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u/faguzzi · -1 pointsr/GamerGhazi

Omg you've moved again revealed your profound ignorance. Are you capable of reading? That quote regarding supply effects was referring to earned income rather than capital gains. Cmon at least read if your going to try to pull a gotcha.

Your land isn't being taxed, the property on your land is what is taxed. It's an important distinction and no I shouldn't have to explain basic economic terminology to you. If you deem yourself qualified to comment on economic policy you should have at least an intermediate level understanding of microeconomic and macroeconomic analysis. I'm not going to spoon feed you.

I like how you didn't address the border adjustment tax as I linked. It is very much like a VAT tax, just sold under a different name. Please read before commenting.

I have no reason to entertain beginners mistakes. You went into this discussion in bad faith. I've caught you several times being unaware of economic concepts that even undergrads know. You've been spouting talking points hoping for them to stick. You're the reason the economic discourse in this country had dropped to the level of Donald Trump.

When I was an undergraduate, then had us read a very straightforward book that doesn't require any knowledge of advanced mathematics. It conveys the complex models underpinning economics in a very digestible format. I hope you abstain from commenting on matters of economic policy until you've acquired a bare minimum understanding. The political discourse in this country is abysmal and lacks rigor. I hope you decide to take steps to buck the trend that you're clearly contributing to.

u/Mauve_Cubedweller · 25 pointsr/GamerGhazi

I've never really seen the need for a men's "rights" movement, because that would imply that men, as a social category, are somehow lacking in rights or protections. We aren't. But we are affected by the same rigid constraints on gender that women and GSM folk (gender and sexual minorities) are. Those gender "boxes" definitely harm men's self-image, expressions of self, and emotional well-being, and ought to be done away with. And there are men's groups and men's movements out there that strive to do just that.

Local groups, like the Canadian-based Anti-violence Project acknowledge the damage that gender roles can have on men and boys and work alongside feminist and other anti-violence groups to do something about it. They are often supported at the national and international level by organizations like the White Ribbon Campaign that engage in positive activism aimed at re-configuring society's views about men, boys, and the sorts of gender roles we are supposed to play.

Academically, these activist initiatives are reinforced by a fairly huge amount of social science research on men and masculinities. There are a number of different research journals and textbooks that focus exclusively on men and men's lives (see here, here, here, and here for example), and all of these help researchers, policy-makers, students, and citizens from all walks of life better understand men and men's issues.

We don't need a "men's rights movement"; we never did, because the pro-feminist men's movement is already shining a light on the issues that men of all kinds face.

Sorry for the rant!

u/ThisSiteIsDumbAndBad · 14 pointsr/GamerGhazi

>e "/I/ am too smart to be affected by media, unlike all the rest of you"

It's this one, and this is the greatest.

Because half of all the advertising/propaganda out there has the easily seen subtext of "I know you think advertising is ridiculous because you're so smart and this will never work, but (INSERT AD HERE.)"

Neil Postman wrote a whole book about it in the 80s

He called it "The Hipness Unto Death," which is awesome.

In the time since he wrote this, this advertising style has become nearly universal, and much more sophisticated. After you read this book, you will not be able to stop seeing it.

u/thecrazing · 8 pointsr/GamerGhazi

> the north didnt fight the war out of love of black people. It was about changing economies and other political concerns. Thats why they had a vested interest in keeping southern whites in control of the social, political, and economic future of the south.

Not really though. You're right to say that it isn't the case that the north was without racist sin, it's almost as wrong to say that there was no difference in tone or degree between the regions. Or to say that there were no people driven by anti-racist morality to become abolitionists.

Your framing doesn't allow room for an early William Short or Noah Webster or Gilbert Imlay. (Though Imlay would spend much of his adult life in modern day Kentucky.)

