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u/mysteriousboobs · 1 pointr/Dreamhack

It sucks basically. I'm not sure about the registration part, but I think that's if you haven't already bought tickets online and dpn't have your paperwork/passes, etc ready to go.

You definitely want a cart if you have a tower, the first year me and my friends went we finagled my local friend dropping us off and we stayed with his comp at the center (I think that's how that went down, lots of alcohol since and during) and we got an XL Uber to get back home when we were ready to leave the BYOC.

FYI, when we left late at night the main entrances to the convention center were closed, so we had to go out another exit... Down stairs.... That was fun.

Second year was more of the same except I bought a laptop for QuakeCon and this kind of stuff so it was less stressful than lugging a tower and monitor around, but basically you've gotta huff your stuff in someway or another.

I remember sitting out waiting for our turn into the fried chicken place nearby (it's good check it out) and a poor guy was walking down the street carrying a monitor, that's no bueno, you wanna get an uber, a ride or something, just so they can pull up and drop you off at the best entrance.

So yes, get a cart like this like I've used:

And plan to have a way to drop you off at the entrance, I for sure didn't want to wheel my tower through the Austin streets and hope nothing pops loose, etc, and breaks on the way.

edit: well from what someone else has said it appears the badges weren't mailed this year, so if I were you I'd plan to get in line for registration with your computer, get your badge, then go on to the BYOC from there. If they do it like QuakeCon does, someone will come down the line and give people tags and stuff for their computers to streamline the process. Good luck!

u/perfectbebop · 1 pointr/Dreamhack

Cold? In September? Where are you coming from? ;)

I've been to the previous two DH:Montreals and have run into zero issues with leaving your equipment unattended. You can always get a PC lock if you have worries but there is security checking all PCs/Monitors to verify its going home with the right person (checks against ID numbers put on equipment and badge). The biggest issue I ran into with anything was that my first time round I had a full size case and assumed there would be elevators to get into the space (there isn't). Instead I had to carry everything down then up then up then up then up to get to the BYOC floor. I've since rebuilt to a mini-itx for this purpose.

This year is a new venue (previously its been at Place Bonaventure) so can't speak to their food situation. Before it was in the middle of a busy metro area attached to an underground mall with a great food court with both healthy and less healthy options. This year it looks to be in the middle of a neighborhood at the olympic sports center.

Other things which may have impact on you - I'm from the US and don't speak French. Almost every interaction I have had began with the vendor/volunteer speaking French, me going "....what?", a bit of an awkward laugh, followed by them restarting the conversation in English. This was a problem only once when we arrived our first year and signage was poor and we struggled to find our seats. Somehow the only volunteers I could find to assist did not speak english. To this day I'm not certain if my group ended up in the right seats.

u/Scrubbybearr · 1 pointr/Dreamhack

Collapsible hand truck. Magna Cart Personal 150 lb Capacity Aluminum Folding Hand Truck

u/Sheylan · 3 pointsr/Dreamhack

There are folding chairs provided.

I recommend a foldable rolling cart for your tower:

Magna Cart Flatform 300 lb Capacity Four Wheel Folding Platform Truck

This is what some of our guys use.

Be aware that the load-in process this year is.... not ideal. New security measures and just the layout of the venue mean it's just gonna be kinda awkward, particularly if you have a large tower.