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u/isotope88 · 1 pointr/DnB

Check out the Drum and bass arena cd's.
Especially look for the Drum and Bass Arena Anthology; it's a 3 cd collection of 'the best songs' from 1993-2010.
This should give you some insight on how dnb evolved and which artists/subgenres you like. Enjoy and welcome to the wonderful world of dnb!

u/obanite · 2 pointsr/DnB

I'd agree with this, even though I use Reason I wish I'd started with Ableton or Reaper for the plugins (VST's) that vastly expand the kind of sounds you'll be able to make.

I'd also recommend buying a book that includes how to do synthesis. The Dance Music Manual is great, I've read it cover to cover twice now. Make sure you get the 2nd edition as that has a chapter on DnB.

Good luck! Persist! skaboss says you have to go 'balls to the wall', this isn't quite true - I've been doing it casually on and off for the past couple of years - but you do need to stick with it even though you'll get nowhere at first.

u/chromo_dynamic · 2 pointsr/DnB

just get some IEMs and a bluetooth cable and you'll have a much better time. Buy a pair of Tin T2s or Tin P1s and this cable if you want good sound quality at a decent price and don't care too much about some of the cool features you get with airpods and stuff like that.

u/OriginalMSV · 2 pointsr/DnB

As far as other songs/artists/albums similar to this? Man, there would be a lot - and way more than I'd be able to recommend.
I will say that the LP as a whole (at least, from a typically-DnB-producer standpoint) was somewhat reminiscent of LTJ Bukem's "Journey Inwards" LP, IMO. (
There's an old compilation I have from years ago called (ironically) "Future Jazz" that I recall being pretty solid. ( And I'd also recommend checking out pretty much anything from Herbie Hancock while you're at it. He was one of the essential artists for where a lot of atmospheric stuff found it's roots (e.g., the Rhodes piano, synths, drum programming, etc.).
I'm sure there's plenty more (and a lot I may not be remembering since I'm at work at the moment), but at least that might be a decent start.

u/kinith · 3 pointsr/DnB

You. You got it right.

Something I think you will enjoy: DJ DB - The Secret Art Of Science (Full Album)... Get it somehow. You will be happy.

u/Wharrghabl · 4 pointsr/DnB

Just as good as the original.

Click 'Listen to Samples', Original

u/slyboner · 1 pointr/DnB

I got some of these, bought the large fit after buying the standard ones and realising how tiny the standard fit seems to be (the large earplugs are more or less the same size as standard sony earbuds etc, and the standard are more or less the same size as the small earbuds).

They take away the very high pitched noises like the hissing of drums while keeping the low and mid more or less the same so you'll still be able to fully appreciate the music, have conversations with people etc, just you won't experience the hissing tearing your eardrums apart, especially when you move nearer to the speakers. Also, you won't experience any ringing in your ears the following day which is such a big plus.

Highly recommend picking some up, losing your hearing really sucks!

u/SkyPilots · 1 pointr/DnB

this is the only thing with an orange disk that I own... not drum and bass, no, but amazing nonetheless. floppy disk yall

u/viborg · 2 pointsr/DnB

Sick tune. I always want to hear this one right after it thanks to DJ DB's classic History Part 2 mix CD - one of the best d&b mixes ever.

u/jimofwales · 5 pointsr/DnB

This is one of my all-time favourites, I'm surprised to see it pop up on reddit.

If you like it, check out the cd - Marcus Intalex - Fabric Live 35

All the tunes are in the same vein - Solitary Native is the last track on the album.

u/mcgrevan · 1 pointr/DnB

One CD that never ever lets me down is DJ Zinc - Beats by Design EP. DJ Zinc is one of the original masters of the dnb scene and this mix album is akin to a drum n bass opera with movements, themes, variations on those themes, and everything you could possibly want. You could show this album to a neophyte and they could hear the progression of drum n bass from chopped up amen samples to micro-managed sounds.

u/Recluse · 2 pointsr/DnB

I have the cd to which you're referring.

Wikipedia link

Amazon link

u/36Hertz · 3 pointsr/DnB

This book has every bit of info you need about the rise of dnb through the 90s:

u/yourmumsname · 3 pointsr/DnB

Jungle is DnB - Dread Bass and Valley of the shadows were both released when jungle was the term for dnb...All crew by Brian Belle Fortune tells you why Jungle is DnB

Try some of the Remarc reissues for the original Jungle sound

u/peak_karma · 1 pointr/DnB

DJ Marky - The Brazilian Job. I've heard a lot of DnB mixes over the years - but they don't get better than this.