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u/jabbany · 3 pointsr/GPDPocket

+1 Also did the cooling mod and my pocket also idles at 44-48C.

As with some earlier posts, I've had pretty good luck with using thermal pads to help the heat pipes make contact with the case (Used this one Also used thermal pads and a copper shim to let the chip (power delivery?) above the CPU touch the case back as well. For this I just cut the thermal pads to make sure the chip can contact the copper shim and then put more pads to touch the shim with the back of the case.

One interesting thing is now my load temps are also controlled at < 73C which combined with the BIOS settings bumping up throttling temps makes sure that the CPU always runs at 2.55GHz if it needs to, even in extreme cases like charging a flat battery (the pocket can actually negotiate 10V charging @ 2 or 3A I think) while under intense use.

The unfortunate side effect, though, is if you actually do this for a while, the outer body and underside of the pocket gets very hot (feels at least 50C) so you wouldn't want to be holding it in your hands (only happens when charging so I think this won't be an issue). But no thermal throttling occurs anymore which is awesome.

u/kgyre · 1 pointr/GPDPocket

It's just giving you USB-A ports, but I've had good luck with . Ethernet adapters and flash drives go through it fine.

It also might help to get the July 5th BIOS from .

u/nosit1 · 3 pointsr/GPDPocket

It's a great case and fits the pocket perfectly! I put the charger brick and USB C cable in the little pouch in the front. Perfect size!

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/GPDPocket

Mine is similar, I have this which is the older version of this that actually supports USB-PD (from comments: According to the labeling on the device, it supports USB Power Delivery with outputs 5V @ 3A, 9V @ 3A, 15V @ 2A, and 20V @ 1.5A.).

But look at your specs:

Input :AC 100-240V ~ 1.7A 50 - 60Hz
Quick Charge 3.0 Output :3.6-6.5V=3A, 6.5-9V=2A, 9-12V=1.5A
PowerIQ Output :5V=4.8A (2.4A Max Per Port)
Size :102 x 75 x 28mm / 4.0 x 3.0 x 1.1in
Weight :205g / 7.2oz

(Qualcomm) Quick Charge is not compatible with USB-PD so you can throw those specs out the window (Anker chargers a bit weird in that they have their own mix of supported specs on different ports). PowerIQ are 2.4A each max, so drawing 2A is close to your expected max.

At the 5V that PowerIQ puts out, it would have to be 3A per port for it to get USB-PD fast charge speeds but it can only put out 2.4A.

For cables, 5A cables seem to be the latest best high end multi-use cables you can get (although I havent actually seen a device that goes over 3A yet). Like and

[Edit] Remove comment about blue ports, blue ones are QC but all of them are Power IQ.

[Edit 2] Looking up QC vs USB-PD it seems Qualcomm Quick Charge 4.0 is now USB-PD compatible.

u/nexus511 · 1 pointr/GPDPocket

I have not tried the stock charger at all.

I actually own two of those:

They are charging with about 2.8 A at 4.8V which gets the device fully charged.

There is also a thread I just stumbled upon about charging which mentions some USB-C PD chargers that might be worth a try:

Regarding the stock Ubuntu: I would get rid of that as soon as possible as the guys at GPD seem not to have any real clue about porting Linux/Ubuntu properly.

There are several options to switch to a better distribution that most likely causes less trouble as Hans did a great job working on an awesome kernel.

u/jakfish · 1 pointr/GPDPocket

Many thanks for both your post and your follow-up.

Absolutely, I'm cheaping out :) The hub would be something I'd use so infrequently, I can't justify paying big money.

In fact, based on another post-er's experience, I bought this one:

Even cheaper :) I can't imagine it will work well, but I'll certainly post back with my results.

As an aside, use of a usb modem is such a battery drain on the Pocket that you have to be plugged in.

u/gbugli · 2 pointsr/GPDPocket

Did you happen to get a USB joystick working in retroarch under arch linux? I'm trying to use an ibuffalo snes style controller ( and I'm running stockmind's mint mate 18.3, but retroarch doesn't recognize my controller.. it's weird because it works perfectly in mame.

u/cage85swe · 2 pointsr/GPDPocket

For those who want a case with an extra pocket for the charger, I bought this one and it fits the Pocket perfectly and has extra padding inside:

u/wat_da_fuq · 1 pointr/GPDPocket

UPDATE: The above Anker link works for charging the GPD Pocket but its USB-C port doesnt officially have USB PD support.

The following Anker device is the newer version, a bit more expensive, and officially supports USB PD (I have no idea if that will actually translate to faster charging times than the previous version linked above): New Anker with USB PD

u/frankensteinjump · 2 pointsr/GPDPocket

I'm a little confused by your question. Wifi, cellular radios that use SIMs and ethernet are very different things. You're very likely not going to be able to reuse an internal wifi antenna for cellular.


Someone on this sub has already posted about using a cheap usb wifi card with a better antenna for much improved speeds:


If you do need cell service, consider one of those wifi hotspots for whatever carrier you use.


And if you do need ethernet, usb 3.1 is very fast (5 or 10 Gbps) so a usb c dongle could probably handle all the throughput your house has without being a bottle neck.


u/omgmog · 2 pointsr/GPDPocket

I imagine any of those neoprene sleeves for the Kindle would be an alright fit.

Such as

The GPD Pocket is 18cm x 10.6cm, and these cases are 18cm x 13cm

u/Trouveur · 1 pointr/GPDPocket

Hi, I use this one :

The Pocket stands firmly on it, and it greatly helps to reduce eye tiredness.

u/pugwonk · 1 pointr/GPDPocket

This was the travel pouch that came with Anker's 20k mAh battery pack ( There are probably other similar sized packs that come with things it will fit in.

u/12GaugeSavior · 1 pointr/GPDPocket

I have one of these, works fine...

Any smartphone or android tablet stylus should work fine.

You will not be able to get a Wacom (Samsung note, Microsoft Surface, Etc...) type of stylus to work, as the screen does not have the supported hardware...

u/CaberTime · 1 pointr/GPDPocket

Just be of decent quality and be able to output a decent number of amps.
I have one of these and it charges the pocket fine at [email protected] (confirmed with power meter)

u/muirthemne · 2 pointsr/GPDPocket

I saw your other comment about chargers, and I have found it IS a little finicky there, with not all chargers working properly, or sometimes not getting enough voltage. Here are the other accessories I bought for it that have been compatible:

USB-C car charger

Anker power brick

flexible USB-C cable

tiny flash drive

u/oliwek · 1 pointr/GPDPocket

Maybe a 3.5mm jack type issue (TRS vs TRRS) ? Did you test with different cables ? Maybe you need an adapter (such as an Y-type with microphone on one output, and headphone on the other) ?
this kind of thing :