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u/billyalt · 19 pointsr/Gamecube

Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Black Classic Gamecube Controller

Also, you'll want one of these:

Do your research though, some won't work properly.

Games (in no particular order):

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes

Metroid Prime, 1 and 2 (recommend playing prime 1 first, prime 2 is Nintendo hard at times. Also IMO Prime 1 is better for popping your cherry between the two. There is a third game for the Wii and the first two games were ported to the Wii with updated graphics and controls, in case you would prefer to play the Wii version. Def play Prime 1 first however)

Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess (pick one and play the other if you like it. Also TP was ported to Wii with motion controls, and the whole game was mirrored to accommodate for that. IMO the 'cube version is better. That said, Nintendo tried for a more realistic stylization and thus it hasn't aged nearly as well as WW)

Starfox Adventures (if you liked the Zelda games, def check this one out)

Starfox Assault (absolutely nothing like Starfox Adventures. But a good game nonetheless)

F-Zero GX

Super Monkey Ball 2 (don't bother with Monkey Ball 1, Monkey Ball 2 is just straight-up superior in every way)

Super Mario Sunshine (This classic has aged like fine wine. Graphics were good back then and still hold up today, thanks to its stylization)

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (if you are only going to play one game make it this one. Absolutely fantastic unique and creative game, everything about it is perfect; years later and nostalgia still hits HARD for this one, so many memorable moments)

SSX Tricky, SSX 3, SSX On-Tour. (Pick one and play the others if you like it, they all have their own charm. Tricky is arcadey but entertaining. 3 has a more serious tone to it)

Timesplitters Future Perfect

Luigi's Mansion (it's the Ghostbusters game we didn't ask for but oh so desperately needed)

Resident Evil 4 (this game got ported to the Wii with extra content and with Wii controls. I can't speak to it's quality but you should consider looking at both versions)

Mario Kart: Double Dash

Viewtiful Joe

Soul Calibur II

Pikmin 1 and 2

Beyond Good and Evil

Kirby Air Ride

Star Wars Rogue Squadron II: Rogue Leader

Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness/Pokemon Colosseum (Pick one and play the other if you like it. These are sort of a 3D proper Pokemon game. Not quite but close enough)

Chibi Robo (Never actually played it myself but it has a very loyal fanbase)

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle (probably the only superb 3D Sonic game ever imo. Feel free to call me out on it if I'm wrong)

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (back when movie-games were good)

Honorable mentions:

Geist (a unique FPS only held back by it's lackluster writing and production quality)

Mario Party 5 (not a huge fan of the series myself but a lot of people like them. Wii games are prolly better tho tbh)

Animal Crossing (the Wii version is so much better)

SpongeBob: Battle for Bikini Bottom/The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie video game (BBB IMO is much much better but the movie game wasn't terrible and features very similar gameplay)

Legend of Zelda: Four Sword Adventures (fantastic game but you really need to play it with friends... Which necessitates at minimum 2 GBA's/SPs and 2 GBA-NGC adapters and optimally 4 of each)

P.N.03 (good luck finding this one. Best description I have for it is that it is a Bayonetta shooter game on the gamecube)

The Sims

Lego Star Wars games (really should play it with a friend)

Need for Speed Most Wanted

Mario Golf

Super Mario Strikers

Mario Superstar Baseball

Timesplitters 2 (IMO Future Perfect is better but this one is worth checking out)

Tony Hawk's Pro-Skater 3/4 (Never actually played but I'm a huge fan of THPS2 on the N64 so I imagine these newer ones are also good)

Wario World (Sort of a hidden gem. Like a 3d Warioland. IMO the Warioland games are better but this is worth looking at)

Other games as well but this is the cream of the crop IMO and they all exemplify what made the 'cube such a great console. I'm sure there are fantastic games that I missed, of course explore everyone else's comments as well :-)

Congrats on the decision to play some GameCube games. You are in for a treat.

