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u/CrossP · 1 pointr/DicePorn

I used to use this one. It was great because the top is big enough to fit about three hardcover game books. Then I decided to just separate out all the "copies" from my collection and put them in a great big glass candy jar.

u/Goliath89 · 2 pointsr/DicePorn

I think these definitely fall under that category. They're an awesome novelty item, but they roll like shit. And I'm constantly afraid that they're gonna scoff up anything besides a plastic table top. Plus, I have to keep them in a separate bag from my other dice, since when I had them just mixed in with my other dice, I'm pretty sure they caused on of my d10's to literally break in half.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/DicePorn

Sorry, I should've just included the following information in my first post: We aren't able to ship internationally via Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon), but we do have an account set up that handles international shipping. Click here for a list of other sellers on Amazon who don't show up on the front page of the listing, and choose to purchase the $15.99 bag from ebrands (the one that has an international shipping policy).

That should work for you. Plus, that bag will be coming directly from us, which means you're guaranteed to get one of the nice full set bags. (I'm currently trying to convince my boss to not make a few more "truly random" bags out of the box of loose dice we have sitting in the warehouse.)

u/SilentJoe1986 · 1 pointr/DicePorn

Looks like the discount is no longer there. I managed to get mine for $22. It is worth $30. I love the bag and the dice are sweet. Hard to find solid colors these days.

u/sk8rgoat · 2 pointsr/DicePorn

I got those ones as a gift but I’m pretty sure these are the right ones!

u/Chokinghazard93 · 2 pointsr/DicePorn

I wasn’t sure if that would work, haha. Here ya go!

HD DND Dice Set Pink & White Cherry Blossoms RPG Dice Fit Dungeons and Dragons(D&D) Pathfinder MTG Tabletop Role Playing Game 7-Die Polyhedral Dice Set

u/ghostblonde · 2 pointsr/DicePorn

It is Chessex.

it’s lustrous slate

I have the set as well and it’s amazing. Looks even better IRL.

u/nonsense_ · 5 pointsr/DicePorn

Amazon. Pretty sure these are them

u/HeloRising · 2 pointsr/DicePorn

It's a great case but I'm kinda running out of room in it >.<

I was thinking about upgrading to something like this.

u/Anianna · 1 pointr/DicePorn

I know you mean real stone, but Chessex did do a granite looking dice that you can still find. They look atrocious with their red inking (imo), but I've been thinking of getting a set and re-inking them with a color that can actually be seen well against the dark patterned color.

On Amazon

On The Dice Shop Online

u/Captainpears · 2 pointsr/DicePorn

I was looking at these the other day. Apparently Koplow made little games associated with all of these, like "wolf" and "pig"

u/Degeda · 10 pointsr/DicePorn

The set is called "Hestya" and have several variations of colors. I got mine on Amazon:

u/Krusa27 · 1 pointr/DicePorn

I don't think they are from something, i bought them in a shop, but with a search i have found them even on Amazon

u/Lemon_Fella · 2 pointsr/DicePorn

Chessex. They come in 3 speckled colors.

u/thelonepenguin · 8 pointsr/DicePorn

This set is sold by various retailers under different names but here's the listing from the manufacturer on Amazon!

u/dart22 · 3 pointsr/DicePorn

Is this still in circulation? Because I'm looking for an orange set that doesn't look like vomit-flavored jellybeans (sorry Bag of Devouring).

u/fiiiiish · 2 pointsr/DicePorn

These the right ones?

Your pic looks a hell of a lot better than the photo on there...might kinda need these now.