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u/garretling · 2 pointsr/FJCruiser

DeeZee makes a great quality ladder, for a super affordable price. I can’t praise the quality enough for how cheap it is.

It is true that you will not have rear window access, which isn’t ever an issue for me so I did it. Makes easy access to the roof rack while giving a great overland-look. Not terribly functional for me, as I’m 6’3 and can reach the roof fine standing on the rear bumper. but if I need to climb on top of the truck now I can. Was a super easy install, hardware is included and everything.

u/CanineMutiny · 5 pointsr/FJCruiser

I love the FJ because its after market and owners support is strong.

  • You can add a auxiliary fuel tank, like these by Man-A-Fre. It adds another 19 gallons.

  • An auxiliary fuse box for more "power points". Blue Sea System makes them to satisfy as many as you want to add.

  • Rack solutions are a search away. From new racks to mounting accessories.

  • I've been doing this for years without a winch. (Though I bought one recently) Snatch straps, D rings and friend are more than enough for most situations. Maybe add some Maxtrax if you can afford them. Mostly drive according to your mechanical ability and skill, know your limits.

  • CB radios are great but I've used cheap walkie talkies too. Not like my spotter is going to be carrying a CB manpack.
u/fidelityflip · 7 pointsr/FJCruiser

I have two FJs, both with upgraded audio. The Kenwood Excelon DNX695S is my favorite head unit of the two, the other is a Kenwood Excelon DNX892. The DNX659S is quite a bit cheaper, has a great layout, no mechanical door hiding the CD/DVD player, and still has the OBDII connection to monitor engine stuff, which is cool. also two inputs for front and rear cameras.

Keep in mind you will need a few additional components to fully integrate, they aren't 100% needed, but make it better: Maestro ADS-MRR to use your steering wheel controls, SiriusXM SXV300v1 if you want Satellite Radio, and a plastic trim piece to complete the bezel around the new radio.

I have a Wicked CAS Stage 2 speaker and subwoofer system in one, and stock speakers in the other. Both sound great with the new head units, but the Wicked system with the dual subwoofers is really nice. I don't have a sub in the second FJ, and miss it after driving the first.

u/brandong · 2 pointsr/FJCruiser

I make it almost exactly a year on each set of PIAA 15224's:

I do drive with the lights on all of the time so that certainly reduces the amount of time between burnouts. I do like these bulbs though- their the brightest I've found for regular halogen bulbs.

I believe they likely burn hotter than regular bulbs might so I don't expect them to last very long.

u/NegativeGhostrider · 3 pointsr/FJCruiser

Amazon has them for like $45. It sounds like it takes two people to install it easiest or just pay a vinyl shop or tint guy to put it on.

u/ajf01 · 2 pointsr/FJCruiser

They're super easy to grab on amazon I'll link the one I got below. Just pop it into a blank near the 12v lighter socket and tap the wire into the harness for the 12v socket (or a quick connect into its wires). The socket that replaces the blank will need a tiny bit of modification on the top but nothing a nail clipper can't remove in a few moments.

u/rebelroadbike · 1 pointr/FJCruiser

Size tires are 285s with a small lift and leveling kit.
Rubber Clamps
1-1/2 inch Conduit Hangers

Bought these parts then went to the hardware store for for a couple screws, washers, and nuts to put them together! Pretty cheap. Also, right now the shovel is ~ $50 but I purchased it a couple months ago for ~ $25 so I’d look around for a better deal.

u/Youcalled911forthat · 2 pointsr/FJCruiser

MICTUNING 2.1A Dual USB Power Socket for Smart Phone PDA iPad iPhone Charger for Toyota

u/laserdemon1 · 3 pointsr/FJCruiser

I have the heavy duty Reese one and I added lights that plug into the trailer lighting because I saw this as an issue as well. Never been hit.

here is what I actually purchased

u/smileyke · 1 pointr/FJCruiser

Broadway BW849 360mm Type-A Convex Mirror I have this in my FJ and my race car. Works well.

u/cmboorad · 7 pointsr/FJCruiser

Performix 11203 Plasti Dip Black Multi-Purpose Rubber Coating Aerosol - 11 oz.

u/sfoldmanclan · 2 pointsr/FJCruiser

Thats all the amps you are pulling?

I went with an sPOD like LittleSavage suggested over 5 years ago or so...

here are my loads pulling from two Odyssey Marine Batteries

2000 Watt power inverter

Hot water heater with blue tooth controller

12,000 WARN Winch

Audison 600 watt amps with DSP

high output USB-C's X 4

5 sets of Rigid Lighting D2 Pro's

In Dash IPAD controller for Sony head unit

My largest load is the inverter, then the winch and lastly the stereo, which can run about 8 hours without starting the truck with the marine batteries that I installed. All lighting has been changed out to LED, so that load has been significantly reduced.

u/kevlarpuss · 3 pointsr/FJCruiser

I don't own an FJ anymore, but when I did I had this cargo tray:

I also bought a Rola vinyl carry bag with it:

The only thing about it that was a drag is you can't open the rear door of the FJ when there is stuff mounted on the rack. You can still get to stuff in the back of your FJ through the window, but not sure if that will work for you. Something to consider, anyway.

u/GTFOScience · 2 pointsr/FJCruiser

I bought this a couple years ago because I wanted a rack that was high enough to be out of the way for offroading, low enough that I could open the gate when it's unloaded, and foldable when not in use.

It fits this cooler perfectly.

I know a lot of people add tow lights but I only keep mine installed for offroad trips, camping, hunting, etc so there's minimal risk for me.

These photos aren't the best but you get the idea