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u/13pt1run · 2 pointsr/EngagementRings

There's some hate in this thread, but I just want to chime in that my bf gave me a gorgeous 3-stone sterling silver CZ ring for our 2nd anniversary. I love it! At the time, we were still in college (still are, actually) and not ready to get married, but we still wanted a symbol of our commitment. What worked for us was that I was expecting "just" a promise ring (so no disappointment that it isn't a true engagement ring) and the mutual understanding that we're not ready to marry at this time, but desiring and promising to in the future.

He also went above and beyond with the ring by asking my father for permission and he "proposed" it to me over a homemade candlelit dinner. <3

Edit: link to similar ring:

I've had mine for about a year and a half and it's still as gorgeous as the day he gave it to me :) I'd use it as our official ring, but he wants to give me a new (and real) one to symbolize the next step in our journey.

u/reversemermaid · 2 pointsr/EngagementRings

There’s also this kind, which don’t seem as bulky. I just bought these exact ones and they work perfectly. It’s pretty hard to notice when the size adjuster is on even when looking directly at it from the palm side, and overall it’s really comfortable

u/Looking7Glass · 2 pointsr/EngagementRings

I'm not sure if you're still looking but check out the engagement ring I got:

It's on sale right now and the princess cut sapphire is created, its a great ring

u/stinksmcgee3 · 1 pointr/EngagementRings

My finance got my ring and the band for under 2k (he won't tell me the actual price). The diamond was a piece that the jeweler was having a difficult time selling - which worked in my favor because it's pear shaped and that's what I really wanted. The metal is white gold. I did not want him to spend a lot because #debt #scaredillaccidentallymisplaceit

I ordered my FH's ring off amazon for $97 after trying on rings at Kays. I was able to find a ring exactly like the one he wanted (which was $450+ at the store) AND the amazon ring was able to be colored inside. :) I stalked a lot of reviews and decided to splurge and get the $97 ring instead of the numerous $9 options (which is what my BIL has)

u/CleoVIIISelene · 3 pointsr/EngagementRings

It's this ring. This one the company has is about $20 so it should give you a nice stopgap ring. I would recommend finding a gold ring sooner than 5 years down the road though. How much did you old ring cost? Because if you go with a moissanite or a colored stone, you could get something for less than $2k (I assume your ring was more than that because I've heard you can't insure something under $2k with ring insurance, just personal property insurance.)

Edit: I found four more rings for you, none with a halo though. Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Link 4

u/Positpostit · 1 pointr/EngagementRings

I bought these ring size adjusters and they are quite cheap and useful! Lots of women in the reviews section said they bought the item because hey have larger knuckles than the rest of their finger

u/herefortacosandbeer · 1 pointr/EngagementRings

I just did a quick search and found these:

7mm princess cut

7.5mm princess (not prime)

1.5 ct princess cut

2ct princess cut - free try on with Amazon prime wardrobe

2ct with a halo

Amazon I'm sure hates me, but I ordered probably close to 20 rings to try on when I was doing my ring search, and ended up returning them all because the returns were free. You just have to be honest when you return them (didn't fit, or didn't like it, or changed mind)... I know they get irritated when people claim a product has a defect when it doesn't.