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u/lockedpeen · 3 pointsr/GayKink

Do it! Some of the experts in /r/chastity might have more advice, but I'll tell you what I can.

I'm self-locked. Partnered, but he recognizes that being locked is my turn-on, so it works well. The ring is loose enough that I can pull out if I'm soft (though I don't) -- this maybe isn't how everyone chooses to do it, but this way I can clean off in the shower and re-lubricate (which is really important for comfort, especially when it comes to sleeping).

I don't do anal a lot, mostly just prostate stimulation when I get really frustrated, and even that's not really release, just feels like more teasing.

Here's the device I have -- not sure why it's so expensive now, it was about $20 when I bought it a couple years ago. If you want an equivalent, just search for CB6000S -- they carry them on ebay and DHGate and I'm sure other sites. If you're just starting out, a cheap device is what most people recommend just to see what works and what doesn't for you. I had to go through a few different devices, including a larger metal one and a larger silicone one, before I found that a smaller CB device is actually really comfortable and doesn't make too much of a bulge down there. This is another one I have and like a lot. People in /r/chastity can probably give you some more advice about measuring for fit -- what I can say is I'm about 7" when fully erect and the CB6000S fits me well (probably better than the longer version of the CB -- it's counterintuitive, but smaller cages tend to be more comfortable, and here's why: if a cage fits you snugly when you're soft, there's not as much room to slide around in it when soft and have bits of skin or the head catching here and there, which makes it hurt when you get hard). I also like to be able to piss standing up, and using the shorter CB makes that a lot easier -- once you're locked, you'll see what I mean. As for ring size, ideally what you want is something secure but not too constrictive when you're hard (if you have discoloration or numbness, it's probably too tight).

u/justatest90 · 5 pointsr/GayKink

Hangers with clips (Either alone or on the hanger). On the hanger is fun because you can usually slide them towards or away from each other, and the tension will hold them a bit in place.

Vice grips - the weight can be really satisfying

Binder clips - even better are the ones with the magnet on the end!

Alligator cilps

Jumper cables, but probably need some heavy padding.

Chopsticks and tight (small) rubber bands.

Almost anything with "clip" or "clamp" in the name. So, for instance, if you have those heavy-duty clamps that get used to hold down a tablecloth at an outdoor picnic, that can be fun. Or woodworking clamps.

There are also things you can do to up the intensity even with gentle things. Ex: after the clothespins have been on a while, turn them 90 degrees. Or go more for the edge of the nipple rather than the base. Or get a spatula/paddle and slap your nipples to get them tender first.

You can really have fun with anything that squeezes. I remember as a kid using two clipboards. It was tough to get the nipple in, but was a fun sensation.

Hope that gives you some ideas!

u/laforgeinthebasement · 2 pointsr/GayKink

For anal play, I'd suggest these two toys:

This is the best price/performance dildo I've found. It's a great size, it's silicone, and not too expensive. It also comes in purple.

This is a great butt plug. Medium size, feels amazing to walk around in, glass, cheap. Popular on tumblr :)

u/colordog · 2 pointsr/GayKink

> fisting(I can fist myself

Pics?!!? Please?!

Seriously, what a great post. I took a look at your Tumblr - you really go have a great eye for filthy stuff - fans self I know I'm going to be reposting some of that later. And let me say horray for chubs! They get too shunned in our kink community (and have terrible trouble getting kink gear to fit them - it's terrible we don't accommodate more body sizes).

Definitely try e-stim. Buttplug will make you experience anal orgasm in a completely new way.

OoOoO..... I've been wanting to try a knotting Bad Dragon for, oh say, forever. I'm jealous! Do you know if any of the knotting ones are made for fucking versus being a buttplug?

I've had recent gain in getting things deeper in me by making two changes. First, I squirt lube deep up in my ass so there's lot of it, using something like this. Having enough lube is a must, and it's just hard to get lube deep up there using fingers, and when you coat a toy, pushing it up in your ass squeegees off half of it. The other change I made was to the lube. I started using J-Lube. Mixing instructions are here. A lot of people use it for fisting, but I think it's great for fucking and toys. It really sticks to what you put it on, so more lube will travel in to that deep place. Plus, it's stringy and slimey - really hot to play with. And one bottle of powder can make over six gallons of lube!

u/urbear · 1 pointr/GayKink

Check out this book. It's a series of interviews with guys in 16 different master/slave relationships. Some work better than others; I'm friends with one of the couples, and their relationship works beautifully.

u/Hoguera · 3 pointsr/GayKink

Why does having roommates rule out an enema? I use a simple little syringe enema and it works just fine. No need for big shower attachments or anything. If you're completely opposed to that, then look into maintaining a high fiber diet so that you have clean bowel movements.

u/CaptTenacity · 1 pointr/GayKink

Pretty much this! Don't know whether to trust those reviews or not...

u/PupLeaky · 16 pointsr/GayKink

Next, get a lock box like this. You can lock all sorts of keys in it! Use it for keys to handcuffs, a locking gag, whatever. He can lock things on you, go to work, and then text you the lock box code when he gets to work or whenever he feels like it.

u/jax9999 · 2 pointsr/GayKink

I have actually lol i've got an amazon book with a few conquests i've had in it. took the cover pic as well

not as kinky as chastity, (thats new) but hey do wanna jot down a few more.

here check the book out

u/TexasDudePrime · 1 pointr/GayKink

Here's what I've ordered a couple of weeks ago off of Amazon & very pleased with it so far (need to post a pic of my boy in it at some point):

BUT the padlock is for display (can be removed with a small screw driver) SO I paired with this:

u/Throwaway235798 · 1 pointr/GayKink

Ream & Dream plug on a regular basis, for width. This massively long thing for depth.

The Ream & Dream is a good stretch every time - keep thinking I'll get adjusted to it but it hasn't happened yet!

u/[deleted] · 5 pointsr/GayKink

Well that depends on what kind turn you on. Your basic choice is "Big enormous and obvious" or "more natural and able to be hidden under clothes".

I got these for my boyfriend to wear when we want to do some diaper play. They're small enough to wear under clothes but can take being peed into. No idea about scat, that's not our thing.

u/boyinthewild · 1 pointr/GayKink

You're certainly not alone. The right kind of ball pain instantly makes me hard and can even make me cum.

If squeezing is the kind of ball pain that makes you rock hard then maybe you should get yourself one of these.

A few minutes just past comfortable at first rapidly turns into an indescribable excruciating deep ache. One that makes my cock rock hard.

My guy ropes me down, puts it on, applies just a little pressure at first, edges me for a while and then switches into overdrive, cranks it down tighter while just bringing me just to the edge of orgasm. Then he he puts the final crush on and starts tapping the plate with his knuckles and I have an unbelievable hands free orgasm.

Just be careful you don't leave it on too long as it can restrict blood flow.