u/simonthm · 7 pointsr/Gamecube

The highest quality picture you can natively get out of the Gamecube is 480p (enhanced definition) using these:

They are very rare (due to limited production quantity) and such, very expensive. But, in layman's terms, that is the best picture you can naturally get out of the gamecube. All modern TVs have component input (Red, Green, Blue), and they look pretty great, even by today's standard. That said, only about half the Gamecube games are even capable of out putting in 480i 480p. You can find a list and more on the component cables here:

The other option, you can mod your Gamecube to install a HDMI out. It's difficult to do, requires a lot of knowledge, skill and tools. The easiest way is to find someone to do it for you. All that to say, it's not cheap and is more risky 9what if it breaks?).

Finally, there is a company called Bad Ass Consoles, that is "supposedly" releasing an external HDMI plug for the Gamecube called the GCVideo X, but it's still in development and has been for a while. I'm sure it won't be cheap, but all the games will look good.

The cheapest non-Gamecube-console option is to buy a Wii, which will basically do the same thing the component cables will (480p R,G,B), but much cheaper, using Wii's component cables.

Bottom line: You have options to get the gamecube to look great, but none of them are really cheap. I have the component cables. They are reliable, and I love them. It's all a matter of taste. I play the cube all the time, so even though it was expensive, I have no regrets.

If you are looking for the less expensive route, get a Wii and Wii component cables.

u/_Louis__ · 2 pointsr/Gamecube

It'd probably be cheaper to just buy a capture card and play it off Amarec on your computer, if you don't have a TV. Then you'll have a larger screen to play on!

GameCubes are like $25, cables should be $5 each, controllers are $20. A good first party memory card is like $10.

This is the capture card I use. If you do this I'd suggest an s-video cable because the picture quality is worth it.

u/TheBlooper · 3 pointsr/Gamecube

I bought these a few weeks ago and am really satisfied with them. They gave me and my friends the power to vanquish Vaati and save Hyrule, all from the comfort of my couch!

u/Sirotaca · 2 pointsr/Gamecube

S-Video will look similar to component in 480i mode in terms of sharpness, but with slightly worse colors.

Personally, my favorite look for GameCube games is playing in 480p RGB on a PC CRT monitor. Probably the easiest way to do that these days is with a Carby and an HDMI-to-VGA converter (I use this one, but I haven't tested it with a Carby). You could also do it with a Wii if you got one of the Wii2HDMI converters and plugged that into an HDMI-to-VGA converter. The "jaggies" are very visible in this setup, which I don't mind at all, though they're softened a bit by the scanlines.

You have to remember that the GameCube is not an HD console. Your choice is pretty much between blurriness and jagginess.

u/usegao · 5 pointsr/Gamecube

If you don't have a modded wii, the easiest way requires this, this, and one of these.

You download GBI, format the SD card as FAT if it isn't already, copy the GBI files to the root of the SD card, rename gbi.dol to autoexec.dol, plug the SD into the memory card adapter, stick that into the second memory card slot, pop the Action Replay disk in, and turn on the Gamecube.

Easy is relative but I think its not too bad for most.

If you do have a modded wii you need a regular Gamecube memory card, and SD card (regular SD, not SDHC or SDXC. the one linked above will work), and an exploitable game (I use Windwaker). Extrems wrote some good instructions on that method.

u/bubstance · 3 pointsr/Gamecube

Then ignore GCVideo unless you feel like spending the cash for a new 'Cube.

Any old RCA>HDMI box is going to get you to about the same place and I'm going to assume that your TV doesn't support S-Video.

Anything like this should get you started if you just want to play:

And if you want a better experience, consider something like these in tandem:

u/ExpensiveTuna · 5 pointsr/Gamecube

That is one badass gamecube!

You could use a freeloader like this one to run american games:

Or you could go the less easy route and get a XenoGC modchip installed (if you're good with soldering you could install it yourself).

