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u/Four_s0uls · 7 pointsr/FourSouls

Can easily hold another 100-200 cards so we are covered for at least another expansion pack if not 2. Very durable, feels super high quality and even a bit fancy. Waterproof material and zipper covers. Very confident in the protection this case provides. 5 Spacers are velcro and can be placed as you please to organize however you would like and also to keep you sections of cards as snug as you would like. Also has 2 seperate corners pads/spacers so you don't have to worry about the slightly rounded edges of the case damaging your cards. Also has another 4 seperate hard plastic dividers incase you find a use for them. Right not I am using them to take up more space and make things even more snug. To complete it all it has a nice strap to carry it over your shoulder. Fantastic! Overall, 10/10 If anyone would like more pics of something just ask! Link below

Quiver Black Playing Card Case - Carrying Deck Case with PU Leather Exterior with Double Zipper, Dividers, Hand & Shoulder Strap - Fits up to 1300 Cards - Deck Box Compatible + 100 Card Sleeves

u/rickboo · 3 pointsr/FourSouls

Ultimate Guard UGD010085 - Stack...

I got this one :)
All the cards fit in there, and the expension too i hope.

u/xWaynl · 1 pointr/FourSouls

First of all, I'm pretty sure there exist no different versions (except the Kickstarter-Exclusive ones) of the game right now.

I bought my version on the UK Amazon:

The German Amazon has the same retailer, picture and descriptions and also no reviews just like the UK Amazon.

My game came in flawless condition, no dents in the package, no missing cards (as some people seam to experience) and most importantly it had the official sticker on it.

In conclusion I would guess that both of these offers are the same, but I can't say for certain.