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u/captianpicard · 1 pointr/Dynavap

I don’t have WiFi so I’m not going to google search, but I’d be willing to bet google or amazon would have the car plug adapter for mobile ih.
As far as 18650, all I know is it can be done, and without TOO much effort.
With the box I’ve made, I’m going to add a bottom compartment that can be latched on to the bottom, and hold 4 18650’s which should be tons of use.

My best recommendation is YouTube, google, amazon/eBay for parts and going to the forum f***combustion , google search that forum, they have a huge thread on induction diy, as well as vapcap stuff, and there is a user there named pipes, he will sell you ready to go fully built portable and tabletop setups that are legit and very reasonably priced. Building my own I saved maybe 40 bucks, however his are better than what I’m able to cobble together, and for a true portable I’ll be going to him for his Portside mini as it’s the best.
Good luck my guy, I’m in the same boat.

Just order an induction driver with coil, a psu, and a switch of some sort.

SainSmart 5V~12V Zero Voltage Switching ZVS Induction Heating Power Supply Module + Coil Power Supply heating power supply module

Out of stock but that’s what I got, there are other sellers it’s all the same unit.

EPBOWPT AC 100-240V to DC 12V 6A...

This psu works just fine for me, AND it comes with the adapter you will NEED to plug this all into the wall
ESUPPORT Heavy Duty 20A 125V 15A...

This switch is for cars, and rated at 20a.
It’s overkill, but my understanding is a higher amp rated switch removes the need for a mofset which I didn’t wana really wore up. You can also use a momentary switch, so it’s only on if you press it down, but the spring keeps it set at “off” but they aren’t rated at 20a and you will need a mofset.

I just got a wood box and used my drill stuff to make the holes, and hot glue to seal the box so I can open it op fairly easily for repairs and upgrades

u/HarryWally · 3 pointsr/Dynavap

Blazer little buddy 2 is pretty awesome. Nice thin flame that really throws like a mini jet engine. Expensive tho, but works perfectly.

I also have an Honest lighter I got off Amazon, it has a toggle switch for regular flame and torch, but I superglued that to the torch setting. Haha. This one works excellent too and takes garbage fuel like a champ. This is a great lighter for the price.

u/LovesColdCatEars · 6 pointsr/Dynavap

From left to right...

1 - Nibo Deluxe Butane Torch Refillable Lighter Adjustable Flame and Safety Lock - Bought this one off of eBay, works well but the flame isn't very big even on the highest setting amd you can't see how much butane is left in it.

2 - Jobon ZB 673 Torch - This one came with my Lotus Vaporizer, it seems to have a bigger butane tank in it although again you can't see it. This one also has a really big flame if you want it, but can also be adjusted down to a small flame. The clicker that makes the spark stopped working about after 1 month and was replaced with nothing more than an email. Great customer service from Lotus, these torches are warrantied for 90 days if purchased from them.

3 - Honest dual mode torch lighter - Bought this one off amazon, has the ability to act as a normal butane lighter (like a bic) or a torch. This one has a small butane tank so may not be ideal for people who take their vapcaps with them on the go, but very reliable so far.

4 - Honest Butane Torch Lighter - Bought this one from VapeNorth (Sneaky Pete's Canadian site). This one works very well, has a thinner flame than most of my other torches. This one is sort of a precision torch because of the thinner flame, very easy to aim it exactly where you want it and of course the see through butane tank.

5 - Jobon High Capacity Triple Jet Torch Gas Lighter - Bought this one from eBay as well. It works very well but to be honest I haven't used it much because I prefer a single flame. I picked it up in case I ever wanted to vape outside where there is potential for wind.

u/Money_for_days · 2 pointsr/Dynavap

Eagle torch all the way man:

The link there is $13 for 4. I paid $13 for ONE at my local cigar shop but it was way better than the 10 dollar pos I bought with my dynavap so I’m still pleased with ‘overspending’ on it. The reservoir is large but you will definitely be refilling every few days with any lighter unless you don’t use the vap cap often. This torch overall is the most reliable of the four I have tried personally.

Trust me, there is no need to go fancier than something like this, if refueling as little as possible is your top concern then get a kitchen torch that you screw onto a canister of butane and that will be your best bet! (The flame will be a tad big, use on the smallest possible setting)

Also buy yourself some good butane, I bought Colibri after buying a crap bottle first and it’s worth it just to extend the life of your torch/its reliability. It’s really not even much more expensive than the cheap options.

