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u/TryingRingo · 2 pointsr/Flyers

If Hart is the best goalie of the three through camp, he should be the starter. If he proves to be not-ready-for-primetime after ten games or so, send him to LV. And if he proves to be the best of the three goalies as the season goes along, don't send him to LV. I don't get all the hand-wringing; it really is just this simple.

I've never bought the notion that a young player's psyche will be ruined forever if things don't go well in his first season(s). It's called "learning on the job" and that's how most people become great at stuff, by learning from the best.

The claims that previous top prospects got "ruined" by playing at a young age are totally unprovable. It's more likely that every player who ever came up at a young age then had an unfulfilling career was going to have an unfulfilling career no matter when they came up; they just didn't have it. The idea that an extra year playing with worse players magically transforms a player into a career-long stud is hooey.

And the guys who come up at a young age and struggle for a couple years before things click, well, they probably would have struggled for a couple years before things clicked no matter what age you brought them up. This is the norm. So why not work out the kinks at a younger age so they get a longer career at peak level?

Different sport, but if the Phillies weren't so ridiculously cautious with Chase Utley and Ryan Howard and didn't wait until they were both 26 years old to start their full-time MLB careers, one of two things could have happened: (1) coming up early would have ruined them and they'd have had unimpressive careers, (2) they'd both be strong Hall of Fame candidates with the few extra seasons of top-level stats. Which do you think is more likely?

Hey, if Steve Mason can start for Columbus as a 20-year-old and play 61 games and win the majority of them, it's absurd to say Carter Hart can't. Over 50 goalies have played double-digit NHL games at age 20 or younger. And Hart probably has a better resume at this age than all of them.

Yet with all that said, I know virtually all of my fellow Flyers fans are afraid to bring him up this year, and maybe half don't even think he should be up next year. And I know there's almost 0% chance Hextall keeps him on the Flyers to start this season, and probably less than 20% Hextall brings him up at all.

And to me, that sucks. I'm not saying making Hart the starter guarantees anything, but I am saying that removing Hart from contention absolutely guarantees that this is going to be just another Flyers season with sub-mediocre goalies who ruin any chances we have of winning anything.

I'm more than willing to take the chance on the kid, if he earns it outright in camp.

You know who would agree with me? Only the best goalie in Flyers history: Bernie Parent. The guy wrote a book on taking risks in life in order to achieve greatness. He gets it.

u/nt9945 · 1 pointr/Flyers

That's pretty awesome, I'd love to keep something like that on the wall if it's pretty big.

Only thing I have so far is my coffee table book

u/Coratus · 1 pointr/Flyers

If you're willing to drop the money and spend the time there is a 10 DVD set of the greatest Flyers games. I think the most recent game included was from 2004 (Gag's OT winner against the Lightning). Could probably add one or two of the games from the most recent cup run but its still a good set to have as a Flyers fan.

u/LSKTheGreat1 · 3 pointsr/Flyers

True Hallucinations: Being an Account of the Author's Extraordinary Adventures in the Devil's Paradise

u/Falwell · 2 pointsr/Flyers

Perhaps grilled cheese, Oh Captain my Captain style. Two at a time for double-fisted-grilled-cheese power. Raise slightly above head with arms outstretched in front of you before dining for best results.

u/ruck_my_life · 2 pointsr/Flyers

Are you suggesting that the dynamic is anything but of its time?

You could make an argument that the agency displayed by the female characters in Romeo and Juliet, not just the titular character but also the Nurse, indicate The Bard was rather forward thinking... But on the other hand you have feuding fathers who all but ensure the demise of their children as a result of male dominated Veronan society. Hashtag DamnThePatriarchy.

t. I once read read 1000 Times More Fair by Yoshino (

EDIT - I am assuming that by sex you mean "gender," which is perhaps my first mistake. If this were a course in how intercourse impacted power, I would point you to Chaucer's Wife of Bath and it's bawdiness and draw comparisons from there.

What level is this course?

u/FlyerKerstin · 3 pointsr/Flyers

The great detail about that, according to The Philadelphia Flyers at 50 is that Clarke didn't even have to remember. He only had to look.

From the book:

The Flyer brain trust then gave their pick to the messenger and walked to the stage.

"I remember I said to Clarkie, probably four times, 'From Gatineau of the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League, Claude Giroux,'" recalls Holmgren. "And once you are up there, it's on the screen in front of you. If you forget, just look down."

Clarke not only forgot Giroux's name, he failed to remember to look down.

"Philadelphia selects from Gatineau of the Quebec League..." the GM said, before freezing. "I forget," he said as he turned to Holmgren and asked, "Who did we take?"

"Claude Giroux," Clarke finally said with a self-deprecating chuckle.

"Right up there on the board in front of me and I didn't look," Clarke laughs today. "I just went blank."

Edit: Formatting. I can't do that well.

u/corvidae_666 · 1 pointr/Flyers

a little old now, but see if you can track down "full spectrum"....IMO the definitive book about the flyers.

u/NavyGuy87 · 2 pointsr/Flyers

Dude there's a swedish company that makes one that you yourself suck out.... Like siphoning gas.... I gagged at the sight of it....

Found it ^sorry

u/Juge88 · 2 pointsr/Flyers

Does new era not make hockey hats anymore? I'm having a heck of a time finding this hat in 7⅝ and the one guy on eBay that has it, is a dick.