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u/prettylittlesoles · 1 pointr/FetishSelling


Hi, I'm Mistress Elliot. Explore your kinks and find out why deep down, you've always needed to serve me. My content involves you being controlled for my own personal pleasure and amusement. I am a dominant at heart, and I expect obedience from my subs. I usually have a gentle femdom approach, unless you want to see my meaner side. Are you ready to serve?


  • Contact me via Reddit
    , Kik: poisonapplesauce, or Telegram: poisonapplesauce for purchases.
  • Follow me on Twitter @ prettylilsoles
  • Buy me presents on my wishlist
  • I do NOT show face. Ever.

    YOUR FIRST MESSAGE TO ME SHOULD INCLUDE: desired content specifics and preferred payment method from my list below.





  • $50 - Want to worship the filthy sandals of a Goddess? You're in luck! I've been wearing these sandals (pictured on the right) for 3 years and they are covered in grime and sweat from daily wear. My dog chewed the strap on one of the sandals so I bought myself a new pair (clean ones on the left for comparison) and my old ones are ready for a new home.
  • These sandals come with 5 digital photos of me modeling them.


  • Free discreet shipping with tracking in the US!
  • All items are double zip-locked for freshness. I include a hand written thank you note with each purchase!




  • Amazon US e-Gift Card

  • CashApp/SquareCash

  • GooglePay/Wallet US

  • Btc/Eth/PP/Venmo/CC through eGifter e-Gift Card

  • Paypal US through Gyft e-Gift Card

  • GiftRocket (3-5 days to clear)


    These are the only methods I accept. There are no exceptions.


    Other services I offer can be found here.


    My services are ONLINE ONLY. By contacting me you are agreeing to my Terms of Service and that you are 18+.

u/RebeccaStilles69 · 1 pointr/FetishSelling

$100/week of GFE#

  • Includes 3 half hour kik sessions and 15-20 pics & videos daily!

    3 day Trial-$60 with 2 half hour kik sessions

    If you have questions about the girlfriend experience feel free to pm them to me!

    Kik Sessions#

    Tonight I'm in the mood for age play, foot stuff, JOI and being submissive! If you're looking to play my username is here (:

    $30 for 30 minutes

    $55 for an hour

    Each includes unlimited pictures and videos.

    I show face and am pretty fetish friendly!


    Kik ID: pantytease

    Add me with a message detailing--->

    Your reddit name

    Length of show you want

    Fetishes or kinks you want included

    Payment method you'll be using

    Premade Videos#


    I accept Google Wallet, Venmo, Giftrocket, Bitcoin and Amazon for +$5 and +20% on orders $50 and up with Amazon. Giftrocket takes a few days to deposit

    Just got my own subreddit up, please subscribe and check me out. I'll try to make it an equal mix of fun and work. Thanks<3


u/XXXcitedBrunette · 1 pointr/FetishSelling

Lolli & Ring Pops

All candy is buy 2 get 1 free. Includes 1 min video of me playing with them in the hole of your choice and are shipped via priority US domestic (1-3 day shipping) w/ discreet packaging. Flavor prefrences are taken into consideration but not guaranteed.


  • Mouth / $10
  • Pussy / $13
  • Ass / $15

    Ring Pops:

  • Mouth / $10
  • Pussy / $15
  • Ass / $25


    Dipped Pipes:

    2 different pipes to choose from, smaller is $45 and the larger sherlock is $60.


  • Pussy Dipping
  • 1 min Pipe Masturbation Vid
  • Sealed Packaging
  • US Priority Shipping w/ Sweet & Descreet Packaging
  • Tracking Number (when asked)

    $5 Add Ons:

  • extra orgasm
  • sexy note

    $10 Add Ons:

  • Ass Dipped
  • Whole Pipe Pussy Stuffing (little only)



    Whatever you pick out will be covered in grool and cum. I produce a lot and have had my scent described as strong and sweet.

  • 2 Day Wear
  • 1 Workout
  • 1 Orgasm
  • Sealed Packaging
  • US 1-3 Day Shipping w/ Sweet & Descreet Packaging
  • Tracking Number (when asked)

    Panty Options:

    Cotton Cheekies: $20

  • White - one left! SOLD OUT!
  • Black
  • Striped Panties w/Striped Gusset

    Sexy CK's: $45 Nylon CK's w/Cotton Gusset: G-Strings and Full Panties Available - no purple thong

    $5 Add Ons:

  • 5 pics (2 gusset & 3 in panties)
  • Ass Scented
  • 3 Panty w/ Face Pics
  • Extra Orgasm or Workout
  • Sexy Note
  • Gusset Stuffing

    $10 Add Ons:

