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u/drewkawa · 26 pointsr/FellowKids

One of the writers, Chris Miko, is a good friend of mine and we both teach at the same school. The undertaking was intense. Every part of the storyboard was created by hand, click by click, on a private server.

He’s a great guy: Christian, husband, father, friend and devoted science teacher. He’s currently on a “no shave” bet for charity.

Here’s the link: Minecraft Bible

u/007T · 48 pointsr/FellowKids

Best shirt? That honor belongs to Three Wolf Moon, the reviews speak for themselves.

u/alegxab · 2 pointsr/FellowKids

"What Would Jesus Do" by Bible Emoji, depicts all 33 Parables (from The Mustard Seed to the Good Samaritan) with the added inclusion of Emojis used by kids, children, youth, adults, and everyone in between :)

u/JDefined · 2 pointsr/FellowKids

It's very real, and has been since 1999. You too can be like Merle and get your own copy!

u/EmmaWinters · 2 pointsr/FellowKids

Here you go:



>Named for 菜っ葉/nappa, which refers to leafy vegetables. There appears to be no intended connection to the Chinese Napa cabbage, which is called taihakusai in Japanese.

> Toriyama Explanation: "This might just be my dialect, but leafy vegetables like spinach are called 'nappa' , so I took it directly from that." [DBF]

Source Spelling: 菜っ葉/nappa

> Name Spelling: ナッパ/Nappa*

u/Wowbagger1 · 1 pointr/FellowKids


It's certainly not perfect but you may like it. Alexander shits on the Bill Clinton and I'm sure you'll get a kick out of that.

u/Captain_Danke · 3 pointsr/FellowKids

The other day I saw Monopoly Socialism Edition, since when did Monopoly just become memes for boomers?

u/redditpentester · 0 pointsr/FellowKids

Okay I didn't read any more of your angry unhinged rant but here's a link to the bookshelf I just bought on Amazon.

u/what-s_in_a_username · 23 pointsr/FellowKids

It's on Amazon. Click "Look Inside" and scroll down a few pages.

The whole thing is in SMS form, which is somehow worse than just text-with-emoji books like these (slideshow warning).

u/ZN3D · 5 pointsr/FellowKids

The author is also going to ruin Greek gods in November!

Hey I also found Scrooge thud... thud... thud...

u/Kantaga · 2 pointsr/FellowKids

Even the writer of World War Z has written a bloody minecraft novel:

u/BroasisMusic · 32 pointsr/FellowKids

Did they also have Purple Drank? That shit is no joke. Knocks you tha FUCK out.