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u/Exatal123 · 1 pointr/Funko

Great start man! I’m a big fan of marvel myself. If you are interested and have the money I recommend checking out this as well from Amazon.

Mystery Box

u/Aubspop · 1 pointr/Funko

Hi! I was just browsing Amazon right now and remember seeing your post last night. I came across this Capt. America Serpia Tone @ $12.98 w/ Prime.

Funko POP Marvel: Captain America Sepia Tone 75th Anniversary Amazon Exclusive Action Figure

Hopefully that's what you were looking for.

u/jacobaruss · 3 pointsr/Funko

I don’t know any alternatives to detolf but these are my go-to shelves for going in the cabinets12-Inch W by 8.5-Inch D 3 Step Acrylic Riser Clear by Combination of Life

u/StuDarkJedi · 1 pointr/Funko

It is two of these stacked on each other. They come with dowels to secure them together. LED strips stuck on the back came from Amazon as well.

u/iiTzDAZE · 1 pointr/Funko

Hi, thank you, the risers I use are by a company called combination of life they are the 12" ones, here's a link Acrylic Risers

u/Zlatandinho · 2 pointsr/Funko

Try organizing your figures with Niubee Acrylic Riser Display Shelves from Amazon. Here’s a photo of my OOB collection with the 9x6” variants.

u/ryeguy78 · 2 pointsr/Funko

Funko Pop Movies: Die Hard - Tony Vreski Collectible Figure, Multicolor