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u/anjack9 · 2 pointsr/GotG

I'm basing it off this guide:

The tapes are TDK CDing2 tapes. You'll want to go with a 60 minute probably, but they did make one that was 46 minutes long:

The soundtrack with Spirit In The Sky included is 44 minutes and 36 seconds, so it would work perfectly if you can find them. Glancing around eBay they seem hard to find.

Cosmic Mix isn't based on anything, I don't think you even see it fully in the show. That image is some promotional stuff for the physical release I think and is different than the tape you get if you buy it new. Chances are if the tape was real it would also be on some form of TDK CDing2.

If they were based on a real label it would probably be fairly hard to find. Cosmic Mix seems to just be the Awesome Mix label but purple instead of orange. You could re-create the labels in Photoshop/GIMP/ from screen grabs of the movie if you wanted to. If not, there's a good PSD version of the label here (nearly 30MB!):

To make it the Cosmic Mix, replace orange with purple.

These are meant to be printed on Avery 5444 labels. The alternative is to print onto 8.5" x 11" paper and attach the labels with a spray on adhesive. This is good if you want to weather it or whatnot.

u/LazyProspector · 4 pointsr/GotG

The Team as it will appear in the film coming out later is based on the 2008 reboot to the franchise as opposed to the original 1960's team. What this means is that the best place to start is the start!

This is the first in the series of the reboot. It has much the same feel and humour to the Guardians movie coming out later. There are a number of characters in there though that are prominent but probably won't be featured in the films. James Gunn was probably influenced most by this series.

Another good one to familiarise is Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Adventure. It was released last year in response to the movie. The story diverges a little from the comics and can be confusing but it paints a good picture of the general team dynamic and features Iron Man heavily in it. Iron Man won't appear in the movie so it's up to you to decide whether he adds a little familiarity to the otherwise odd series or just distracts from the team!

u/modesthouse · 2 pointsr/GotG

oh i'm excited about it,
the earlier All-New X-men and GOTG crossover is coming out in TPB in February too,
pretty fantastic read if you didn't catch it the first time.

u/CrtureBlckMacaroons · 1 pointr/GotG

I got the BenQ W1070 1080p 3D Projector

You can't go wrong with that price, but I would suggest a screen over a wall, as the screen's material will give you the best image quality. That won't be too expensive either, somewhere between $100-$150.

u/eggroid · 2 pointsr/GotG

right here

That run of Guardians is the best (with this cast, any way). The current run, written by Bendis, is okay. There are two and a half volumes available as trades. Vol 1. Vol 2. Next is a cross over with All New Xmen.

u/DarthPoopyButthole · 6 pointsr/GotG

The Abnett and Lanning Omnibus for sure!

Guardians of the Galaxy by Abnett & Lanning Omnibus (Marvel Omnibus: Guardians of the Galaxy)

u/EntreChienEtLoup · 7 pointsr/GotG

So I wasn't really into comics at all six months ago. I picked up the Annihilation Omnibus when I saw the GotG trailer and now I am totally hooked. It remains my favorite run to date and I can't recommend it enough.

u/doobzilla92 · 1 pointr/GotG

it looks like a funko pop. if so you can find them at a lot of places. I get mine from my local comic book store,but you can find them online too. Here it is on Amazon

u/OneThousandDegrees · 5 pointsr/GotG

The bag of Doritos that plays the Guardians vol 2 soundtrack. I thought this was more well-known, but I suppose I'll have to post a picture


u/ike_tysons_puch_out · 1 pointr/GotG

I actually havent used amazon before, I wanted to ask is this the correct page to make the order?

Also is this sold by a person like on ebay or is it directly from the company. So sorry to bother you with this, I just dont wanna fuck it up.