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u/gomizzy · 4 pointsr/FrankOcean

Vinyl frame on Amazon.

And yeah, yeah, it's not perfectly symmetrical and I need to step my duvet-game up — still happy about these two vinyls though :)

u/executer22 · 4 pointsr/FrankOcean something like that, don't have the exact sames ones because they were a gift. Just Google vinyl plastic sleeves or something like that, they are very cheap.

u/jcbjstc · 6 pointsr/FrankOcean

Here's a link to one of vivianne sassens books, here's a zine by some locals that are heavily inspired by frank and the magazine, here's their instagram, and i know wolfgang tillmans has about 20 years of photography in his catalog and has a ton of photobooks available for free download off his website.

u/AutomatedLogic · 7 pointsr/FrankOcean

To be brief, the pressure from the needle is too heavy. So basically it is slowing (but also quickly) grinding out the grooves. This is a $300+ record. Take care of it!
I recommend getting this turntable and these speakers for a starting set up.

I realize it is expensive, but worth it.

u/abilionaire · 1 pointr/FrankOcean

Hmm how about for now you get him this a a collectible? Frank Ocean - Channel Orange (Piano/Vocal/Guitar) Pretty cheap.

u/ceposadas · 2 pointsr/FrankOcean

I got this for my Kids see ghosts vinyl, the Matt around the frame gives it a clean look.

CreativePF [15x15bk-w] LP Vinyl...

u/acecubes · 46 pointsr/FrankOcean

OMG! I have this exact same book. It's a Japanese color scheme/palette book. It's fuckin amazing. Crazy I use it everytime for Graphic Design.

Will update once i get home

Edit: quick google search for you all -

u/brndnshv · 5 pointsr/FrankOcean

Searched around and found these:

u/patago911 · 6 pointsr/FrankOcean

I actually got it on Amazon here's a link if you want it.

MCS 25x16.5 Inch Deluxe Record Album Frame, Black (66722)

u/Ansharko · 1 pointr/FrankOcean

Are u saying there’s no difference between a raw cone and a pre roll?

Bc you can buy these on Amazon, and you certainly can’t buy weed on amazon.

The “meme” at this point, of not trusting pre rolls comes from how usually dispensaries put shake and just shitty weed in the pre rolls, but again, these are not pre rolls.

u/EarlsUpperLip · 1 pointr/FrankOcean

Damn I shoulda checked that first huh? Here it is for anyone looking
channel ORANGE [Explicit]

u/o0gader0o · 5 pointsr/FrankOcean

Channel Orange Book

Yellow shirt was the CO Tour, Vinyl was from the lady off discogs I think. Ill have to check on the due date shirt though.

u/williw5495 · 31 pointsr/FrankOcean

Just had a look around online, you can get it on Amazon here (UK and US). Apparently it's a collection of poems that "riffs on a Frank Ocean song, paying homage to the man but also investigating oceans, The Ocean, and the similarity between heartbreak and break beats by blending Frank Ocean's musical catalogue with personal narrative and social critique."