One last thing, consider than anything really small and discreet is just gonna end up being hot and annoying/uncomfortable to use.

u/jaredjdr · 2 pointsr/Dynavap

I see! It’s similar, but has a condenser inside to help keep it clean and cool the vapor a bit. I use two lighters:

This zippo insert because I’m a nerd for them, and it’s portable. Z-Plus 2.0 Extreme Torch Flame Lighter
It looks like they have a similar thing that comes with a case on the DynaVap website, I have not personally used this one, though.

The other I have was a free gift when I ordered my DynaVap, and I don’t see it anywhere, now. But it is a quad flame (or, mini flamethrower). Better for at home use and heats the dyna quicker.

My recommendation is a dual flame. Easier to learn with!

u/kent1146 · 3 pointsr/Dynavap

Model IH-005. The "Russian doll" Portable Dynavap Induction Heater.


Purpose: The purpose of this project is to create a design for a Dynavap Induction Heater that fit inside of a plastic 16oz coffee cup. Additionally, this design allows this Dynavap Induction Heater to be replicated using off-the-shelf parts and commonly available tools.


Design: The design was intended to improve upon DIH-004 (link), which required the use of a custom chassis to align the internal parts correctly. DIH-005 incorporates a "sleeve" design (like a Russian doll) to align internal parts and provide a mounting platform for the induction heater power supply unit.



  • Can be built using off-the-shelf parts and commonly available tools.
  • Portable (battery operated)
  • Stealthy (plastic 16oz coffee cup)
  • Can be used one-handed
  • 3-way toggle switch to run via internal rechargeable batteries; via 12V DC input; or off.
  • 11.1v internal rechargeable battery, constructed from standard 3.7v 18650 lithium cells. Integrated battery management system (BMS) with balanced charging
  • Blue status LED to indicate when running on battery power; green LED on lid lights up when induction heater is active.
  • Sweet-looking momentary push button on cap.
  • (optional) Additional Arduino momentary push button on cap (index finger operation)
  • Move DC 12V input jack and main power switch to cap. Easier build process, easier dis/re-assembly of unit)
  • A little bit of glass tube to pop out on the top, just because I think it looks cool.


    Parts List

  • (O) = Optional; (R) = Required
  • (R) Container: Plastic 16oz coffee cup ($8)
  • (R) Heating: Induction Heater power supply & coil ($13)
  • (R) Glass Stem: Cloupor Cloutank M3 Pyrex Glass($4)
  • (R) Power Delivery: MOSFET trigger module 400W / 15A ($7) <-- you can find this for $1 on eBay; but delivery takes 1 month.
  • (R) Battery Cells: Samsung 25R 20A 2500mAh 18650 batteries 3-pack ($19)
  • (R) Battery Management System (BMS): HX-3S-FL25A ($10). This is a 3S (3-series) battery management system with balanced charging. You MUST buy a BMS with balanced charging if you intend for the battery pack to be rechargeable inside the induction heater unit.
  • (R) Plastic Food Container: Look for 4oz round plastic food containers, with the correct dimensions (see diagrams). You want a container that can fit inside the 16oz plastic coffee cup. Try something like this. You can usually find a similar item in the food container section of a local Walmart, Target, or grocery store. Be prepared to use a saw and dremel to shave it down to the correct size.
  • (R) DC Input jack: DC Input jack 5.5mm x 2.1mm, 15 pack ($9)
  • (R) Switch (operating on/off): Momentary push button switch ($9) <-- Look for any switch that is single-pole single-throw momentary switch. Voltage and current rating doesn't really matter. If you choose to get a switch with an LED indicator on it, you can forego the green LED on the cap.
  • (R) Power Supply Unit: Kastar 12V 6A 72W Power Supply ($10)
  • (R) Switch (main power, both DC and batteries): Model 500SSP3S1M1REB. SPDT On/Off/On slide switch. ($4)
  • (O) LEDs: A bunch of multi-colored LEDs ($10).
  • (O) Index-finger switch: Arduino 6x6x6 tactile push button switch ($6)

    Miscellaneous parts:

  • Electrical wire
  • Electrical tape
  • 2-pin and 4-pin electrical connector plugs
  • Heat shrink tube
  • Hot glue
  • Sandpaper
  • Tools used: Screwdriver | wire stripper | needle-nose pliers | jigsaw (hacksaw if you don't have one) | dremel/rotary tool | soldering iron | drill | drill bits and spade bits
u/EatingPattern · 1 pointr/Dynavap

Howdy! I’ve made two IH’s. A desk unit and a portable unit that uses 18650’s. While I like both of them, I still prefer using my $49 SJK IH. It’s the most user friendly being completely hands and button free, and it give me the best vape control out of all my IH’s. If you’re looking for budget, it doesn’t get much cheaper.

