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u/SnapeWho · 2 pointsr/EditingAndLayout

I found these editions for $12 at the local DVD exchange store just a few months ago. The bonus disc has the theatrical editions, and while I've seen some complaints about the quality, I had no problems with it. I was really pleased to show my younger sister the original versions for her first time watching them.

u/JamesTBagg · 8 pointsr/EditingAndLayout

HERE Includes DVDs with the unaltered versions. LIterally, the only movies I own. Though, the cheaper option may be the "De-Specialized" fan edit, which I've yet to see.

u/VikingBoatTruckBoat · 3 pointsr/EditingAndLayout

Due to this awesome onslaught of Macho Man I decided to order this blu-ray of him. Keep em coming!