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u/dinaaa ยท 3 pointsr/Fish101

/r/aquarium isnt even that good for really learning how to take care of fish. /r/PlantedTank is the best place. theyll tell you youre no good but then immediately list all the things you should do to become great!

  1. never do 100% water changes.

  2. only do like 10-15% every two weeks. (by this, i mean, siphon out 10-15% of the 20 gallons (so, approximately 2-3 gallons), dump it, and get the same amount of water that you just dumped, dechlorinate it using some sort of solution), either use a tank thermometer to measure the temp of the new water to make sure its as close to the existing tank water temp as possible, or simple wait for a few hours for the water to become room temp (unless you have a heater, then really try to get the water the same temp).
  3. water temp differences can really shock the fish. do not place them in an environment that is radically different from where they were before
  4. YOU DO NOT TAKE THE FISH OUT WHEN YOU DO A WATER "CHANGE" (just take it from the top, or carefully use a siphon, you will not bother them)
  5. changing the filter is basically death to the tank. as the person said above, you just got rid of the good bacteria that has taken months/years to build up. this bacteria performs chemical filtration which is the most important thing.
  6. always check the pH of the water you are adding. it should be around 7 if it is normal tap water.
  7. fish will be shocked by difference of temp, and difference of pH. you should monitor the tanks ph periodically too. you can buy the freshwater test kit from amazon for <$30. it seems like a lot, but if you are serious about fishkeeping (which is more difficult than keeping a cat or a dog, so you should be serious about it), then definitely spend the money to test your water.

    also, you should really understand the nitrogen cycle in the tank. here is a simple overview that is worthwhile learning. and get real plants. they help with maintaining the water and by providing a natural and stress free environment for the fish which leads to happier and healthier inhabitants.