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u/microcozmchris · 3 pointsr/Gwinnett

A little quick research shows these things.

  1. Adding AUX to the factory JBL unit requires soldering onto the main circuit board of the radio after disassembly. No professional installer is going to do that. Period.
  2. You can use an inline AUX/antenna adapter. They're $25 most places. It still uses the FM transmitter model, but it fits inline between the antenna and the head unit. The inline models interrupt the signal from the external antenna and provide a much cleaner sound. iSimple IS31 is an example. Removal of your head unit is an easy job for any installer, and fitting that thing in there is pretty easy. Most installers will begrudgingly do this for you, probably cost you $100 in labor plus parts. They'll be more likely to want to do this step if you're buying speakers at the same time.
  3. Research your car at Crutchfield. Find the parts you want to fit your budget. Then make the next decision:
    1. Buy from Crutchfield and install it yourself. A reasonably handy friend can help. Your car is stupid easy to work on. Doesn't take many tools. You might be averse to installing it yourself, but if you're talking about buying shit on eBay you're obviously on a budget. Consider it again.
    2. Use the research to set your budget. Take your new knowledge to a reputable shop. Most places I've been will have nearly identical pricing to Crutchfield for parts and will of course charge you time and materials to do the installation. Expect $75-$85 per hour for the install. Some shops have a standard like $100 for basic installation of a head unit and a per-door speaker cost. They'll do a nice job, but you'll pay for it.


  • Your car has tweeters in the dash, one in each door, and the sub in the rear deck.
    • There are no tweeters (dash) that I've found that will fit without modification. You'll either have to buy eBay/junkyard replacements or go surface mount. Or find somebody willing to do the modifications.
    • Front and rear door speakers are easy and are as cheap as $40/pair. Probably cheaper if you're in Walmart mode.
    • Subwoofer (center of rear deck) is also easy. Probably $70+ for a nice one, less for something that'll work.

      That "thing under the passenger seat" is the factory JBL amplifier. There are kits now that will either bypass that factory amp or interface with it, depending on what you want. If you bypass it, your factory subwoofer goes away. Again, Crutchfield research.

      Shout out to Real Time Audio & Accessories for their work. They're a touch north of Gwinnett, but close enough and not far off of I-985 at Spout Springs.


      Have fun with it and good luck.

u/pootin54 · 5 pointsr/Gwinnett

Downtown Duluth just started back up with Food Truck Fridays for the summer. It's a small older downtown area (very similar to DT Lawrenceville) but on Friday afternoons they block off all of the roads and there are food trucks and beer tents and live music, movies, shows, etc.

It's fun for my fiance and I (we're in our late 20s, no kids) but it's also really family friendly.

If you're looking for hikes, we have used this book to find trails and parks in the metro area and have been pleased with what we've discovered because if it.

Feel free to PM me if you ever have a specific question, and welcome to the area!

u/TinyFrog · 1 pointr/Gwinnett

Go with a Dropcam - records to cloud, so even if they stole the camera, you have the footage. It's dead simple to setup, has night vision, and has a mic/speaker. It can notify your phone when it sees movement, and if you see someone in your place when you're not there, you can yell at them remotely :)

Google bought them last year, and they're now part of Google's Nest division. It's not super cheap, but it's good quality and easy to use.

Amazon Link for reviews. Good luck, it's a shitty situation.

u/In_Other_Words · 1 pointr/Gwinnett

I don't know an installer, but I thought I'd share my experience. I installed this in my attic and am very pleased. I get all the basic ABC/Fox/NBC type channels in HD, plus dozens of small time channels. I didn't have to climb on the roof and I prefer it to not be visible.

Also, check this site for a list of channels in range:

u/r0mster · 1 pointr/Gwinnett

Not really...

$260 mint

So i would offer 225 tops for a craigslist buy. I used to do this kinda thing for a living, people on cl want too much...they will either wait forever for someone to overpay or take the quick cash at a loss. I prefer the latter personally.