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u/milzinga · 7 pointsr/Dreamtheater

Bring earplugs. Rock concerts are very very loud and can damage your hearing. I know people debate this and often see temporary hearing loss as a 'rite of passage' for going to shows; but talk to anyone in their 50s and 60s who went to rock concerts when they were younger and they wish they would have used hearing protection. I always wear earplugs and they actually improve sound for many shows, but I did buy a pair specifically for concerts.

Be prepared to stand the entire time depending on where your seats are. The set lists that are available online are going to be the same songs they will most likely play when you see them, at least that's what JP has led us to believe in recent interviews.

Here are the ones I bought if you're interested.

u/Bokthand · 1 pointr/Dreamtheater

I invested in some concert earplugs a few years ago and it has made a huge difference. I no longer leave shows with my ears ringing, and they barely even effect the enjoyment level or quality of the show.

If interested, These are pretty good and not too expensive:

u/leviathan3k · 7 pointsr/Dreamtheater

I'm probably the only one who loves Only a Matter of Time..

Also i'd like to point out When Dream and Day Reunite. They did the entire album live 15 years later, with bonus tracks To Live Forever and Metropolis Pt. 1, with Charlie Dominici and Derek Sherinian on the last two.

u/TwoCables_from_OCN · 1 pointr/Dreamtheater

Yeah, I looked earlier just to see what I would have been able to get if I had ordered it from Amazon. Well, I have bad news for anyone ordering right now:

"Usually ships within 3 to 5 days."

Prime FREE Delivery

FREE Delivery Tuesday, March 5 - Wednesday, March 6


This is as shipped and sold by Amazon.

u/scottjf8 · 3 pointsr/Dreamtheater

These ones are pretty good. I've used them but I have a pair of Bose SoundSport wireless earbuds that I use. They're really comfy.

Etymotic High-Fidelity Earplugs, ER20XS Standard Fit, 1 Pair, Polybag Packaging

u/bronxct1 · 2 pointsr/Dreamtheater

Yes they are:

From the last line of the description: “This version is the Special Edition Digipak”

u/jpmoney · 3 pointsr/Dreamtheater

I am also 'waiting' on the 4 cd set that I pre-ordered from Amazon. Assuming the issue really is on the supply-side, someone at InsideOut/Sony needs to say something official. I've done several preorders via Amazon over the years and have never had an issue. Theres always a first time, or it could be out of their control.

BUT! There was an 'also available from here' on Friday from Amazon Services UK for the import version. It apparently shipped today via DHL, which woke me up via text this morning telling me its signature required. Its shipping from Poland, so I'm assuming directly from manufacturing. I did the fastest shipping, which wasn't bad at $13 considering I'm in the US.

Its another listing to keep your eye on in case more are made available.

u/runwithpugs · 2 pointsr/Dreamtheater

I'm a big fan of these Etymotic earplugs. It's not perfect but they do a good job of cutting down the sound without muffling it as much as cheap foam ones. Been using them for 10 years now.

Apparently there's a newer version but I haven't tried them.

u/sean_themighty · 14 pointsr/Dreamtheater

This is the deluxe/premium version of Lifting Shadows, the authorized Dream Theater biography.

u/sonickarma · 2 pointsr/Dreamtheater

This book has full score transcriptions for a number of songs, including TDOE.

u/acceptyourself · 4 pointsr/Dreamtheater

I took out this book from my library's interlibrary system, so as someone who's used it for drumming, I can say it's mostly accurate but not perfect. It's probably the same for keys? It has 6 songs in it.

u/baddox · 1 pointr/Dreamtheater

I have those exact earplugs, as well as these. They both sound absolutely terrible.

u/Crysalim · 1 pointr/Dreamtheater

And if you haven't pre ordered it yet (we know everyone is hounding at those leaks) consider this -

The physical edition is $15 on Amazon right now. That's a sick price imo and the band deserves sold copies.