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u/HexicDragon · 1 pointr/Eyebleach

Gardein and Bocca make some pretty damn good ground beef replacements. I remember making speghetti with some of Gardein's beefless ground a few weeks after going vegan, and even then I remember absolutely loving it. Cow's milk is also super easy to replace. I actually like almond and cashew milk a lot more than dairy, completely looking past the inherent problems in dairy production. Butter is also super easy to replace, Smart Balance/Earth Balance both work, look, smell, and taste just like regular butter (albeit slightly "thicker" when fresh out of the fridge).

I'm not going to lie and say all the meat/dairy replacers out there taste great, because they don't. I've tried some really fucking bad black bean burgers, and some amazing bean burgers. Some tofu I've had was pretty plain, but some I could eat every meal if I knew how to prepare it. You're not going to love every veggie burger just like you most likely don't love every beef burger you eat. But just like beef burgers, theres some amazing veggie burgers out there as well (if you can find it, try Amy's California veggie burger!). Besides from store-bought vegan food, there's /r/VegRecipes on reddit, The Vegan Zombie on youtube, and if you're really serious, the cookbook But I Could Never Go Vegan! by Kristy Turner. The cookbook is categorized based on the different excuses people give to eating vegan food ("What will I do without cheese?" "But I love seafood!", etc). The way I think about is, even if my sandwich I'm eating would taste better with a beef burger on it, does that slight difference in taste warrant what happens on factory farms (where at least 95% of meat is sourced from in the U.S)

Veganism is a philosophy that recognizes eating/exploiting animals inherently causes them suffering, and that we should try our best to avoid causing that suffering where we practicably can. I went vegan overnight about 6 months ago and haven't ran into any problems since. If you're interested in going vegan at all, check out this video. It'll help you go vegan overnight if you decide you want to try it, and even if you don't, it still has some great advice.

But even if you don't fully go vegan, any change you make is a positive one. Can you only replace cow's milk with almond milk? Are you only willing to replace a single beef burger a week? Can't give up dairy ice-cream yet? Don't stress about it too much. Obviously living off of strictly sustainable, garden-grown fruits and vegetables is optimal, but you doing anything is better than nothing, even if that's just one vegan meal a week.

Anyways, hope I wasn't being too preachy. Check us out at /r/vegan. Even if you don't decide to go fully vegan, or plant-based at all, I'm sure people will be more than willing to talk to you if you come in with an open mind.

u/NinjaLanternShark · 3 pointsr/Eyebleach

You should read the 5 love languages. Some people do feel love when someone gives them gifts. Others, when you spend time with them, or do things for them, etc.

You can waste time, money, and effort trying to show love to someone in a way that doesn't mean anything to them, and you can miss how hard someone's trying to show you love, if you're not speaking the same language.

u/vplatt · 9 pointsr/Eyebleach

Loving your cat is a process, not an event, and if you don't at least know about the "slow blinkies" then you have probably skipped some steps. Additionally, you may have skipped a fear factor or two introduced while your cat was a kitten.

The best book that I have personally seen about this relationship between human and cat is "Cat Daddy" at

In that book, which I happened to get the Audible version of it on discount so I'm mildly biased, he describes different modalities of general cat behavior as well as his experiences around shelters. Generally speaking, the experiences around shelters are fairly depressing. The cat behavior descriptions are spot-on though and may help you diagnose what is going on with your cat.

YMMV and all the usual disclaimers. I hope that helps!

u/BenLeggiero · 1 pointr/Eyebleach

Thank you for clarifying your point; I didn't mean to misinterpret it. Please refrain from attacks on person.

Pit bull-type dogs, like other terriers, hunting, and bull-baiting breeds, can exhibit a bite, hold, and shake behavior and at times refuse to release; it's not exclusive to pits. Breaking an ammonia ampule and holding it up to the dog's nose can cause the dog to release its hold; a break bar is not required.

u/RidexSDS · 2 pointsr/Eyebleach

I'm sorry to hear about putting down your buddy. I had to do the same thing to my black cat 2 months ago... he was only 4 years old =/

It's very different than training a dog. The younger you start, the better. The first step is to get a harness, and put it on the cat just around the house (leave the leash off). Try to get them used to the feeling of having it on them. Play with them while its on, distract them, try to make them forget it's there.

After they seem somewhat comfortable wearing it, you can try taking them outside. Stay close to the house/apartment. As soon as they get outside they will be so fascinated by the outside world that they won't focus on the harness/leash anymore. I did this only once and he acted a lot better than I expected. I would pick him up, walk a little, then set him down and let him explore a bit.

Start with short 20 min adventures per day. Then gradually work up to going further away. The cat wont really walk to a destination like a dog would, but instead just freestyles it and goes in random spots. I have to carry my cat to the park or else we'd never get there.

Don't pull the leash, dont try to direct the cat. If you want to go to a park or something, carry them there. My cat is starting to learn the way we walk to the park, so he will walk that direction sometimes.

If you see a dog, pick them up. If they pull or try to run somewhere, pick them up. Don't ever pull on the leash trying to get them to follow you or go where they want.

Let me know if you have any other questions! I've only actually been on 1 walk to the park so far so I'm still learning.

Here is the harness I have

u/dodge84 · 3 pointsr/Eyebleach

Not sure if you've tried sleep training, but this book was a life saver for us.

Baby Wise

We spent the first 4 months soothing him to sleep multiple times throughout the night, and during naps. After a few weeks of training, he now consistently sleeps through the night, and goes down easily during nap time.

u/holypiefatman · 6 pointsr/Eyebleach

It’s a harness. He didn’t love things around his neck so we compromised with this:
come with me kitty harness

It sits around his chest and doesn’t press on his neck plus it dries quickly

u/flakingnapstich · 200 pointsr/Eyebleach

Oh, you mean the massage gun!

>>Booster A Massage Gun, Deep Fascia Relaxation Vibration Muscle Therapy LCD Liquid Crystal Touch Screen Handheld Massager Cordless Noise Canceling Massage Device for Athletes(White)

It appears to be designed to give targeted deep-tissue massage to muscle tissue. It also appears to make an excellent if expensive cat toy.

u/verdantx · 1 pointr/Eyebleach

Reminds me of one of my favorite books as a kid, Little Beaver and the Echo:

u/servohahn · 3 pointsr/Eyebleach

Yeah, he's not their parent. He's probably a half-generation ahead of the puppies. I knew some Frenchie breeders and they usually had a new litter before the last one was fully mature.

I don't condone dog breeding but these guys weren't running a puppy mill. They doted on these dogs and trained them and did super puppy exercises with them and whatnot.

u/Ossalot · 2 pointsr/Eyebleach

They did ! Or rather, they did publish a book (The Mouse in the Manor House), but it's not an anthology of their poems on reddit.

u/widdershins13 · 190 pointsr/Eyebleach

Amazon sells catnip bubbles. My cats come running when I shake the bottle.