Dental Power Dental Lab Infrared Electronic Sensor Induction Carving Knife Wax Heater

DDaves mod for it is a wonderful quality of life mod if you find this IH suits your needs.

u/vigulfr · 1 pointr/Dynavap

Well, originally I used the guitar slide and I had about 7 coils. It worked fine, but the LED stopped lighting up on the switch, and I went back and redid the wiring really well. From that point on, the LED still didn't work but when the button was pressed the LED on the heater unit would light. Once a dyna was inserted into the coil, however, the light would go off. I posted here and someone recommended that I switch to this PSU, and it's worked fine since.

When I went to mount into this case permanently last night, I metered the switch out and it looks like the LED is hosed. A replacement switch will be here tomorrow.

Stainless tip.

Thanks for your guide!

u/ascendingtom · 3 pointsr/Dynavap

It is! Thought it wasn’t originally lol

it started as a cool zippo from amazon

I then bought a z plus dual touch insert (i like this over the others always lights and has a clear fuel cell so its easy to check)

u/BattlinBud · 1 pointr/Dynavap

Just buy this lighter. Dynavap also uses these for some of their kits, but you can just get two of them for less than 9 bucks each here, and they work great. All my cigar-smoking friends swear by them too.

u/TriMyBalsagna · 3 pointsr/Dynavap

You will need an induction heater

You will need a power supply

Technically that's really all you need. You could wire the leads to the induction heater and plug it in and it will be on. But I don't think anyone likes the idea of leaving this thing plugged in and always on. Which is why most users will choose some sort of switch set up. For my induction heater I used this one.

Several users have pretty in-depth full guides. I think the best and most clear one out right now is this one

u/stonocrates · 2 pointsr/Dynavap

Updated from a post I made last month:

Welcome to the fam!

Cheap option: This 5-pack of Eagle lighters.

Pro option: This Blazer micro torch.

Fancy option: This Xikar Allume lighter.

Impatient option: This dual-jet Xikar Tech lighter.

A year later, two of the five Eagle torches are still working, which is good for the price and they make fine backups. The Xikar Allume is lovely, feels great, lights every time, the tank is really small though. The Blazer is my all-day everyday torch.

The Allume line also has a dual torch, which has a larger gas tank but burns it faster. In general I prefer single torches, they heat more slowly, so the heat has more time to "soak" into the tip, which means the oven stays hotter for longer when you take your drag, providing fuller extraction and more satisfying clouds.

u/greenops · 1 pointr/Dynavap

Then you are probably good on the butane. I had your same issue even with good butane. Went through two torches in a matter of weeks and I don't even use every day. Bought this torch and it's worked great with my vector 14 times filtered butane.

u/paniczeezily · 1 pointr/Dynavap

According to the wiring schematic on amazon it looks like you should be wiring the switch into the high level trigger (pwm +) as opposed to the low level trigger terminal.

Try swapping your ground loop one terminal over so it's high + ground and switch your momentary wire from the low level to the high level pwm + terminal.


If that doesn't work get one that looks like this, less complicated:

edit 2 again

I'm super emotionally invested in you getting this thing to work now, feel free to hit me up on chat too. Let's figure this thing out together!

u/Drewski107 · 2 pointsr/Dynavap

It's rare if I get less then 7 cycles every time out of one cap. Most of the time over 10. I've been using the M for close to 2 years almost every day. Here is how I use it...

Use a single torch lighter. I love the eagle ones on Amazon. Super cheap. Refillable. Mine came already filled and they have a huge tank. 4 pack always under $15. Some I have refilled over 5 times now. They are surprisingly durable. I heat for a long time and the large butane tanks rarely need refilling.

I tried other tri/quad flames and just didn't get the big hits like I can with the single torch and they combusted a lot easier.

