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u/FlyRobot · 6 pointsr/Foofighters

Definitely recommend high fidelity ear plugs. I did most shows in my early 20's without them, but cannot stand the ringing (especially with work the next day) and want to prevent any further damage.

I basically use a brand just like this. Come with a few different levels of dampening, but they are comfortable and actually help you hear the vocals. Only drawback is you hear yourself singing a bit more, but worth saving your hearing.

Also, be aware security will ask you to open the carrying case as it does sorta look like a drug canister haha

u/ArtIsDumb · 10 pointsr/Foofighters

I bought this when it came out & it was a great way to learn the songs. If the YouTube clips you're talking about aren't from this DVD, it's definitely worth the $5 or whatever it costs to buy it.

u/AbrahamWashington · 1 pointr/Foofighters

It's from their show at Wembley Stadium from several years ago. It's an amazing concert, I highly recommend you check it out.

u/OhComeOnMayne · 1 pointr/Foofighters

It's from the movie Orange County, so probably buying the CD.

u/Xtrap · 3 pointsr/Foofighters

Sorry, I was talking about the Fender Squire here. It was 300 US and you had to buy the midi adapter/USB cable kit.