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u/JGexists · 2 pointsr/GNV

You've got to go online, there are a few specialty stores that sell them, but none in town.

Also, not need to buy an actual vintage razor unless you really want a piece of history. (Not that I blame you that is pretty cool)

Merkur still makes brand new safety razors that are built to last a century.

Can't go wrong with the classic design. I love mine

u/qxork · 1 pointr/GNV

I try to do local whenever possible, been happy with Wood You and the The Futon store on N 16th and Main St.

That being said... recently got this for a guest with an "extended stay." We ordered this mattress and this bed frame. Total cost for a queen size bed/mattress: $381.00 (including shipping).

Quality was awesome and it's better than the bed we're using ourselves at more than 3x the price.

u/heckyesgainesville · 3 pointsr/GNV

Make your own seitan. It's easy and cheap and very versatile. Just buy a bag of Bob's Red Mill wheat gluten; the recipe is right on the bag. You can play with the recipe to get different flavors, and experiment with steaming and baking vs. boiling for different textures. I have a lot of vegan cookbooks but my favorite for easy, well-balanced meals is probably this one.

u/gamblee09 · 1 pointr/GNV

Yes, probably years ago because I've been able to find them all over campus. A friend of mine wrote a book, Fishes in the Freshwaters of Florida, and the page that shows where Platys can be found has a big red blotch around Gainesville.

u/commiecat · 2 pointsr/GNV

Splitters will all degrade signal. Having an open end on a splitter can cause issues so it does make sense that you'd see an improvement after connecting your mini box. If there are any more open outlets you should use terminator caps on them. Depending on the signal you might not notice a difference but they're cheap and will make an improvement, even if subtle.

u/poeticallybored · 2 pointsr/GNV

Have you heard of John Titor? If I remember right, someone was posting on physics message boards back around 2002-2003-ish claiming to be from a future America after Civil War II, stated he came from Gainesville, which people were calling Fort UF. Some would press him for info about his timeline, others would press him for proof/explanation on time travel. As I recall, some of the things he said weren't known at the time but some has been verified since. He's considered one of the greatest hoaxes of our time, assuming he's a hoax. The original book on the matter was a limited print run by a small publisher, copies going for hundreds of dollars now, but there is also this book now that I've been meaning to pick up.

u/safariari · 5 pointsr/GNV is your best resource for this question. Just input your location and it will list each channel you can get and what kind of antenna it would require.

That said, 5-6 seems about right. I live on the east side and using this amplified indoor antenna I get FOX, ABC, CBS, PBS and their associated channels. NBC is on a low-power VHF station out of Newberry that I can't seem to get, but I don't have any signal issues with the channels that I do get.

u/team140 · 3 pointsr/GNV

I get 11 channels right next to Gainesville High School.:

  • 5.1 WUFT-HD (PBS)
  • 5.3 WUFT-DT (PBS)
  • 9.1 WNBW-DT (NBC)
  • 9.2 WNBW-DT2 (MeTV)
  • 20.1 WCJB-DT (ABC)
  • 20.2 WCJB-DT2 (CW)
  • 28.1 WGFL-DT (CBS)
  • 28.2 WGFL-DT2 (My11)
  • 51.1 WOGX-DT (Fox)
  • 51.2 WOGX-DT2 (Movies!)

    I used to work at Gainesville Television Network. In order to pull in the stations above, you'll need an attic to put an antenna in - or you can mount one on the roof or outside pole.

    Antenna 1: Amazon Basics clone of the Leaf antenna

    Antenna 2: Clearstream 5

    Combiner: Channel Plus Combiner/Splitter

    Signal Booster: Motorola Signal Booster

    Take those items and some lengths of RF cable (CATV style cable) and connect as such:

    Cable from each antenna into the two ports labeled "IN" on the combiner.

    One cable from the "OUT" labeled port of the combiner to the "RF Input" connector on the signal booster.

    One cable from the signal booster "RF Output 1" to your TV.

    One cable from the signal booster "Power 12vdc" connector to the included power adapter, which is then plugged into the wall for power.

    This will pull in the above 11 stations nearly anywhere in Gainesville. Of course, your results may vary depending on your location and such.
u/xstaygoldx · 1 pointr/GNV

Here is 50 feet of Cat5 cable for just under $10. I also saw 100 feet for $8.75.

u/spade108 · 2 pointsr/GNV

CSTs have served me well, even used them every now and then when I delivered for Jimmy Johns in midtown's glass ridden roads.