I heat right until the 2 click and not much over. Sometimes towards the end of my cap I will press my luck and coax a bit more vapor out of it going 1-2 seconds past the clicks. I focus as far away from the end of the tip as I can. Towards the end of the cap closest to where you draw.

To get the product into the M I use the straw technique directly out of my grinder. Basically use the M like it's a straw and suck in to fill your cap. This creates a fluffier product that isn't packed too tight. Too tight has draw restrictions and just isn't as efficient.

I heat it very slow. Sometimes up around 20 seconds. Especially when the M is cooled down all the way. Distance away is a bit less then an inch. I like to think of it as slowly roasting a big piece of meat over a fire. Dont get in a hurry. If you do you will char it and have a shitty experience. I just keep my flame in one spot and slowly keep rolling the M at a consistent speed until the second click.

I pretty much have the carb closed the whole time for my draw. I suck in hard like trying to drink a thick milkshake out of a straw. If the vapor starts to get too warm (typical of the first 3 hits) I will roll the M a bit slowly between my thumb and pointer to open and close the carb introducing a bit of cooler air.

The draw usually lasts me until the cool down clicks or right before it. I only draw into my mouth and then inhale with some air behind it to really drive the hit deep.

I usually hit the vape back to back in groups of 2 or 3 cycles. Then a bit of a break in between the next group of 2-3. I've found when I combust it's when I get my cycles groups too close together or heat it too close/quickly.

I very rarely combust. I keep hitting it until it starts to taste a bit like burnt popcorn, but not in a terrible way. My ABV is never black, but gets the color of a light roast coffee. I still get a decent amount potency out of my ABV when I make golden dragon. If the last hit didn't taste a bit like burnt popcorn, then try heating it a little bit slower and a little bit longer after the clicks. If you go slow it's hard to combust with a single flame if you respect the clicks.

One cap is typically all I need to get to bed. Sometimes I need 2 if I had some earlier in the day. I'm a cheap ass stay at home dad in an illegal state. I want the most bang for my buck.

Hopefully some of this info helps.

u/dacheeze · 12 pointsr/Dynavap

I have [this model] ( it works really great. I would recommend getting the hands free mod from Ddave as well so you don't have to hold onto anything.

u/lambda_radiation · 2 pointsr/Dynavap


note that I barely got all of the components to fit in that box, but it's a great size!

u/Pickles_1989 · 2 pointsr/Dynavap

I used three 18650 batteries soldered in series with a battery manager. Yeah removing the button harness would have definitely saved space.

u/cracked_green · 1 pointr/Dynavap

u/thisismytreesact I saw your comment here which helped clear up this question

But do you possible have one like that with a regular mosfet (with the ground and trig like this and not the high powered one?

u/Doobitron · 1 pointr/Dynavap

You gotta scrub the insides of the tube and tip with iso. Smoke tar is super sticky. Scrub EVERYTHING. Even the inside of the cap, the ccd, and even the outer grooves of the tip.

Edit: grab something like this to clean out your condenser

u/kitty_head_butts · 1 pointr/Dynavap

I have been really liking this one:

GOLDNCONN Jet Torch Cigar Lighter, Strong Flame Windproof Butane Fuel Cigarette Lighter (Black)

u/Teh_Chap · 3 pointsr/Dynavap

Big shout out to the /u/beasthoss guide in the sidebar. Worked like a charm first time. Induction heating really makes the already awesome dynavap experience even better. All parts used are listed below for anyone interested. I did use some t-taps I had laying around but no solder.

Induction Heating Module

Power Supply

Glass Adapter

Momentary Switch

Project Enclosure

Drill Bit

Edit for parts list.

u/edillncsu · 2 pointsr/Dynavap

I, like you, had a cheap single-flame torch when i first got my Dynavap. I hated how long it took for me to hear it up as well, especially in windy or cold areas. I found these triple flame torches with great reviews on amazon and decided to order them. They come two to a pack at around $15 for the pack. So far, they’re very reliable, but I’m not too worried about that since they come with a lifetime warranty. and heat up my M much, much faster than my original single flame lighter.

u/KevinStoley · 1 pointr/Dynavap

Yeah I really like them. I've had several for around a year and they all still work fine.

