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u/365billionwaffles · 18 pointsr/GTA

OP, you're angry, and you have reason to be. San andreas has some clunky controls, especially when compared to today's games.

I beat GTA:SA without using a single cheat, about a year ago. I played it when I was much younger, and like you, cheated all day long and had a blast. The game can be infuriating, but it is very possible to beat without cheats. I'll give you the best advice I can offer. Sorry about the wall of text, just trying to help.

  1. If you have any way of making or keeping a physical map, do it. Personally, I got the san andreas guide, for 20$. If you don't want to buy that, its fine, but I would encourage you to print out a map of los santos, san fierro, and las ventureas (sp?). I used my guide a shit to for armor and some weapons while doing the missions in los santos, but be warned, I hardly used it when going through the second half of the game, I preferred to figure things out for myself. But you may find it helpful. The guide has maps of all the weapons, health, cop brides, armor, all that and I found it very helpful. Sometimes you don't want to spend 30 minutes running around the map collecting weapons and armor before a mission, and thats when you use ammu-nation. But the random stuff on the map can greatly help you save some of that hard earned money.

  2. Save your game. Every time before I did a mission, I saved. It also helps to save money and stress if you go around the map getting supplies (as I said in #1) and then save. then if you fail a mission, load up that save and try again.

  3. Be tactical, aware, and memorize everything that happens in a mission. When playing with cheats, this will never enter your mind. But every time you do a mission in SA its the same. The enemies spawn at the same time, and location. Know your tactics and pick which one your doing, sniping, guns blazing, sneaking, stuff like that. GTA SA with cheats is a fun, crazy, and memorable game that I love. GTA SA without cheats is tactical, closer to a tom clancy game than a saints row one.

  4. Beat the 12 paramedic missions (which must be done consecutively). You say you've prepared? well get ready to prepare more. You get a huge health boost and 48,000$.

  5. Always have a full arsenal of weapons, and armor. Always be ready to take on an army. This goes along with some of the earlier ones, but I just thought I'd expand on it. Say you have 5 weapons, but don't have a rifle. You need to get a rifle before starting a mission, and plenty of ammo for it. I'd recommend the M4, but that's just me. Each type of weapon has a different purpose, and not having all of them out of laziness can be easy, but it's just not as smart as having a full arsenal. Know each different weapon types purpose, and use that weapon for that purpose.

  6. When doing a driving mission, be defensive first, and offensive second. Watch the road more than attack the enemy vehicle.

  7. Always have plenty of cash on you.

  8. Find exploits. The rule is, you cant enter in a cheat code, and you don't have to. Remember what I said about memorizing the mission, now when you try the mission over again, place satchel charges, or make "blockades" or sit there with a 12 gauge cuz you know an enemy is going to walk around that corner, now take his head off. You know whats going to happen in these missions, and where you have failed before, now prepare for it and find a way around the game.

    You are absolutely right about san andreas, that it expects you to use cheats. There's no fair way to play this game. The game isn't fair and thats why you have to outsmart it, not just cheat your way out. You always need cash on you? Well what you do is, you save your game. Then you go to the horse track and bet on the horse with the worst chances (1/11 or 1/12) with all of your money. If he wins, depending on how much money you had, you get 50,000$-100,000$. Now you go back and save. Then you come back and turn that into 1 million. If he loses, you load your save and continue this exploit until you get your millions. Save whenever you win.

    I cant remember if I did this exploit with the file I beat the game with, but I know it works. Part of getting around the cheap mechanics of the game are finding these exploits. Planning and such.

    And finally: have fun. Video games are all about having fun. If you really are very angry about it, then maybe you pass up beating this game without cheats. It's not worth getting so angry over.

    Again, sorry about the wall of text. I just really wanted to help. Please ask questions if you have any, this is one of my favorite video games to talk about. Best of luck to you.
u/rube · 9 pointsr/GTA

There are many game series and developers that I've fallen in love with, that I thought would always be on my instant-buy list. Most of those have either fallen in quality or my tastes have changed, but Rockstar is still a developer that I'll snatch up every new game.

GTA 1 and 2 I remember playing hours of on the PC. They were a blast to play, but were fucking hard! So mostly I spent time just causing chaos.