Also get an american AC adapter (it works with PAL gamecubes) as the european ones could possibly fry the gamecube.

u/charliefuckstick · 1 pointr/Gamecube

Just gotta grab one of these and do a small bit of configuring. They even make one for wiimotes. I've got both, and they're pretty awesome.

u/TestType · 1 pointr/Gamecube

Right, I'd be very interested to see that compared to the OSSC. Hopefully FirebrandX will test that too. Personally I'd probably get this Tendak one that people on the shmups forum really like:

u/olivverr_ · 1 pointr/Gamecube

Yeah, I've heard third party GBA to GameCube cables don't generally work all that well. I think it has something to do with only transferring data one way?

If you go through the reviews, a lot of people who bought the cable on Amazon had the same problem:

I'd recommend buying a used OEM one on eBay! It should cost about $15 or so.

u/vemfanvet · 1 pointr/Gamecube

I purchased three of these. Since I live in Sweden and the shipping costs are lower from Germany, I bought them here. The quality is great, better than my old original controllers.

u/aaaayeeeeeee · 2 pointsr/Gamecube

I got this one in October and it works great, it's basically 4 memory cards in one. Haven't had any problems with it yet. Here's the link if you'd like to check it out :>

u/almondface · 0 pointsr/Gamecube

I'm going to start off and say I don't like the mclassic. It changes the image too much from the original, adds visual artifacts, and is way too expensive for the upgrade.

I think the carby component cables (or eon mk2 with wii component cables) through the OSSC, doubled to 960p is the best a gamecube can look right now. That being said, you may not need to get a new cube to achieve this. You could probably use a tendak hdmi to vga converter to input the gamecube into the OSSC. This would likely achieve nearly identical results with minor to no latency added. That could save you some time and money.

u/librox01 · 2 pointsr/Gamecube

I have finally gotten mine to work! This card works beautifully for mine :)

u/Berain666 · 1 pointr/Gamecube

Being in the same boat i picked up one of these:Veanic 2.4G Wireless Gamecube Controller Gamepad Gaming Joystick with Receiver for Nintendo Gamecube,Compatible with Wii (Black)

It works well but sometimes you have to either pull out the batteries and add them back or remove the adapter that plugs into the gc then add it back if you are inactive for 5 minutes or longer. Other than that i found the battery life, range and responsiveness to be decent. Not bad for a 3rd party controller at all.

u/Kinger8938 · 1 pointr/Gamecube

Went with this one

Sandisk 2 GB microSD 2GB MicroSD Class 2 memory card - memory cards (MicroSD, Black, Class 2)

I think it's the same, shares the same model number etc in the details! Fingers crossed.

Starting to think a hardmod would have been easier ;)

u/Treypopj · 1 pointr/Gamecube

I know a few methods to do this

  1. If you have a Wii U (which supports HDMI) you can soft mod (link on how to do it) it to play GameCube games with a cheap capture card.
  2. You could buy Wii component cables (they work on the GameCube) and record it with this capture card.
  3. Emulate it on the pc with dolphin and use a GameCube controller adapter to play them with real GameCube controllers.
u/everydayisamixtape · 2 pointsr/Gamecube

Played a bunch of Mother 3 (regularly getting 16 hit combos), Wind Waker, and Smash. No noticeable lag, the original set of rechargeable batteries I put in there are still cooking, and the controller generally feels good after a bit of breaking in. 20ish bones in the US:

There are some negative reviews, so YMMV - looks like QC may not always be good. Thoroughly test when you get it and make risky hardware purchases from places that let you do free / easy returns.

u/Highfro · 4 pointsr/Gamecube

I got one of these at a pawn shop awhile ago and it works great!

If you use a full size cd binder the disks will slide around and get scratched, plus this one is licensed by Nintendo so I don't see them licensing something that wasn't tested thoroughly

u/098v · 1 pointr/Gamecube

Amazon sells 2GB micro SD cards for about $10 with free shipping.

u/_eHEL · 1 pointr/Gamecube

Why not just get one of the incredibly large memory cards?

