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u/Tristan350 · 9 pointsr/FloridaMan

It is a sweet, almost smoky, cream type sauce at some Asian restaurants served with hibachi, shrimp, or chicken usually. They sell it in some grocery stores.

EDIT: also steak..
Terry Ho's Yum Yum Sauce 16 oz

u/MOONGOONER · 2 pointsr/FloridaMan

it's really not all that uncommon, there's a couple like that in this movie:

u/hardknox_ · 1 pointr/FloridaMan

It sounds like you need to take back control of your toilet time. I 100% empathize with you about power-flush toilets splashing you because the motion sensor is shitty.

But, this will change your life, and for the better. And imagine all the trees you'll be saving by using much less TP.

u/RidoniusMaximus · -3 pointsr/FloridaMan

Unfortunately not an uncommon practice...or restricted to a specific political party.

A good novel that discusses this is called “The Ugly American”. Worth a read.

u/Fauropitotto · 2 pointsr/FloridaMan

If anyone else wants to try this with their Glock, don't forget that you'll need Maritime spring cups in order to reliably shoot underwater.

You can guy them on Amazon for cheap here:

This allows the firing pin to move more freely underwater.

Lone Wolf also makes a set for $7 :

u/Whit3W0lf · 5 pointsr/FloridaMan

I've felt bad about putting a door knob child lock on the inside of my kids bedroom door but how the heck else do you keep a 3 year old in their room all night while you are sleeping!?!

u/plusroyaliste · 1 pointr/FloridaMan

Yes, really.

The truth is there's simply no way to separate American law enforcement from its historical purpose of suppressing minorities and the poor.

Richard Nixon outright said, on tape, that the government needed to come up with a way to single out blacks without appearing racist and that the way was a war on drugs.

u/-Tom- · 1 pointr/FloridaMan

Doesnt that indicate we may have a problem with our legal system?

Theres a reason books like Three Felonies A Day exists.

u/northshore12 · 12 pointsr/FloridaMan

>He acts like he’s invading Fallujah every time he does a traffic stop. He has a notorious reputation.

This behavior seems to be increasing dramatically over the past few decades, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down.

u/Rage_Blackout · 4 pointsr/FloridaMan

I recently read Wayward Puritans and one of the arguments against the first accused witch, who was really just this female preacher who challenged the church authority at that time, was that she said she spoke to God. She knew the Bible too well for them to counter her actual preaching, but everyone agreed, the author says, that the Age of Revelation was solidly over. That meant if she was speaking to God, she was probably really speaking to the Devil, even if she didn't know it. It's an oddly half-sane observation.

u/pancakeonmyhead · 18 pointsr/FloridaMan

It was, in fact, the subject of a book:

The veracity of said book is debatable, in particular the "three a day" claim, but regardless, the reality is that there are a whole lot of things that are felonies that the average person isn't aware of. That's what fifty years of "Get tough on crime" rhetoric does.

u/Dicknosed_Shitlicker · 3 pointsr/FloridaMan

The only "fight" I've been in as an adult was with a man holding a baby. He was holding the baby with one arm and attacking a woman with the other. I got between them and he grabbed my throat. I trained in martial arts as a teen/young-adult so I know that someone grabbing your throat isn't a bad position to be in (they leave themselves vulnerable everywhere else). I just wanted to get his attention off of the woman. But I did fix him with a steely stare so he knew I wasn't frightened. He let go and the two of them cussed at each other. I told the woman to call the police or GTFO already. She left. He followed suit. But I was concerned for a moment that he'd actually try to fight me with a baby in his arms. I don't know what I would have done.

Edit: Years later I learned from reading Robert Sapolsky's memoir of working with baboons, that this is a strategy by non-dominant males to avoid fights. They grab a baby and the other male backs off. The first doesn't help his standing in the troop but he avoids a beat-down. That's not what this dude was doing, though. He was just a shit.

u/Tetsuo666 · -8 pointsr/FloridaMan

> Especially if they get fucking shot every time they go into it.

yeah I'm sure the numerous surviving bears will go straight away explain to theyr mates that the bloody hole in their side was for trespassing a human house. That makes total sense. Maybe the bear could even write a book about this so that the other bears would have this decisive knwoledge widespread in their community.

> They figure out the whole "in there = death" thing pretty quick.

Those dead bears are very talkative. I'm impressed. And very fast too. Evolution takes decades to change the behaviours of most animals but bears, not at all, one or two dead bears and BAM every other bears are suddenly very aware of the danger.

Guess they have some kind of The Black Bear Times or DANGER: Your Only Source On Dangerous Predators for Black Bears".

> Most animals aren't dumb.

They aren't dumb they just don't think the way we do at all. They don't have the same concerns.

> a bear doesn't mean it can't learn these things.

Did you ever see a trained bear ? It takes literally years of intense training and positive reinforcement to get them to do anything reliably and even when they do we still have numerous cases of trained bears attacking their trainers. THIS IS A WILD ANIMAL, NOT A DOG.

> Killing them for breaking into our homes and threatening our well-being is neither wrong, nor is it going to have a substantial effect on their numbers.

Of course it's wrong if you don't make any kind of effort whatsoever to avoid this kind of situation. Other communities very well understood that leaving food in open garbage cans is like asking for bears to come and feast. They may think that it's dangerous to come close to a human house and even if they do, they will come anyway if they are hungry enough. A wild animal will not respond to being hungry like a human would do. They will just do anything possible to eat and they won't spend 10 minute wondering what's the best plan here. It's either I DIE THERE or I EAT THERE.

> But I'm curious, what do you think should be done in this scenario? Imagine you get up tonight to find a 400 pound black bear standing in your kitchen. You have your rifle locked and loaded. The bear shows no sign of leaving, and is starting to get a bit aggressive. What would you do?

Well any sane person would think that if you end up in that situation in the first place, something went wrong beforehand.

  1. Spread the word to people not to feed black bears near houses.

  2. Don't ever leave any food unattended or in plain sight around your house.

  3. Patiently try to teach bears to be afraid of humans, and I'm not speaking of shooting them everytime they show up. Think of plans like that.

  4. Ask for subventions/financial help from autorities and environmental associations. Be it traditionnal fences or electrical fences if that's something that can be done.

  5. Give proper tools to neutralize or fear bears. Some people in the wild use specific species of dogs that can be very effective at protecting a house. Or use bear pepper spray. It's apparently used in Canada quite a lot and seems to work well. It's probably safer/more effective than shooting at close range a charging bear.

  6. Black bears while being very impressive basically never attack humans. They can domage good and steal some food but your are far more likely to die from lightening than from a black bear attack (61 death in the US in 100 years).

    > Black bears have killed 61 people across North America since 1900. This no longer worries me. My chances of being killed by a domestic dog, bees, or lightning are vastly greater. My chances of being murdered are 60,000 times greater. One of the safest places a person can be is in the woods.

  7. Some communities manage very well to live with black bears and have no issues with them whatsoever. Because they learned how to live closely while not killing each others.

    > Can we co-exist with black bears? The residents of Hemlock Farms, Pennsylvania suggest we can. Seven thousand residents share their seven square mile town with over 20 black bears. That's 3 bears per square mile, a higher density than is found in any national park. In that town, seeing a bear is not a problem - they enjoy seeing the bears.