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u/Neuroplastic_Grunt · 3 pointsr/DunderMifflin

Here is a link to Amazon currently offering the entire box set at a truly low price!

Trust me go all in while it’s on sale, I paid more than this (like 50 bucks not full price) and every disk provides added laughs. Especially if you’ve hit the point where you have memorized the lines and cadence of Netflix rewatches; the deleted scenes are refreshing and the commentary is pretty good. Like listening to conversations with some of the actors and writers ( it varies each episode) sometimes they stay on topic and sometimes it’s just funny and you get to see a little of the personalities of those involved with the show.

u/Jobcv314 · 1 pointr/DunderMifflin

Dwight bobble head (a lil pricey but worth it if you're a fan)

OFFICE DUNDER MIFFLIN LANYARD (Toby had one around his neck on several episodes I believe, and it's not that expensive, but is likely to be used every day...)

Worlds best boss mug (Good for the morning coffee, or if they leave it at work and have coffee there, may help brighten their day)

u/Chuca101 · 1 pointr/DunderMifflin

Got posted earlier but it's 50 USD on Amazon! Pretty good deal considering there's a bunch of bonus content to look forward to

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/DunderMifflin

DVD gots the bonus features anyways, box set full series 40 bucks. deleted scenes are great btw, some of the best scenes in the show

u/Chunlisundies · 6 pointsr/DunderMifflin

You can get a custom Dundie Award. It's a running thing on the Office for an office party that has weird awards like "Whitest Shoes" or "Doobie Doobie Stoner Award". So you could something personal about your friend.

u/lawrencek · 1 pointr/DunderMifflin

I got this off, but here is a link to it on It seems to be considerably cheaper from ($10) if you can get it through there. I got it just to get free shipping for another item I bought.

Here's a set that also includes the full size kit on eBay for those who are interested.

u/the_sleeper · 11 pointsr/DunderMifflin

Amazon. It's tiny, but I still love it (that's what she said).

u/Esoteric-Surgery · 1 pointr/DunderMifflin

Do something like that then if you can! I got this from Amazon, wore compression shorts under basketball shorts, running shoes, and made a runner’s bib out of sharpies and printer paper to mimic the ones in the episode. People loved it!

Other specific episode ideas could be Prison Mike, Andy in the sumo suit from “Beach Day”, or Kevin with the chili.

u/zazpa · 2 pointsr/DunderMifflin

They’re still on Amazon,

T-Line Men's The Office TV Series Fun Run Graphic T-Shirt, Royal Blue, Medium

u/GedoonS · 6 pointsr/DunderMifflin

Wikipedia mentions it, and the Amazon DVD boxset carries the title so it is certainly some sort of official long version of the series name, though it's much more often called just The Office. Perhaps to set it apart from the original British The Office.

u/t1kiman · 1 pointr/DunderMifflin

I trust IMDb more on this.

It's also Ep 6 on Amazon. I guess it's because Ep 1 and 2 are a two part episode and some count it as one and some others as two seperate episodes.

u/hobbitlover · 349 pointsr/DunderMifflin

Does nobody buy box sets anymore?

That's $50 or less than four months of Netflix. If all you watch is The Office then you need to rethink your priorities. You could save $200.

u/iwanttoparticipate20 · 20 pointsr/DunderMifflin

I had a highschool math teacher who always told us to be warry of statistics and even had a book he shared.

How to Lie with Statistics

u/danram207 · 2 pointsr/DunderMifflin

You'll have to get the office complete series DVD set. It's amazon page lists everything that's included:

There's also a dvd that has all of the digital shorts that the office did over the years. I think it's called "The Office: Overtime"

u/JohnCub · 2 pointsr/DunderMifflin

The one at amazon ( ) has spanish subtitles but only english audio.

u/nathansponytail · 1 pointr/DunderMifflin

If you scroll down, the description says there are commentaries, then it lists the specific commentaries (and the commentators) in a break down of each season.

u/saintandre · 1 pointr/DunderMifflin

It's only $50 right now. Seems a lot cheaper than paying $13/month for Netflix forever.

The Office: The Complete Series

u/517634 · 8 pointsr/DunderMifflin

It's called an expanding plastic sphere. You can find them on Amazon among other places.

u/idkifimahypebeast · 2 pointsr/DunderMifflin

get a michael scott run for the cure t shirt, here

u/LittleHelperRobot · 2 pointsr/DunderMifflin


^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/GSdudeman · 2 pointsr/DunderMifflin

If you can't find it there, they have it on amazon uk

u/flatcurve · 2 pointsr/DunderMifflin

Don't feel bad. I saw it on American Pickers too. My wife didn't know why I was freaking out until I showed her the Amazon comments.

I'm probably going to get her one at some point.

u/Tharkun · 13 pointsr/DunderMifflin

You would never find the glorious 3 wolf moon shirt for sale at some gas station.

u/The_Goudy_MinMaxer · 1 pointr/DunderMifflin

Dang that sucks. They probably heard that the office might possibly leave Netflix and knew that people would buy the DVDs

Anyway I found the exact same set of dvds on amazon got cheaper. The Office: The Complete Series It’s $70.

You can probably find it on eBay for $50 if you search.

u/Skizzik1 · 8 pointsr/DunderMifflin

I was confused by this too. It looks like Netflix and Wikipedia split the episodes "Weight loss" and "Stress relief" into two part episodes. Causing the episode count to be inflated, making "Broke" episode 25.

TVDB, IMDB, and Amazon do not split those episodes, making "Broke" episode 23.

u/Sphincone · 1 pointr/DunderMifflin

No problem man, if you wanna watch some other webisodes let me know, I can upload anything from this, look for the Special Features section.

u/gir6543 · 1 pointr/DunderMifflin

and those are only the odd cheap ones. i bought one of these for 30 back in the day... i am not rethinking my idea to regift it

u/thancock14 · 1 pointr/DunderMifflin

I was wrong to post this:
The Office: The Complete Series

Only $36.00

Root doo dooo doo doooooo!!

u/Gyrod · 1 pointr/DunderMifflin

"Your personal anecdotes"

  • how assholes dismisses your life, your first hand proof, while convincing no one of anything.

    Dude, the world is FULL of people who drink that have no problem. If you had a problem, it's just that: your fucking problem.

    Oh, and yes, statistics lie better then anyone. Obviously you don't have much of an education.

    "There are three kinds of lies: Lies, damned lies, and statistics" - Mark Twain

    "How to lie with statistics"