Eagle torch

u/Elderbury · 1 pointr/Dynavap

this is the one I ordered:

It's a 3rd party insert for a zippo. Cost me about $10, I believe. Butane is much better than zippo fluid, which leaks and dries out quickly.

u/reddit455 · 1 pointr/Dynavap

in one hand I have a cooking torch (like one of those things you attach to a can of fuel.. paint can sized)

in the other hand I have 14" glass bong... with a titanium nail in the stem


the flame from the torch is parallel to the table.

the bong is about 1" too short for the nail to reach the flame..

I have a small cutting board, that's about 1" thick.. so I just put the bong on the cutting board, and the torch on the counter. viola.


you need a lighter where the flame comes out parallel to the table. and is ~3" (or whatever) high. sit the dyna vertically.. maybe the flame just lines up?


u/oatmeal1977 · 2 pointsr/Dynavap

I haven’t ordered any dual torches from Amazon, but I’ve had a good experience with this Vertigo triple torch.

u/Kraphtuos968 · 1 pointr/Dynavap

I saw someone post about using this induction heater for wax sculpting tools. I have no idea if it would be powerful enough, but I would really like to know.

u/205force · 41 pointsr/Dynavap

Raw makes an aluminum doob tube that’s perfect and just $4. Link here. amazon

u/howudoon · 1 pointr/Dynavap

Okay this is the one that Amazon said is "frequently bought" with the IH module and it says 6 A, do you think it would be adequate or should I just get a 10 A? Im trying to keep the build as inexpensive as possible

u/cirenj · 2 pointsr/Dynavap

The enclosure I used:

The 5A power supply (5A and you don't have to use a mosfet):

I used a glass slide tube for inside of the coil. You will have to rewrap the coil on the IH to fit around the slide, not hard at all:

The actual IH:

The 5v switch w/ wiring harness (you don't need any extra wires this way):

A Unibit would be a good thing to have to get the 3 holes drilled in the box. A hotglue gun and a screwdriver and your set....

u/softwareanomaly · 3 pointsr/Dynavap

GOLDNCONN Jet Torch Cigar Lighter Strong Flame Windproof Butane Fuel Cigarette Lighter (Black)

u/Nikolai_Kimothy · 2 pointsr/Dynavap

I know I’m not offering a solution, but have you tried Vertigo triple torches? I’ve dropped them tons of times but they both work like the day I got them.

u/ZuesAgeddon · 3 pointsr/Dynavap

Outdoors I use triple flame, indoors I use this single flame. The triple heats up the cap faster and stronger against the wind. However, I much prefer the vapcap indoors and with the single torch.

u/Bacon843 · 1 pointr/Dynavap

Vertigo by Lotus Cyclone Triple Torch Cigar Lighter Charcoal 2 Pack

$18 - 2pack of triple torch lighters. I’ve had them for months with daily use. If you use good quality butane (like your Colibri) they should last. Went through 4 lighters in a month before I found these.

u/Environmental_Act · 2 pointsr/Dynavap

The one u/Kent1146 recommends they were 2 for 10 on amazon the 25amp bms

2Pcs 3S 11.1V 12.6V 25A W/Balance 18650 Li ion Lithium Battery PCB Protection Board

u/betastagevirus · 2 pointsr/Dynavap

yeah and if you read the most recent reviews its dynavap users and one of them talks about the adapter piece

u/likeittight_ · 1 pointr/Dynavap

The heat up time is how I calibrated it - ya I like it that way

I put a small rock at the bottom to adjust the height - see this guys post

Without the rock it heats FAST - Too fast. I could try a smaller rock when I get around to it


IH module:

u/Buhnanah · 2 pointsr/Dynavap

Would this box fit the items you listed?

u/thisismytreesact · 8 pointsr/Dynavap

Schematic (borrowed from another user... can't remember who!

Parts list (canadian, but you can find everything on amazon and/or ebay, or locally):

Heater Board and Coil:

MOSFET Relay (for operating the momentary switch):

Power Supply (or if you have one from an xbox 360 it'll work) This one also includes the female jack:

Glass tube:

Main power switch:

Momentary Switch to activate the coil ONLY while pressed:

You'll also need some 18ga stranded wire, an enclosure, and some soldering skills/equipment.

u/2tecs · 2 pointsr/Dynavap

I saw someone post some raw aluminum tubes for doobies. I’m really not sure if they would work for nonavongs or xl sizes but as far as I know they’re only a couple dollars. Might be worth looking into

Edit: heres a link I found

u/Realcaucasian · 1 pointr/Dynavap

Module: SainSmart 5V~12V Zero Voltage...