  • extra day
  • 5 photo set in panties w/face
  • gusset stuffing (+5 pics)
  • whole panty stuffing (thong only)

    $15 Add Ons:

  • 10 photo set in panties w/face
  • 1-2 min masturbation vid
  • ass gusset stuffing (+5 pics)
  • gusset stuffing & orgasm (+5 pics)
  • pee on panties before packaging


    Payment Info:

  • Bitcoin, Ethereum, Circle, Giftrocket,, & SextPanther ($5 off when you sign up)
  • $10 or 20% surcharge: IndieBill, US Amazon, CMD, iWantClips, & Clips4Sale
  • Read all policies before sending payment
  • More free content and sales: r/XXXcitedBrunette, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Message me first with exactly what you'd like to purchase and your prefered payment method for a free premade
u/PrincessDahliaMoon · 1 pointr/FetishSelling

For Sale

  • Panties featured in this photoset, newly marked with my blood (oops) - $40

  • Dom sessions, I specialize in SPH, Cuckolding, Financial Domination, Chastity and Humiliation (see my premade video teasers for examples) - Skype - 4/min, Kik - 2/min [10 minute minimum for both]

  • Black heels and sneakers that I've worn all the way through, the sneakers even have the soles practically falling off from overuse and the heels have spots that are rubbed bare (I have a job, go school full time and work out regularly so my shoes are DESTROYED). I also have worn out sandals & running shoes - Varies, PM me for pics and prices

  • My first rabbit vibrator, so worn out pieces of the silicon peeled off x) I'm too horny! - $180 as it is a working Je Joue Fifi, PM for details

  • Have a custom video idea/want a fluid not listed? Feel free to PM me I promise I don't bite :)




  • All physical items come discreetly packaged
  • Panties come with 5 photos of me wearing them, and I can provide more photos at an additional cost
  • Willing to ship worldwide (International orders pay additional shipping)

    Payment options

    Currently accepting

  • GiftRocket

  • SquareCash
  • Google Wallet (PrincessDahliaMoon at
  • Amazon Gift Cards (+$5 fee)

    ^ Info re:payments and orders can be sent to [email protected]

  • Please PM or send me an email with your reddit username/item requested + shipping address

  • I DO NOT accept payments with notes attached

  • I might be willing to do deals if you purchase more than one video/product at a time, please PM me for details


    For more photos/videos/etc please feel free to check out my subreddit /r/princessdahliamoon and PM me with any questions <3
u/lunadelrey666 · 1 pointr/FetishSelling

NO ONE wants to see your dick - which is exactly why you're going to pay me to look at it and laugh! After purchasing this item, send me a dick pic or two (no more than 3 pictures though because, EW.) and your name (if you must), and I'll reply with a 1 minute long demeaning reaction video. You're so pathetic, you probably won't even last the entire 60 seconds without ejaculating all over yourself!

  • The non-nude one minute long 1080p HD personal penis degrading video will be sent to you via DropBox.

    Payment: $25 USD via e-transfer, Gift Card, or Gift Rocket
u/lacycheeky · 1 pointr/FetishSelling


Forms of Domination I offer:


More information on how to serve me can be found here.


All task packages include 2 easy tasks, 1 medium task, and 1 advanced task.

Task Package | Cost | Contents
Humiliating You | $75 | You're worthless. We both know that.
Please Mistress, May I Cum | $75 | Do you really think you deserve to cum? I'll take you to the brink of orgasm, but no further!
Someone's Been Naughty | $75 | You fucked up. Time to pay the consequences.
I'm An Ugly Little Girl | $75 | I'm going to take what little is left of your manhood and bring out your inner sissy.
Make Me Pretty | $150 | Makeup + Misc. Supplies included. You're an ugly little bitch. We need to cover that face up.
What a Pathetic Little Cock | $75 | I have no sympathy for you. You're obviously not a lady pleaser.
Individual Tasks | $25/task | I offer cuckolding, humiliation, CBT, SPH, CEI, sissification/feminization, and edging.

I also offer short tasks during kik sessions, sessions are $2.50/minute


You purchase the chasity device of my choice and have it sent to me (send me a giftcard for the amount + shipping). Once I receive the chasity device, I will take the keys and ship it to you (you pay for shipping). Throughout the week, I will send you sexy content that will tempt you to play with yourself. I know you'll want to blow your load, but ya can't! Not without the keys!

Can't handle it anymore? Purchase the keys from me for $50 + pay for overnight shipping to have the keys send to you.

If you last the week, you will receive your keys and a JOI video.

I charge $125/week of chasity + cost of shipping & the chasity device (around $40-$50 extra). Each extra week of chasity will be $75.