It's perhaps more wrong to say 'white supremacy in the south was good for the north'. That leap of yours is pretty flimsy and doesn't bear out, and the analysis ignores the regional jockeying for congressional power.

edit: You might be interested in reading this book, which just came out a few months ago.

u/[deleted] · 5 pointsr/GamerGhazi

Nice, I love TSW! (That first zone in new england is amazing) That being said, my novel is more of an open magic setting, one in the plot involves killing/capturing Nazis (of the ODESSA, Project Paperclip type) and their collaborators

here is the link:

u/Haz901 · 6 pointsr/GamerGhazi

suggested reading on this (and related) topic(s): Cultures and Organizations: Software of the Mind]( A very interesting book/study that explores (national) culture through several dimensions, especially helpful if you work with people in/from a different culture than your own. Gender attitudes is not an explicit cultural dimension, but follows from others. (e.g the most feminist countries also seem to score high on femininity v. masculinity)

Personally, my only real experience with this sort of thing is the time I was in Zambia for round about a month. Gender inequality seemed very engrained into the culture as a whole with not many women working etc. One time in a supermarket, a guy was blatantly taking pictures of my (white) female coworkers. However, most women I met were actively working against the stereotype and inequality, two of our host's four daughters had gone to the US to go to college, one of them was well on her way to become a doctor, while the youngest was enrolling University the following year. Also, we worked with women in high positions in an organisation managed by the Reformed Church of Zambia and taught basic computer and internet skills to about twenty people from the slums, most of whom were female as well.

u/DerBonk · 5 pointsr/GamerGhazi

Masculinity Studies is a huge field in Gender Studies, there are shelves and shelves full of books about masculinity. This book sounds like a good starting place:

Porter is so convincing to many gamers/nerds, I believe, because nerds traditionally did not conform with at least some aspects of the "man box," which just makes this rabid anti-feminism and misogyny even harder to stomach for me.

u/EditorialComplex · 11 pointsr/GamerGhazi

Oh, Gavin. We used to be friends, why did you throw your lot in with Biscotti? :/

Yes, the Irish were discriminated against, heavily. Because they weren't considered white at the time.

How the Irish Became White

u/chewinchawingum · 1 pointr/GamerGhazi

"This site can’t be reached"

Maybe temporary. But it looks like maybe you were linking to this:

u/ell20 · 6 pointsr/GamerGhazi

A little off topic but the framework that the article sited bears a striking resemblance to the model that Hannah Arendt described in her book "The Origins of Totalitarianism". The concepts are all very similar, even if the vocabulary is different.

the rise of the leader, the sense of urgency from an external source, the consolidation of ideology through brotherhood, the dehumanization of the foe, and so on.

It's a little dense, but once you get into it, it's a fascinating book on the history of these movements.

edit: fixed the link

u/Spawnzer · 8 pointsr/GamerGhazi

I just finished reading Angry White Men by Michael Kimmel where he talks about why there's a market for people like Beck and I kinda want to make an effort post to draw parallel between that and GG but I'm so tired and lazy and oh God why is it 4 am already ;_;

u/Jetamors · 5 pointsr/GamerGhazi

Extremely related: Joanna Russ' 1983 book How to Suppress Women's Writing has finally been republished.

u/-Guardsman- · 29 pointsr/GamerGhazi

Reminds me of Stephen Colbert's 2012 book titled America Again: Re-becoming The Greatness We Never Weren't (which I haven't read). The blurb reads: "It's high time we restored America to the greatness it never lost!"

So yeah, America is flawless, yet it is going to Hell in a handbasket.

u/ThetamingoftheMew · -23 pointsr/GamerGhazi

Honestly, get into STEM. Get everybody into stem. The reason people fall for psuedo-science so much is a fundamental lack of scientific literacy.

Even though the war that's being fought is cultural, it's only been made possible by the dynamics today by scientific literacy. Jordan Peterson himself has a background in clinical psychology and has years of Academic experience behind him, so he knows how to structure his talks to hit the right notes of the audience he has. The platforms that's enabling us to have these discussions are built by HTML, CSS, PSP and Python programmers. Mathematicians and statisticians structure and analyse the data that's used to gauge voter preferences and target impressionable people with propaganda and advertisements. If you're not extremely educated in this landscape, you're going to lose. It's easy to shit on people like Zucc as being an emotionless lizard man now but he created the platform that arguably controls a good amount of the public discourse.