Power Supply: LEDMO Power Supply, Transformers,LED Adapter, 12V, 5A Max, 60 Watt Max, for LED Strip
(You May want to find a 10a one instead)

Momentary Switch: yueton DC 36V 2A 16mm High Round...

Box: Pinfox 2 Pack Black Waterproof...

u/swassmike · 1 pointr/Dynavap

Your wish is my command sir. linky

Glad I got a two pack because I fucked up the layout of the first one.

u/J_kins · 2 pointsr/Dynavap

I use a butane torch insert so I can have the size convenience of a Zippo but the power of a single flame torch.

u/Dclaw35 · 3 pointsr/Dynavap
u/BlackICE444 · 3 pointsr/Dynavap

Dental Power Dental Lab Infrared Electronic Sensor Induction Carving Knife Wax Heater

u/everrymanjack · 1 pointr/Dynavap

LEDMO Power Supply, Transformers,LED Adapter, 12V, 5A Max, 60 Watt Max, for LED Strip this is the power supply we used!

u/BlatantOrgasm · 1 pointr/Dynavap

That’s what I got. Still using the same one for about 6 months now (have refilled it a couple times). It used to light on the first click but only recently started requiring 2-3, so it may finally be wearing out

Also it says they don’t have gas in them but mine arrived full so idk

u/bcbud78 · 2 pointsr/Dynavap

GOLDNCONN Mini Jet Pencil Flame Torch Butane Gas Fuel Welding Soldering Lighter Cigar (Black-S) (Black-S)

This one.

u/cakeuser420 · 4 pointsr/Dynavap

Bey-Berk Doobie Doob Tube Steel Metal Air Tight Oder Resistant Stores Cannabis Marijuana King Sized Doobs Joints

Doobie Doob Black Tube Steel Metal Air Tight Oder Resistant Stores Cannabis Marijuana King Sized Doobs Joints

Doobie Doob Matte Purple Tube Steel Metal Air Tight Oder Resistant Stores Cannabis Marijuana King Sized Doobs Joints

u/SecureFunny · 1 pointr/Dynavap

I got the thunderbird single flame:
Vector Thunderbird Butane Torch Insert

Sorry if the link doesn't work, I'm on mobile.

u/my45acp1911 · 1 pointr/Dynavap

Smoke shops, craft stores, gun shops, Walmart, Amazon and such. Colorful and/or sparkly pipe cleaners are more for crafts and might cost more. Look for cheap fuzzy white pipe cleaners.

I'm still working through a huge pack of 12" pipe cleaners I bought years ago. Handy to have around. I cut them in half so I have twice as many.

Edit to add this link of some on Amazon and another link. These have stiff bristles and are made more for cleaning instead of crafts.

u/kushincanada · 2 pointsr/Dynavap

Power supply link

I also used a 12mm fire button, a mini slide on off switch and 18awg wire from and an enclosure was just from the dollar store.

I tried to wire in an led from analogboxmods as well, but I think it burnt it out so I just took that right out of the build.

You will also need to solder a few spots but it's not too hard to do at all, some connections are just screw in though.

u/SmurfJerky · 1 pointr/Dynavap is this the one you mean? im hoping to get a good torch cuz im tired of fuckin around with the shitty ones

u/how_can_she_slapp · 1 pointr/Dynavap

I'm using this exact one:

I mean, it's working.... not combusting, nice heating, as if i was heaing low on the cap with the torch... Maybe it's also too deep into the coils.... or it's wrapped badly... OR both..

u/subiacOSB · 1 pointr/Dynavap

Power supply seems a bit weak. Why don’t you get a 6A power supply?

u/BurgerKing7110 · 3 pointsr/Dynavap

Lowest price with prime shipping here. I'd avoid the ones with red wiring around the inductors (double donuts on top) as they require soldering in my experience.

u/bananaorangepotato · 1 pointr/Dynavap

I realize this is not the requirements you're looking for , but I've found a VERY reliable lighter system that hasn't let me down yet (2 months in). Called the Zplus 2.0, its a zippo insert, dual flame, 23$ CAD at the moment, I paid > 40$ and have no regrets! Already had the case to put it in , so maybe add that to your price...

Linky link: