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u/Wulfay · 2 pointsr/Folding

Stock intel cooler is NOTORIOUSLY awful. I mean, it's laughed it for how bad it is. Honestly, you would be best off just buying a Hyper 212 Evo. It is THE value budget cooler, and it performs great. You have a 4690k, so it's unlocked for overclocking... why not get a cooler that can allow it to do that competently?

The cooler will allow it to stay at the overclock when folding, and have pretty decent temps to boot. Additionally, you may eliminate some throttling in gaming that you may never know you had.

Regardless of any of this, CPUs generally like to be kept at the lowest temp possible, and if you are planning on helping the [email protected] cause (which you should!), you are gonna want a beefier cooler to prevent any possible lifespan shortening, no matter how rare that may be with modern CPUs today. It will be quieter too, which I always find is a major plus.

Good luck!

u/loki7714 · 1 pointr/Folding

You can buy window fans like this to help exhaust the hot air. A portable AC system would work as well, but be much more expensive upfront and in energy costs.