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u/wavetoyou · 3 pointsr/GameSale

$45? It's on sale for $39.99 right now, pretty much everywhere. Grab one off of Amazon, they'll email you the redemption code practically immediately.

Other vendors like Gamestop, Best Buy, etc., are also giving the same 33% discount.

u/CatFoodSoup · 1 pointr/GameSale

The disc does not go for about 20 dollars.

The cheapest complete game with box and manual starts at $180. On ebay it's the same thing too. The cull set of 4 games is roughly $250 dollars for the set and Quarantine is probably about half of that value.

I try to do some research on my own as well before listing something. If you could point me to somewhere that sells just the discs for that much, I would be pretty happy as I don't have 2 or 3.

u/outrigued · 1 pointr/GameSale

Okay, cool. I’ll take pictures tomorrow and send them.

As for pricing...$20 shipped? These are the guides:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of...

New Super Mario Bros (Wii): Prima Official Game Guide (Prima Official Game Guides)

Let me know what you think.

u/fandango328 · 3 pointsr/GameSale

Not sure that they made a USA release that didn't have the gold cover, but you can find a new sealed one here.

It's $49.

I have a sealed copy from the CE bundle (there is a small box on the back that says "not for resale" that I'd gladly sell you for $65, but you can find a better deal at that link above.

u/TheThunderOfYourLife · 1 pointr/GameSale

Did quick reserach HERE and it seems to work with OEM. I’ll throw it in for free if you like

u/Jedi_Pacman · 1 pointr/GameSale

[This] ( is what I've been using for the past 3 years and it works great.

u/Davidleesee · 1 pointr/GameSale

Nope, no issues to speak of. I haven't played it a ton, but in the time I've played it, I didn't notice any thing at all.

I can take more photos later, I'm in class till noon. I'll post them up. But it's this case here.

u/q-continuum · 1 pointr/GameSale

Do you just want a Playstation Plus 12 month membership like this:

I can just get that for you.

u/LamanamanumiReborn · 1 pointr/GameSale

i got one of these

that I'm looking to move.

Let me know if interested and if you are, let me know your zip code so I can come up with a price shipped

u/Musical_life · 1 pointr/GameSale

Actually it doesn't need to be, all you need is something like this.

u/rawesome32 · 1 pointr/GameSale

I don't have a guide but it only requires unscrewing things. Watch this video from the start until about 9:30 mark. Video The metal tray below the disc drive unscrews too.

Only the first 4 screw to take the case off need the security bit. Every other one is Philips head. Secuirty bit is a 4.5mm Link

u/PandiReddits · 2 pointsr/GameSale

Gameboy SP Batteries are replaceable, its not complicated, just remove the battery cover. They have replacements on Amazon

u/j_117 · 1 pointr/GameSale

This is the one I bought - Nintendo Pokemon 20th Anniversary Edition New Nintendo 3DS

edit: sold the Charizard plates, and don't have the box

u/kaztrator · 1 pointr/GameSale

The lowest I can go is $13.20 which after PP and 2.50 shipping, all I'll be keeping is $10. I would accept $12.50 if you get an Amazon code instead though. It's your call.

u/yosoldja · 1 pointr/GameSale

Instead of having a plastic discuss case, the discs case is made from metal. It also includes all the items in this amazon listing. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Conviction CE

Take a look at the second photo to see everything it comes with. I don't have the decals though