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u/RebeccaStilles69 · 1 pointr/GFESells

A little about me:

I'm a 22 year old entrepreneur who loves to take pictures, of myself and anything nature related! I like to draw and paint, acrylic is the only way for my harsh style, one day I'll get more technique. I love to show off and will constantly want to show my body to you! Come find out more about me (:

Timezone: Pacific Standard Time
I'm usually up 9am-midnight!


  • "How much is it?"

    A week of one on one GFE is $150 (Plus $50 if you're using Amazon) and will be through Kik only!

  • "What's included?"

    We'll be talking a lot this week and I'll want to know some things about you but I'm happy to answer anything in return. I'll also be sending a ton of pictures and videos throughout each day. Anything from boobies and panties to me fucking myself, cumming and moaning in pleasure just to get you home to me (especially if I know you're out and about :P) but don't worry we'll be able to get out all our pent up sexuality with three half hour kik sessions ♡ These can be had at any time during our week together. Last but not least you'll be able to pick two of my premade videos to help satisfy you!

  • Talking, texting, getting to know eachother

  • Three half hour kik shows

  • Daily pictures and videos

  • Two videos from here



  • "How much is it?"

    One Day GFE is $60 (Plus $20 if you're using Amazon) and will be through Kik only!

  • "What's included?"

    All day chat from a good morning text to a good night kisses.
    I'll be sending plenty of fun and flirty tit pictures, smiles and of course butt videos.
    We'll end our perfect day with a half hour kik show.



    Base GFE

  • light chatting over kik and 3-5 pictures a day $10/day

  • moderate chatting over kik and 10 pictures 5 videos a day $15/day

  • heavy chatting over kik and 10 pictures 10 videos minimum a day

    Add at LEAST one more thing (pick 2 add-ons, get 5% off, pick 3 or more add-ons, get 10% off total price!):

  • At least 3 short videos on kik per day $5/day

  • A 30 minute kik show with your new girlfriend, unlimited pictures and videos! $20/session

  • A 48-hour pair of panties, gusset updates, and a 10 picture set! $35

  • Either a 10-minute custom video without name, or a 5 minute video of me solo masturbating and saying your name. $30

  • A hand-written love letter, written to you personally, kissed with my lipstick and sprayed with my perfume $10

  • A cock rating over kik including my 1-10 rating and a demonstration on kik $15

  • A dirty voicemail left to you on Skype or recorded to soundgasm $10



    BITCOIN (20% OFF)



    | Go to /r/RebeccaStilles69 and subscribe to my free subreddit for more of me daily.

    | Read my policies before buying! /r/RebeccaStilles69/wiki/policy.

    | All information is here /r/RebeccaStilles69/wiki

    | Exclusive Subreddit is here /r/RebeccaMyLove
u/Abbeycx · 1 pointr/GFESells

Very Basic GFE

One Week Basic GFE $90


One hour long kik session

Daily pictures and videos of me, everything from hot kik pics to new panties or lingerie.

Sometimes morning coffee or breakfast pictures, playing with my dogs, or sexy masturbation gifs

We will be able to talk about whatever outside of our sexy time but this is not a kik show, I want to get to know you and have fun!

Full Girlfriend Experience $150 Weekly
Chat and casual talks I want you to be more than just horny when you think of me.

Let's talk to see what we have in common, what we're passionate about and also what gets our blood pumping (; and turns us on. ♡

I'll be sending photos daily.

Good morning and goodnight texts and pictures ♡

Two of my premade videos

Two half hour kik sessions during the week!

If you have any questions feel free to ask on kik: abbeycxc

Payment egiftcards

Payment I Accept :


Lush (preferred)



*My Email: [email protected]

u/AlluringApril · 1 pointr/GFESells


I am very talkative and love to send lots of photos and videos! I have a fun side and a naughty side. ;) I am a geek and make jokes a lot, but I can also be the biggest slut. Let me be your GF for however long you desire!