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u/HIgh_Ho_Silver · 3 pointsr/GarlicMarket

I too am selling RAM, but RAM for you laptops! I have OP's permission to post this here so because our products dont compete!

[H] Laptop RAM [W] Spicy Garlic Bois

Hey Miners,

I have a bunch of extra laptop RAM. Buy it with your GRLC!
Specifically I have:


4GB SK Hynix DDR3 1600MHz PC3-12800 Sticks




8GB Samsung DDR4 2400MHz Stick




8GB SK Hynix DDR4 2400MHz Stick



All of these RAM sticks are basically new - They shipped to a company inside new computers, and then were removed immediately for RAM upgrades on the laptops. I saved them from the recycle bin. They will have only seen enough use to test the laptops before they left the factory. Furthermore, I will guarantee their functionality with either a GRLC back or a replacement stick promise.

Please ask any questions you may have! That being said, I cant promise I will do tons of research to ensure they will work in your particular model computer -- Ill try to be helpful, but dont try to purchase if your uncomfortable figuring this out / installing your own RAM. Out of the gate: No, extra RAM will not greatly increase your mining has rates. If it could I would just be using this to mine!

I would ideally like to get about 50 GRLC for the 8GB sticks and around 20 GRLC for the 4GB sticks, but I have no idea what the laptop RAM market its like. I will entertain any reasonable offers. This price includes shipping to the US. Shipping outside of the US, we will have to work out - I have no idea how expensive it will be.

All RAM will be shipped in an anti-static bag (which Ill have to go find more of) and the inside of the smallest USPS 'if it fits its ships' box it can fit in. If you want something else, please tell me and we can work it out.

Happy to sell multiple sticks to one person, or any array or configuration youd like.

u/dreph · 5 pointsr/GarlicMarket

Ok, so I ordered these, and I should get a tracking number at some point today.

They are on the way to the address you PM'd me, /u/SodiumGeek , I'll post the tracking number as soon as I get it. :)

Tracking #: 9374889698090165273468

u/Luk3ling · 2 pointsr/GarlicMarket

I have a 2GB DDR3 GeForce GT610. It's been boxed up for a about a year, so it needs some cleaning.

No honest idea if it would be worth mining with.

u/voluptuousshmutz · 1 pointr/GarlicMarket

Still sellling? If so, how about 35 GRLC for this?

u/cj3636 · 3 pointsr/GarlicMarket

I have a Blue yeti, just the basic silver:

How much GRLC will you offer?