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u/Shark_Straps · 1 pointr/FrugalWrist

Hey guys,

We are offering our travel watch case on Amazon for $10 with code FRUGAL05 (list price $15). This offer is good until midnight Saturday evening EST. Free 2-day shipping for Prime members. I believe Amazon will only ship it in the US. The promo code will work once per customer.

For more information, visit the Amazon product page...

BluShark Travel Watch Case on Amazon

u/smile-bot · 2 pointsr/FrugalWrist

Use the link below to donate .5% of your purchase to charity.
Amazon Smile URL:

This bot is still in test phase. Please PM me for suggestions, complaints or questions.

u/Snow_Mandalorian · 6 pointsr/FrugalWrist

Gee, a whopping $28 savings over the average price.

Does anything exciting ever come out of Massdrop?

u/beelong · 4 pointsr/FrugalWrist

The ones marked Prime Day Deal are 30% off at checkout NEW. So the Seiko Men's SNK809 Seiko 5 that everyone recommends here is down to $39