HDE GameCube Memory Card 512MB (8192 Blocks) for Nintendo GameCube or Wii (Clear)

GameCube Memory Card 1019

Edit. I'm actually unsure of what you're even asking... To run SSBM 20XX you need to use an action replay and sd card reader. (Potentially you will need a memory card as well to have your data save [though I'm not familiar with 20XX so maybe you can have the saves on the ROM])

u/hiddenmoose · 6 pointsr/Gamecube

This is what I bought. Its an official GameCube controller for $29 with free shipping brand new in the box. Works for all regions although it is Japanese

u/tarkusAB · 1 pointr/Gamecube

They are just as valuable in Japan.

Amazon listing

u/sarduchi · 1 pointr/Gamecube

Nothing cheaper than the Carby for 480p, best option for a lower price is a svideo cable which will give you 480i.

This assumes you have a TV with svideo input...

u/InstinctSmile · 1 pointr/Gamecube


Thank you, but they're not mini, so I would have to keep the top open ?

u/mechcentric · 2 pointsr/Gamecube

get an action replay disc for your region, and something like a WiiSD (SD card to GC mem card adapter) and get a full-size SD card the is LESS THAN 2 GB (i use this: )

Here's the github for swiss that tells you how to get it going:

Here's GBI:

u/Alseho · 2 pointsr/Gamecube

You can get some of the extension cords for the gamecube controllers, splice the end that receives the gamecucbe controller plug, and BOOM! New plug for the controller. All you got to do is replace the old one and put in the new one. You can get different colored ones, to fit your controller, or leave them mismatching to make them stand out as yours.

u/SOUP_TO_GO · 1 pointr/Gamecube (this front supports smashboards) (this front is just the retailer)

i think they ship worldwide... these babies were manufactured for use on a wii, and ar the same build as the og controllers with a longer cable and plainer finish.

u/Texasbabymunch · 1 pointr/Gamecube

This is way better and I have never heard of anyone losing data on this:

Also I have lost data on two third party memory cards before so I wouldnt even bother with that one.

u/ixitomixi · 2 pointsr/Gamecube

You'd have to buy the Japanese Version of SD Media Launcher or you can set up a save game exploit to launch Swiss

Could also buy a Freeloader

u/shiasupprize · 5 pointsr/Gamecube

I've been looking around Amazon to see the prices of GameCube memory cards when this one caught my eye. Is it actually a legit working card? What is the largest memory card can the GameCube handle?

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/Gamecube

I personally use an SP, and the cable you need (like this one) terminates in a standard GCN controller port, so it should work just fine in a Wii.

u/sglider12 · 1 pointr/Gamecube

I think Nintendo still makes GameCube memory cards. I may have to look into those instead of these knockoffs.

Edit: It seems they do.

u/xwred5 · 1 pointr/Gamecube

I just bought this one (like 4/7) and it worked for me.

Prior to this card, I had the same problem.

You should be able to swap out the card to a larger size after you boot swiss. I honestly got distracted and haven't gone back to verify.

u/SwervinGirvin · 2 pointsr/Gamecube

Short answer: No.

Long answer: Most 3rd party controllers being produced today or even from the GC's day are more often than not really junky, with the exception being the Hori controller line for GC. The Cirka line is especially bad, they may have identical molding but the build quality is way worse than a Nintendo first party controller. I've read lots of negative reviews for them from people who bought them for competitive and casual play and almost all said this controller was inoperable by the end of 2-3 weeks.

Curiously, why not opt for the Smash Bros GC controller? Even at full retail you'd spend $29.99, it would be a long term investment and you wouldn't have any button hiccups. Also used controllers are fairly inexpensive as long as you get loose ones, I'll leave some links for you to check out.

Amazon - White
Amazon - Black