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u/Pinky135 · 2 pointsr/FastWorkers

I used to work a summer job at a factory, doing the very repetitive task of opening bags, holding them under a portioning machine and pressing a button with my foot to release the portion from the hopper. After I learned the routine, I just didn't think about it anymore and would talk and joke around with my co-worker who weighed the bags after filling and re-filled the hopper if it was almost empty. First few nights I did actually dream about doing the job, but when the routine set in I never dreamt about it again.

I loved that place. It was a new product and the process wasn't fully automated yet. I wonder if it's still in production...

EDIT: I found it on Amazon, but it's not available. I'm guessing it's not in production anymore, since I can't find anything else than the old Amazon listing. Here it is. Loved that stuff!

u/Bruce_Bruce · 19 pointsr/FastWorkers

Here it is on Amazon - this is closest to the type in the video, made with almond.

I think i'm going to try the popping flavor

The reviews look promising. Thanks for posting the video, OP. It was very entertaining to watch!

u/gordonv · 2 pointsr/FastWorkers

I learned about Larry Hahn via a post like this. He wrote an excellent book named "A Carpenter's Life Told By Houses."

u/bearishparrot · 2 pointsr/FastWorkers

You don't need anything super expensive, just something made with decent steel that will hold an edge. Maybe 30 bucks tops. Get a knife case like this to protect the edge. If you are using a whetstone you can sharpen your knife down to a narrow angle that will require less in between sharpening (Japanese style). A wider angled edge can just be kept with a honing steel between uses.

u/joothinkso · 1 pointr/FastWorkers

Cut Resistant Gloves By FORTEM - 2 PAIRS - Level 5 Protection, EN388 Certified Safety Gloves For Hand Protection, Kitchen, Outdoor Yard Work + 2 Hair Nets Included (Medium)

u/theuautumnwind · 1 pointr/FastWorkers

Lmao people are still commenting on this?

It only takes seconds with the right tool.

3M Hand-Masker Pre-assembled Masking Film Kit

u/gimpeyjoe · 1 pointr/FastWorkers

Hate to disagree with you, but Joe used to sell Zena Stars as you can see here:

Upshot, they're still pretty close to 5 a pop.

u/kooroo · 9 pointsr/FastWorkers

well, they're not pots at all, just in the gif.
for example:

also, the linked pan you pointed out at WS is stainless lined copper. are you looking for ss lined copper?

u/TrprKepr · 17 pointsr/FastWorkers

I call it a loofah too and you search on amazon for loofahs and they show up called loofahs. Internet has to be all achktually.

Bath Shower Sponge Loofahs (60g/pcs) Mesh Pouf Shower Ball, Mesh Bath and Shower Sponge Pack of 4

u/MaritMonkey · 8 pointsr/FastWorkers

I was only cooking for ~200 people so YMMV but I had no trouble keeping up with the line using a "batter dispenser" like this thing.

It's set up to dispense a pre-set amount of batter per press so, once you get your griddle (or w/e) the right temp, you just move down the line making a very satisfying ka-chunk noise, make another pass to flip them over and then make a third to stack the cakes and drop them in a hotel pan.

Re-butter griddle, refill dispenser, rinse and repeat.

(Blasting "St Alphonso's Pancake Breakfast" through the kitchen at 6am not necessary but strongly recommended.)

u/Esc_ape_artist · 43 pointsr/FastWorkers

Pretty standard tools if you do a lot of painting. I bought one of these guys when I had to repaint a couple house interiors. There's more work in the setup (taping off, preventing overspray), but man...once you get going it's damn fast.

She's outside, not worried about overspray, and can go really quick.