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u/forumjoin01 · -2 pointsr/DigitalCodeSELL

i have the amazing spider man 1 ma hd for $8 amazon

WANT amazon gift card (only movies listed below are available for sale) if you have an amazon account with a credit card, you can buy the e gift card to pay me at i have multiple copies, so just pm to ask first if i still have them. dont send any payment unless i say ok to send so i know i still have it .thanks --+++++++++++

u/specu12 · 1 pointr/DigitalCodeSELL

they do have codes actually. there was a unique set - something chest that came with codes. the chest cost about $100-$150, so the codes were not cheap.
Edit: this thingy comes with codes for the first 3 pirates

u/ruledcards · 2 pointsr/DigitalCodeSELL

I have the PoTC: Dead Me Tell No Tales in 4K for $8. Just FYI, I have never seen someone offer the first 4 movies for sale or trade.

Someone mentioned the codes are extremely rare, and only came with the special edition bundle that came with a chest, but I don't recall if the codes redeem in HD or SD.