff really works for an Indian wedding. Which is freeing, in some ways -- you don't have to worry about your wedding being cookie-cutter, or boring! But it means there are a lot more decisions to make.

  • You should spend a lot of time early on just talking with your partner about what you want the event to feel like, for you and your guests. My partner and I got engaged in September 2017, and basically spent the next four months trying to figure out the vibe we wanted. We didn't book our first vendor until February 2018, for our wedding in August 2018. The book A Practical Wedding really helped guide those conversations for us.

  • If you do choose to do an Indian wedding, find yourself a day-of coordinator experienced in Indian weddings. They'll help you find all the desi-specific wedding vendors, and give you advice on how a fusion ceremony might go.

  • Avoid the impulse to have two separate weddings -- the costs will skyrocket, and, inevitably, one ceremony will feel like the "real" wedding. If you can, you should try to blend the parts of the two ceremonies that you care about. It will end up feeling more personal.

  • And finally, there are very few rules you have to follow. Just by the fact that you are a mixed-race couple, this wedding will be non-traditional. lean into that -- it can be as long as you want, as many days as you want, with as many people as you want. The most important part is that you have the perfect wedding for you.

    Happy to chat if you have any questions -- feel free to DM!
u/buzzkillers · 5 pointsr/DesiWeddings

Not at all an expert. But my mother had a metal tin, with 7ish tinier cups within, and they had the paint that you use to create these dots. It's a liquid that dries very fast.

Edit: I actually found it!!

Another option

u/scarlet_pig · 2 pointsr/DesiWeddings

you can buy sticker sets if you don't want to use makeup

i just googled 'bindi eyebrow set' to find those.