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u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/GrandTheftAutoV

For comparison I have the Astro A50's. They are amazing and I can use them for PS3, XBOX and PC gaming.

) are what I would call mid range, and have excellent reviews.

If you only want a ps3 bluetooth, something like [this](
) would work and has decent reviews for a $25 earpiece.

u/Fallenangel152 · 6 pointsr/GrandTheftAutoV

In the UK, we get sold a dream of small town America. That 50's style town, everyone knows everyone, mom and pop stores, all that stuff.

I know it most probably doesn't exist, but many of us chance it anyhow, which is why we get stuff like this: [America Unchained] (

u/silvercorona · 1 pointr/GrandTheftAutoV

Not sure who told you it's not available for launch day delivery, it says so right on the site in grreen text for me:

Do you have Amazon Prime?

If you have Amazon Prime you can get Release Date Delivery for free, and if you pre-ordered before it was listed on site you will still get it on release day.

if you are not prime I think you have to go back into you order and select the right shipping speed.

u/TheVloginator · 3 pointsr/GrandTheftAutoV

To answer your question, yes, you need to pick it up at the Walmart you pre-ordered it at. Why don't you order it online at Amazon? You can get it the day it comes out if you choose 2 day shipping and get it delivered straight to your door.

u/1092384756 · 3 pointsr/GrandTheftAutoV

Couple hours searching? Just google "GTA V General Lee reddit". The dukes isn't even in GTA V I think you meant the Vigero. I'm sorry for any miscomunication I don't think I said anything to lead you to belive I am with the police. If you really want to exile yourself from society then perhaps you could use a canoe and paddle out to an uninhabited island, I'd recommend getting one made of aluminum if thats within your budget. It'll take me a while to learn smoke signals, I'd have to attend classes or buy a book. I tried to include a few links so you don't have to spend a week trying to google anything I mentioned, but in case you need help this book could come in handy

u/LastnameWurst · 1 pointr/GrandTheftAutoV

If you ever get a chance to, I suggest reading Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto, in the book they talk about how they use marketing tactics from Def Jam Records and put stickers around all around New York to get the logo and name known.

u/CutiemarkCrusade · 1 pointr/GrandTheftAutoV

Long after you realized what a ripoff any collector's edition is/long after you realized that having a "V" logo on the side of your pulse elite is not worth the extra fifty dollars, the first DLC will come out and you will wish that you still had those credits.

u/HothMonster · 1 pointr/GrandTheftAutoV

He is referencing a series of Reader's Digest articles written from the perspective of a man's organs. In the book he uses Joe like the articles were written, the movie changes it to Jack for some reason or another. But it isn't the character's name it's just him playing with the theme of the article titles.

u/Yeo0 · 1 pointr/GrandTheftAutoV

[This] ( is the one without the GTA styling (US Amazon store though, sorry). The only reason I want it, is for the styling though. Just look on Amazon or your preference store for Sony Pulse Headset Elite.

u/mooseknowsall · 1 pointr/GrandTheftAutoV

I use the Sony Pulse elite edition headset, its not so cheap off the shelf, but i picked a new one off ebay for ~$50. HQ sound, and HQ mic. plus they're wireless. here they are on amazon.

u/PatrickZa · 1 pointr/GrandTheftAutoV

It's no turtle beach headset but I have had it for months now and it works fine

u/DarkestCon · 1 pointr/GrandTheftAutoV

The collection is on amazon.

But note, I have the vinyl version and not every song is on the soundtrack.

u/mrgermy · 2 pointsr/GrandTheftAutoV

That is totally what I used for my 100% for V in addition to the map on Social Club. I didn't realize (or think) they would have had strategy guides for the older GTA games. Derp.

I totally should pick these up.

u/Rusty4x4 · 1 pointr/GrandTheftAutoV and

Cheap, but gets the job done, and on PS4 I get both voice+game sound through the headphones so nobody has to hear what's happening in my game.

u/Dokuganryu · 4 pointsr/GrandTheftAutoV

DIY Price:

Karambit Knife: $8.69

Stattrack Counter: $10.13

Metal Paint: $14.70

Total Price: $33.52