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u/docarrol · 1 pointr/DnDGreentext

>Wake up

>Immediately begin thinking about how to get my players to fry eggs

Scrambled Eggs Super! A classic Seuss book from my youth.

The narrator is a cheerful but egg obsessed foodie with apparently unlimited time and funds, who claims to be the best scrambled egg chef in the world. He launches a worldwide quest for exotic eggs to use as ingredients for the ultimate scrambled egg super. In the process he faces all manor of monstrous beasts, hazardous environments, and difficult challenges.

For the purposes of game hook, said foodie could either be hiring questors to fetch the ingredients instead of getting them personally, or challenging them personally to cook-off, or sponsoring a more general competition in whatever village the PC happen to be passing through.

As an aside, man, I wish I could find a big compendium of Seuss type creatures stated out to drop in here and there, maybe a whole setting. Sounds like it'd be a blast. Not that I could possibly do justice to the world play. Ah well - GM goals, amirite?

u/haberdasher42 · 5 pointsr/DnDGreentext

The author is a Redditor, he's pretty great. Also once in a while the book will be on a free promo. That's how I got hooked and have read most of his stuff.

u/Pleased_to_meet_u · 6 pointsr/DnDGreentext

> The Dwarves by Markus Heitz.

Not hard at all. If you search the part I quoted, this Amazon listing is the first result.


Hmm... maybe I'll put the first one on my Amazon wishlist. Thanks Jimbo!

u/delroland · -3 pointsr/DnDGreentext


Oh wow, only $20. Not bad for a book that's been out of print for 14 years.

Edit: sorry if I come off as snarky; the book was considered a blatant money grab at the time of its release as a half-assed attempt to make D&D players buy into the D&D Miniatures game.

u/Sigmapidragon · 2 pointsr/DnDGreentext

In the book [Across the Great Barrier (Frontier Magic) by Patricia C. Wrede] ( they find [spoiler](/s"petrified animals that they do various magical and alchemical tests on to discern if they were in fact real animals.")

u/abbatoth · 3 pointsr/DnDGreentext

They did. I give you The Book of Erotic Fantasy!


Edit: u/comics0026 did me one better. His post.

u/Sseatris · 7 pointsr/DnDGreentext

The Monster Hunter International RPG might have a solid groundwork for what you want to do, it's a decently solid system and the fiction has exactly what you want detailed out as part of Special Task Force Unicorn (STFU .. I know, but the books are fun).

The Monster Hunter International Employee Handbook and Roleplaying Game

u/TheKiltedStranger · 7 pointsr/DnDGreentext

In Spirits of Vengeance, when Danny Ketch is Ghost Rider and Johnny Blaze is free of Zarathos, Ghost Rider blasts Blaze's shotgun, which somehow grants it the ability to shoot hellfire even while Ghost Rider isn't around, so you're solid.

Blaze also gets a Motorcycle with flaming tires that's pretty much the same thing.

u/drdelius · 17 pointsr/DnDGreentext

Lots of people know much more about T-Rex sexual anatomy than we want. There's a whole series.

u/Kalfadhjima · 3 pointsr/DnDGreentext

"Blank mask" seems to yield decent results. E.G this.

u/Irennan · 1 pointr/DnDGreentext

The update to the 5e lore starts with [The Sundering Series] ( Despite its name, that series only covers a narrow fraction of the actual [event] (, tho. It is followed by Spellstorm and Death Masks, by Ed Greenwood (updates on Waterdeep, lots of misc. lore scattered throughout the book about returned deities like Eilistraee, the Weave, etc...); and by Fire in the Blood, Ashes of Tyrants and The Devil You Know, by Erin Evans (they include updates on Azuth, Mulhorand, Unther, the Dragonborn, Asmodeus, and Tieflings--you may want to to read the rest of her series first, tho). Keep in mind that even with those books, a lot of the changes happened offscreen, and their explanation was often left as a "mystery" or handwaved as "Ao's work". The book to read to know the status quo as of the 1490s DR is the "Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide".

If you want to read the lore that brought to 4e (Spellplague), I'm afraid that in tis case too there isn't much about the Spellplague itself. The Empyrean Odyssey and Abolethic Sovereignity trilogies are all that there is, and they don't even focus on the Spellplague itself. The Haunted Lands trilogy is also pretty cool. Keep in mind that all that you'll read in those books (except the in the Haunted Lands) no longer holds true in the current Realms. Like in 5e, a lot of changes happened offscreen, and the 4e FRCS is the book to read to know the status quo in 1479 DR.

Salvatore also kept writing Drizzt, but his story is mostly self-contained and never touches anything beyond Drizztland. If you want a reading order for his books, tell me and I'll provide it.