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u/BigBepis12345 · 3 pointsr/EDCexchange

I'm curious about the pricing too (I also saw it was $120 when you commented). I looked up the cost of the things listed.

  • Gerber Dime green/black - $16.02 new on Amazon
  • Zebra F-701 pen - $7.20 new on Amazon
  • NarwhalCo pens set of 2 - $11.95 new on their site
  • 2.5" ratchet bit extension - about $4~ new on Amazon (counting out the other bits included in that listing)
  • ARES 1/4" micro bit ratchet & mini bits - $14.42 new on Amazon
  • Small length of black Gorilla tape - less than $1 worth of a full 1-pack price new on Amazon
  • Glasses/screen cleaning cloth - comparable to $1.50 new on Amazon from a 6-pack
  • Length of FireCord - less than $1 worth of a full 1 roll price new on Amazon
  • Bic Mini lighter - about $1.39 new on Amazon from a 5-pack
  • Sim card removal tool - about $0.50 new on Amazon from a 10-pack
  • Kingston 32gb microSD card & portable USB reader - $20.94 new on Amazon
  • CountyComm "Industrial Strength Survival Food Grade Tin" large topo design - $3.45 new on their site

    In total that's about $83.37 USD all new prices. Most include free shipping if purchased from Amazon. I did not include possible cost of that leather holster because the post currently does not say the leather holster is included or not.
u/bolts-n-bytes · 2 pointsr/EDCexchange

SV= sale value
TV= trade value

Trade value is typically always more than sale value.

My sale value is $45, which is $15 less than Amazon for a tool in new condition - 25% off plus no sales tax

Link: LEATHERMAN - Wingman Multitool with Spring-Action Pliers and Scissors, Stainless Steel

u/ITTVx · 2 pointsr/EDCexchange

Such a great little light! These are ~$18 new with free Prime shipping on Amazon.

u/Jsmalley9 · 1 pointr/EDCexchange

Kershaw Skyline (Amazon)

It's a few dollars over your budget but it's worth every penny. Lightweight, won't weigh your pocket down, great blade shape. Can't recommend it enough.

u/gdbusby · 1 pointr/EDCexchange

Haafoo Molle Water Bottle Pouch, 1000D Nylon Tactical Molle Water Bottle Holder Tactical Water Bottle Pouch Bottom Mesh Lining Hydration Carrier for Camping, Climbing, Cycling, Hiking, Travelling

That looks pretty decent. It's 1000D nylon, should work well

u/porkster13 · 1 pointr/EDCexchange

Here u go it works awesome. A couple of guys use it as their beater watch.

u/flamefreak01 · 1 pointr/EDCexchange

Any interest in a suunto core with an orange band? It has a compass, altimeter, barometer, can log altitudes on trips, and some more stuff I cant remember, tells time too.

u/jmonday7814 · 1 pointr/EDCexchange

I'm tempted but considering the price, slight damage, and no sheath...I think it might be easier to get it new at $147 w/ free shipping. I know it is like new and the wire cutters can be replaced but if you come down on price then I would seriously consider it and putting in the extra work to make it new.

u/cm357374 · 4 pointsr/EDCexchange

This has been working well for me.

Stock Your Home Luxury Men's Dresser Valet Organizer for Watches, Jewelry & Accessories – Large Jewelry Holder & Display Case

u/richroma · 3 pointsr/EDCexchange

Just buy one off Amazon.
Victorinox Swiss Army Cadet Pocket Knife, Silver Alox

u/ZPhotog · 1 pointr/EDCexchange

Also when turning the colorful acrylic, sometimes the blank has a kinda translucent spot, so you may want to keep some white or other colored tubes sitting around, and then some wet micro mesh sandpaper for the finish will be all you’ll need for acrylic.

u/macbooklover91 · 2 pointsr/EDCexchange

If you're looking for more of a beater, have you seen the Kershaw Black Blur Glassbreaker Knife with SpeedSafe?

I don't have experience with it, but I've used other Kershaw blades. They're no Benchmades, but they do the trick. I've heard great things about the s30v version of the knife (no serrations or glass breaker).

Edit: fixed what autocorrect messed up.

u/digitaljdr · -1 pointsr/EDCexchange

If you're talking about this listing on the first image.

That is not the same pack, and it doesn't even look like a Rush24

Edit: I've gotten some messages, at the time there was a non-5.11/amazon seller that had the title and off brand product on there. It was listed at 79.95. So back off with your pitch forks.