What I remember most in GTA 2 is that I'd drive around, find a bunch of big vehicles like buses and cluster them together. Then get out and blow one up, causing a nice chain reaction. I don't think I ever got very far in either of the games due to the difficulty.

So when I first saw the commercials for GTA 3 I was excited. I remember seeing the cars driving around to a classical music sound track, but not really expecting it to be as revolutionary as it was. I had played the Driver game on PS1, and figured it was going to be very similar.

Boy was I wrong. GTA 3 amazed me at just how open a video game world could be. I could clearly see why it was called a sandbox game. Sure, the missions were there, and I played through them, but the open world with all that you could see and do was something new to me.

I clearly remember messing around between missions, hitting jumps, blowing cars up, jumping and jumping until I got over a short wall, or grabbing a large truck and jumping up onto it in order to reach an otherwise unreachable area.

Everything about it at the time was amazing: the graphics, the game world, the driving mechanics, the radio stations with their wacky commercials and talk radio station. Even the mission structure, where you had some choice over which story line you wanted to contiue next. Or the ability to just ignore the missions for a while and just fuck around.

As some have pointed out, it wasn't the first "sandbox" game, but it really defined it. Much as DOOM wasn't the first FPS, but it really kicked off the genre.

I've bought GTA 3 on pretty much every platform imaginable, and I'm now finishing it once again on Android. Even though it's aged the poorest of the three PS2-era games, with it's lack of motorcycles, true flying vehicles (sorry Dodo) and some of the other advances made in the sequels, it's still enjoyable for me to jump into and explore.


By the way, I HIGHLY recommend this book to any fellow GTA nuts:

It goes through the time period of Rockstar when they were still DMA Designs, up through GTA IV. It also includes some of the controversy the series has gone through, including good ol' Jack Thompson. Everyone seems to praise the author's other book "Masters of Doom" about id software, but I found Jacked to be much more interesting.

u/XWingLaserbeam · 5 pointsr/GTA

Absolutely. I have an Adobe Creative Cloud membership at a discounted rate through my college, and I'm using Premiere Pro to do the editing.

I'm using an Elgato capture card and a Blue Snowball mic. Maybe it was a bit crazy to go with this particular setup with no experience, but I really like the quality and the result. Links below!

EDIT: I found my Snowball mic at Best Buy for $49.99 -- about $9 cheaper than Amazon.

u/RobMaule · 0 pointsr/GTA

Not sure if it's region-locked out of Lebanon, but Rockstar lists it as available at:

u/heymrk · 3 pointsr/GTA

There's a version one and a version two of the PS2 game. It isn't possible to finish it in version one without cheating. You run out of gas too quickly and there's nothing you can do about it. You must have version two. I don't.

The PS4 trilogy is what you want. I'm not sure if you can get it for PS3 or not. It's what I have now, and other than some of the radio stations being completely borked, it's good. And the VC port is the Haitian/Cuban censored version.

EDIT: This is what you want. I'm not sure if you can get it for PS3 or not.

u/claustrophobie · 3 pointsr/GTA

Amazon Germany says 17-Sep-2013 for PS3 ( as well as XBOX 360 ( and unknown for PC ( So 4 month are quite right. Especially today on 17-May-2013.

u/Iangator · 1 pointr/GTA

you can get the game for way less than $60 now. Amazon is selling it for $43.11. I had it on my PS3 and then got the PS4 that included GTA V as a Christmas present. you don't even need friends to play with. you'll meet plenty if you join a crew (which I highly recommend doing). but yea, the story alone is worth buying the game.

u/NotForRetail · 3 pointsr/GTA

It's a Digitally Remastered version of the song, I found the album that it's available on:

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/GTA

Have you seen this shit?!?!?!

You're not buying a game, you're buying an RC plane. Why?

u/LivingReaper · 2 pointsr/GTA


Rockstar Games, which technically has 10 different links to buy the game.

Best Buy

If you don't buy the game don't expect technical support.

I'm not against pirating per say, but if you can't figure out problems to your game on your own that you pirated then perhaps you should go out and buy it or just don't need to play it.

u/Chariblaze · 2 pointsr/GTA

SA iTunes link

GTA III is also on sale


Also available on Google Play:



GTA: Vice City

GTA: San Andreas


And also on Amazon:


GTA III (Kindle Fire only)

GTA: Vice City

GTA: San Andreas (Kindle Fire only)

> Sale ends November 9th.