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u/notquark · 4 pointsr/FortniteSwitch

So, in anticipation of this, I bought a bunch of connectors.

Surprisingly, the magic-ns worked out the box. Still have to work on mapping, but paddles and buttons work (plugged in only so far) really well.

I’m going to do a bigger write up tomorrow. Play time tonight!

MAYFLASH MAGIC-NS Wireless Bluetooth Controller Adapter for NINTENDO SWITCH:

u/sponge___ · 1 pointr/FortniteSwitch

Hi, if you're not liking the switch pro controller...there is an option for you...there is an adapter that makes ps4 and xb1 controllers work for the Nintendo switch...completely wirelessly. I attached a link below.

There's a cheap sale and the seller is selling it for $10. It usually costs $20 however.

Happy Gaming.

u/YeetusMeatusDeletus · 1 pointr/FortniteSwitch

This one is wired but sadly it is the closest thing I could find that’s close to your description.

A bit of description: This is the closest thing to a Scuf controller, 2 paddles on the back. Also has a very long wire for it to connect to the switch so it’s not short either.