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u/Wisdom_Bodhisattva · 1 pointr/Frozen

This is a deep question, and not one that can be easily answered in a Reddit post, but one place to start might be to consider what is necessary, though perhaps not sufficient, for a life to have a chance at being meaningful. Barring extreme views on the matter, I think that any meaningful life would need to include a sufficient amount of "well being." But what constitutes well being? There are three classical positions here.

The first is the hedonistic view, which basically states that pleasure is what matters for well-being. Egoist Hedonists would say that pleasurable experiences for oneself is what matters most, while Utilitarian Hedonists would say that maximizing the pleasurable experiences for everyone is what should be done.

Desire satisfaction theory states that pleasure alone is not sufficient. Rather, fulfilling one's aim's or central life projects is what is really matters for a person's well being, and this could involve what someone desires to see in the life of another. This is easily seen in the example of parenting, or creating great works of literature. Perhaps putting in a little less effort and relaxing a bit more would lead the parent or writer to be happier, but because their central life project would suffer, desire satisfaction theory would say that they are "less well off." It would only be the case that they could be better off if they cared less about their projects. So long as they value them greatly, then achieving these aims trumps happiness or pleasurable experiences.

Lastly, there is Objective List Theory. This is the doctrine that there are some things that are objectively good, regardless of whether any individual aims at them or not. The exact goods on the list will vary, but common items include things like "true friendship, skill mastery, knowledge, virtue, etc." An objective list theorist who puts true friendship on the list will say that someone who's life lacks this element is less well off, even if they do not feel that way themselves, because true friendship is objectively good whether or not the individual in question realizes it.

So all these are theories of well being. Understanding how they work and shape our thinking is probably good groundwork for being able to go on to construct ideas about what it is to live a life that is "meaningful." Well being and meaning are not identical properties. Could it be possible to have a life that is less well off but more meaningful? I'm not sure. It's interesting to think about. Right now I'm currently reading about theories of personal identity, and how our understanding of what it means to be a person can shape our ethical views. I'm currently reading Parfit's Reasons and Persons. His view is that there is no "deep further fact" about identity. Your relationship to your future self is similar to your relationship to your friend. You are different people. It's interesting to consider these ideas. There is no end to the rabbit hole, as I'm sure you know.

What is your area of interest?

u/radudesman · 1 pointr/Frozen

>Are these books considered canon?

There are two answers to this. One is that they're canon unless Frozen 2 contradicts them. The second (and more likely answer to me) is probably not because I don't know if the filmmakers have read the books.

>Is there a comprehensive guide or list of all Frozen-related books?

There are plenty of books according to this site, but I don't know if that's everything.

>Have you read any of the books? What did you think of them?

I've picked up a few comics, and while I do like the artwork and some of the stories are fun, nothing too big happens in them. However, I have not read the Dark Horse Comics publications, and those stories seem a little bigger than Hearts Full of Sunshine and Travel Arendelle. I have also read The Art of Frozen, and it's definitely worth a pickup for the concept art at the very least. Also, I like the cover of that book. There's also A Sister More Like Me, and I'd also recommend that for the artwork and the different proses for the sisters. One of the storyboard artists did the artwork for the book, and the book shows other sides of them (particularly their childhoods), but I don't know if the book is canon or not.

u/JiForce · 2 pointsr/Frozen

They're all kids' novelizations, but still, they do exist.

Official junior novelization.

Little Golden Book.

Big Golden Book.

And for other more grownup friendly reading material, as always, I'm going to plug The Art of Frozen, which gives a tremendous amount insight into the behind-the-scenes of the art and design process; and A Sister More Like Me, which is a short but adorable look at the sisters' childhoods, with some additional exposition of the time that gets fast-forwarded through during Do You Wanna Build a Snowman.

u/Theroonco · 3 pointsr/Frozen

There's nothing wrong with that!

Many retailers are also using these dates. Books 1 and 2 had their dates announced officially when the series was first announced. Here's Amazon UK's listings for Book 3 and Book 4. I hope this helps!

u/lazybutter · 1 pointr/Frozen

Oh dang. Right I thought you meant Art of Frozen.

Edit: What about this?

You just have to pay like 300% more no biggie XD

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/Frozen

For those of you that don't know: You can preorder the Frozen 3D Blu-ray on Amazon.UK and it's region free!
It's going to be released on March 31!
Frozen Blu-Ray 3D!

u/2718281828 · 3 pointsr/Frozen

"Love is an Open Door concept art" took me to this which I recognized as book art. So I checked my scans of the Big Golden Book. I have no idea where the text-free image would have come from.

u/GrahamMc · 2 pointsr/Frozen

You sure you are not thinking of the standard blu ray? The 3d ones are mad expensive. They dont even carry the 3d copy in futureshop

I'm just more curious about 3d frozen fairs compared to just standard

u/Pwntagram · 5 pointsr/Frozen

Here is a blogpost which more or less thoroughly answers you question.

Additionally you can buy the Art of Frozen on Amazon for ~25$.

u/mpsantiago · 1 pointr/Frozen

“If you love something, let it go.
If you don't love something, definitely let it go.
Basically, just drop everything, who cares.”

― B.J. Novak, One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories

u/LS7_ · 1 pointr/Frozen

Disney Frozen Annual 2020

I think it is frozen 2 but it might be f1

u/solidwowkmon · 2 pointsr/Frozen

another link:

other link

Apparently....theres a new book coming?! maybe based in a short or something?!?!


u/OtomeOtome · 3 pointsr/Frozen

The sixth book is also confirmed. It's "The Arendelle Cup" and it comes out September 8th.

u/damocles2501 · 5 pointsr/Frozen

Actually I think that's a scan/photo of an illustration from this book:

u/Chris857 · 1 pointr/Frozen

There's.... a novelization that doesn't read like it was meant for 6-year-olds? I might have to buy this.

u/Troubleshooter11 · 3 pointsr/Frozen

There actually is a "summer queen" who controls the powers of fire and heat.