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u/chavikux · 1 pointr/EndlessWar

> [Top 7 Bible Verses About The Military] (http://www.patheos.com/blogs/christiancrier/2016/03/17/top-7-bible-verses-about-military/#jxuXSLrlzGTVmHDQ.99)

> John 15:13 “Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.”

> > [Logics of War: Explanations for Limited and Unlimited Conflicts] (https://www.amazon.com/Logics-War-Explanations-Unlimited-Conflicts/dp/0801451868) Page. 147 Para. 3

> > Overall, then, this case fits the commitment problem arguments well. The British had a clear preventive motivation for war, and consistent with that motivation they pursued large war aims that they were reluctant to abandon even in the face of military and diplomatic setbacks. As with the Argentines in the Paraguayan War, however, the Russians wanted to do exactly what the British feared and hence understood the British motivation for fighting. Given this understanding, they had no need to resort to a dispositional explanation for British policy and hence remained open to negotiation throughout the war.

> > > I don't know what keeps these guys going. For me, it's an electric rod within the fragile fibers of the heart. A faith in the things not seen, and a love mid the Bible's truth. Let the Holy Spirit speak wisdom whispers: straight from Torah's all-alive pages. If anyone tears up a Bible, they're doing a disgrace to God. Yah loves us as adopted heirs, and expects that we'll conform continually. So, have supernatural confidence … always bearing your foot upon the Rock. Demons exist friends; alas wielding the full armory's arsenal forth of Ephesians. Trumpeting salvation midst a sea of fiery darts that seemingly bounce back through the Advocate's measure.

History's userface repeats itself within time's epoch. Similar themes etching forward; realizing emotional resolution requires prophecy materiality. And we've seen this ensuing through timely echoes, where something reminiscent keeps acting out its rear head. Ahh, like Nimrod's character revolving over long history course. Seemingly manifested throughout, reappearing as a new ego. Weirdly enough, aliens appear ... man must defend territory after Lamb. Telling extent Genesis occupies many men's minds, never really fully aware nor too attuned towards symbolism's outreaches. Idealism's politically ideological supergroup shan't stand on two rubber points, as it'd decay surely. Universalism recognizes every party, only once discarding individuality. It is an anti Rand world reality, hence everyone's tolerable mentality cues ruin. Secularists' participation therefore suggests Christianity's background impositions (influences). Now, not each amid nation states' play role; eagle's protect isolated between Adonai's supernatural appointment. Thus, throw those dice rolls: see how chaos theory shapes picture. And it has, but the Codex hasn't gotten mixed into that spoil, alive and also continually dispersing salvation's fine salt. Particulars considered, America compels that it'll take upon good will or it'd fall down, akin with nude [material] exposure. Drunken asunder beyond inward gates rather just per Trojan horse. Strategy thencely implies pursuit of an aftermath constantly committed to Al. Maintain vitality's integral oneness and let Yah keep rest. Prayer always among the best strategic arsenals. Beating physical manpower, showcased during David's journey. Use our resources improperly and we'll become chased around borders subsequent perpetuity's silent storm. Spiritual warfare carrying credence whereby actively brought round world's zoning. Mutually entering prayership cascading (sprinkling) dominoes somewhere differently. Christ lining faithful persons as of befitting valuation. Howbeit, melding together as a singular company poses force. Masculinity's decisiveness should secure swift intent. Withal gentle wisdom, as is scripturally accordant. Question choices, however intuitively dispense gifts [that were] given. Deliverer's blessings paving peace access.

u/caferrell · 3 pointsr/EndlessWar

There is a terrific book about the machinations of Great Britain and France to use WWI to break up the Ottoman Empire and grab the Middle East, that explains in fascinating detail how we got into our present mess. Check it out
A Peace to End All Peace: The Fall of the Ottoman Empire and the Creation of the Modern Middle East

u/FromFarFarAway · 2 pointsr/EndlessWar

Amazon link to the book he's referring to.

And might I suggest another book on the topic? This one is written by a former US State Dept. historian: Killing Hope: U.S. Military and C.I.A. Interventions Since World War II.

u/IntnsRed · 1 pointr/EndlessWar

> If there was an October Surprise, it was all GHW Bush. Reagan was oblivious.

Reagan suffered from alzheimers/dementia late in his presidency, but in 1980 he was as an experienced, professional politician and was sharp as a tack. It is highly likely he would have known -- Reagan was a traitor but he was no idiot.

There is no doubt there was an October surprise -- the traitors Reagan and Bush worked to undermine the policies of a sitting US president (Carter) with a hostile foreign power (Iran) to keep American diplomats and USMC guards held hostage to swing the American election -- the evidence for that is overwhelming.

Consider these events:

  • Jimmy Carter himself gave an interview about that in Playboy magazine saying he had intelligence about it but felt powerless to say anything because he'd be viewed a whiner and his claims would be said to be a PR stunt about the election.

  • Carter's NSC guru Gary Sick wrote a book on the topic.

  • The traitor George H.W. Bush was a former head of the CIA. But Bush wasn't a run-of-the-mill head of the CIA. He was the head post-Watergate when Congress was trashing and putting restrictions on the evil CIA and it was Bush's job to defend the CIA. Bush garnered huge respect from the CIA for his efforts.

  • When French (and later Soviet after the USSR broke up and we examined their archives) intelligence put Bush as being in Paris meeting with Iranians, Bush lied and claimed he was somewhere else. The pics Bush provided to back up his claims were proven doctored and false. The key CIA-connected source for Bush's claim of being somewhere else was a known/convicted liar.

  • Long after he had retired from Iranian politics and was no longer a player in Iran, the Iranian president from 1980 gave an interview to a Lebanese media source. He bluntly and candidly told the story about what happened. Iran was entertaining deals from both Carter (Carter's offer is a simple matter of public record) and the Reagan/Bush election campaign. The former Iranian president said his decision was simple: He took the deal that was best for Iran -- the deal offered by Reagan/Bush. And he said that the added bonus of screwing Carter who had given the US puppet Nazi dictator (the Shah) refuge was not a factor -- it was the arms that Iran needed and Reagan/Bush offered that was the key. (We had gotten our old ally Saddam Hussein to attack Iran and Iran badly needed ammo and spare parts for its US weapons. Reagan would later use similar dealings with Iran which became the famous Iran-Contra scandal.)

  • So the Iranians held the hostages until Reagan was sworn in as president. Some of the hostages themselves have written books about sitting on a jet on the runway and the Iranians waiting until Reagan had finished the oath of office before they allowed the jet to take off.

  • Within days an Israeli cargo jet crashed in the former USSR full of American-made anti-tank missiles and spare parts. That's a documented fact. The jet was flying to Iran and those supplies were exactly what Iran desperately needed in its war with Iraq. Israel would be a key player in the US having "plausible deniability" in supplying the weapons for the October Surprise. Do you honestly think Israel would risk breaking US arms contracts to supply a literal US enemy country with US arms -- without the approval of the US? Or does that fit in perfectly with an October Surprise conspiracy?

    Again, that's just the key parts of the evidence off the top of my head. Read Gary Sick's book and other sources.

    The evidence that Reagan and Bush were traitors is overwhelming -- it's much stronger than the evidence that the traitor Richard Nixon colluded with the Taiwanese and South Vietnamese (an act resulting in hundreds of US soldiers dying) to undermine LBJ's foreign policies and win the 1968 presidential election.

    Edit: Typos, clarity.

    > "I told the American people I did not trade arms for hostages. My heart and my best intentions still tell me that's true -- but the facts and the evidence tell me it is not." -- US President Ronald Reagan, 4 March 1987.