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u/jxl22 · 1 pointr/DippingTobacco

He bought this book


And uses it as a credible source. LOL

But yes a very good business strategy.

u/Scrabbydoo98 · 1 pointr/DippingTobacco

After writing this about Miracle Fruit Berries I went and found these on Amazon. Didn't know they made these. Will let you know what happens!

u/liquid801HLM · 6 pointsr/DippingTobacco

Guitar Pick Punch

Buy this and a couple cans of Copenhagen WG, dip em, punch em, superglue them together, and voila.

u/TobaccoMan · 1 pointr/DippingTobacco

I quit for 6 months before I got back into it. The initial cravings last for about 2 weeks in my experience. Something that really helped me was the listerine breath strips, every time I had a craving I would just pop one in and it helped quite a bit.


u/drumm_ktm · 2 pointsr/DippingTobacco

first thing that popped up on google when i typed in empty tea bags.

u/Golker · 3 pointsr/DippingTobacco

There’s liquid ass out there, just a really bad smelling and probably worse tasting liquid, check amazon for it I’m sure they have it, and have fun watching him puke! Here’s a link for one I’ve used, open the can and spray this in there then leave it somewhere for him.