We have computers in our pockets, and the majority of the people that use them don't even know how they work. If you haven't the privilege to get into a science or technology field then at least start reading books like Carl Sagan's Demon Haunted World and some Thomas Gilovich.

u/manazones · 3 pointsr/GamerGhazi

Well i've also read a ton of books by people that think O.J. is innocent(and i've read all the ones that think he's guilty) like these(all of which i'd highly recommend):

Honestly the O.J. trial is where white rage towards minorities really became obvious as even liberals failed badly with how they covered the trial.

There's a few other good books about the case but they are VERY pricey:

u/bodhidharma6 · 7 pointsr/GamerGhazi

For a comprehensive read on the subject, can't recommend How the Irish Became White enough. The myth that the Irish ascended into the mainstream for meritocratic reasons obviously has wildly racist undertones, but the book does a great job of laying out exactly how it actually occurred: by demonstrating to the existing white power structure that they could readily participate in the brutalization and marginalization of blacks. Eventually the Irish came to dominate police departments in major cities, and spent most of their time on the job rounding up both other Irish people and black folks. They were also welcomed into various industrial occupations as alternatives to black people, and eventually formed a variety of labor unions that also excluded people of color. That's not to say all Irish folks gleefully traded solidarity with another oppressed group for whiteness, the book also goes into detail about Irish abolitionists and later union organizers and agitators who actively fought racism as well.

Any "rags to richest" story about minorities tends to ignore one glaring feature of the American racial ideology: That anyone who wasn't black immediately had a leg up over black people, because blackness by definition denoted the lowest possible status. That's not to say there aren't another 100 nuances and complicating factors in these stories, e.g. wealth and educational status of incoming immigrant waves, but the particular "constants" of the American race equation is a big one.

u/Edgy_Atheist · 6 pointsr/GamerGhazi

>alt-righty types seem to reject this premise as well

That might have something to do with them not being very conservative, just "edgy" weirdos who wanted somewhere to whine about women in their videogames. As a result, they went to libertarians because to be crude and quick, libertarians don't ask you to wake up for Church every Sunday. But actual libertarianism doesn't scratch that itch well, so then they drifted into a bizarre land of /pol/ paleoconservatism as Angela Nagle has documented.

Of course, these people (as seen with Trump) are now in some ways the face of Movement Conservatism^tm . But they're not very philosophically coherent (at least, not for American conservatism), and I think would only be inherently conservative per Corey Robin's thesis. As I've written in the past, I disagree with Robin and other lefties on hierarchy; Damon Linker's review of Robin's new book (which I just bought and can't wait to read!) sums it up nicely enough for me. Long story short, I'm really not surprised the alt-right puts no value in literature, they don't put value into anything because they think of everything as "for teh lulz".

u/anem0ne · 4 pointsr/GamerGhazi

Sigh. This is the same kind of shit that led to people bitching about Ancillary Justice.

Use 'he' as the default, and nobody minds. Use 'she' as the default, and some people suddenly flip their shit.

u/IrbyTremor · 7 pointsr/GamerGhazi

> What I don't understand is this... obsessive hatred. It's nothing short of disturbing. There are apparently people who are willing to literally devote their livelihood solely on their hatred towards a single person on the internet. Why?

I think about this a lot and all I can come up with is entitlement and parents that never told them "No". Used to being the only ones heard, etc. They can't stand the fact that they can't scare certain people away. Especially those who hold them accountable or, worse, question everything they hold dear to validate themselves.

Basically, they're angry, entitled, violent children.

Personally, this book is an eye opener. Irony? It only has three stars because, get this, AWMs flooded the comments and reviews and proved every single point made in the book.

u/Jannol · 4 pointsr/GamerGhazi

Then again though, Vampires can also be complex characters although I could do without the enslaving part but I could do killing and consuming mortals especially when they're in combat situations especially.

Of course I wouldn't mind the variety but I think the context to why they commit their "bad behaviors" can be within context though. Then again Vampires have to drink blood to sustain their immortal bodies and how they get it depends on the situation especially what we define what is "moral" is different for a Vampire and of course under VtM context, Ghouling is just a convenience for them although can be avoided though.

Although I would rather present Vampires as alternatives to Patriarchy especially if you read Nina Auerbach's "Our Vampires, Ourselves" that is: Which if you read her book that she argues that Vampires originally represented a threat to Patriarchy but during the 80s though, they became that very thing with "Lost Boys" and "Near Dark".