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u/Murphysburger · 2 pointsr/HTC10

Here is a similar one I bought a year ago, it has been perfect, except now it's starting to yellow a little. The HTC 10 is really a great phone, isn't it?

[Another slim cover ] (

u/bonesingyre · 3 pointsr/HTC10

The charger isn't compliant with the USB charging spec, not the cable. I bought this. It's pretty good and "Benson" approved

u/SpydreX · 1 pointr/HTC10

These are the ones I use:

They slightly degrade the clarity of the highs but not by much as long as you roll them right. I use them because they really widen the soundstage and give an overall warm sound to the music. They also conform to your ear and are very comfortable. Since you have momentums which are a differnt size eartip you would want these:

u/Tycow · 1 pointr/HTC10

Can do!
This is the mount. It sits nicely in an airvent.

The mount came with a metal plate for the phone case, however I ordered a couple of replacement plates too.

Hope this helps! :)

u/SimpleSimonPieMan · 3 pointsr/HTC10

This is my case, $11.
Nice and grippy.

Spigen Thin Fit HTC 10 Case with Premium Matte Finish Coating for HTC 10 2016 - Gunmetal

I have the cables from Amazon. They rapid charge.

None referral link.

USB Type C Cable, CHOETECH 6Pack [1.6ft1+3.3ft4+6.6ft1] Durable USB C to USB A (Type C to Type A) Cable for OnePlus 3, LG G5, HTC 10, new MacBook and More

u/ggKevin · 1 pointr/HTC10

This and this are both amazing cards. I use the 64GB Sandisk, myself.

u/TimmyP7 · 4 pointsr/HTC10

Here's one that I found on this sub, and it's been working great for me:

u/csoulr666 · 1 pointr/HTC10

Here's one I got that supports fast charging as well

u/anom_aly · 4 pointsr/HTC10

Free shipping with prime.

Edit: Forgot link.

u/TTwoTerror · 1 pointr/HTC10

Benson approved and really high quality. I don't think anything can withstand cat teeth, braided or not. Don't leave your cables out.

u/cajunflavoredbob · 2 pointsr/HTC10

It is going to heat up a bit while charging with any version of QC. QC raises the voltage with the amperage to let your phone charge faster. Whether it uses 5, 9, or 12 volts is determined by your phone's specs and what the charger can output.

It doesn't get too hot to pick it up. It gets noticeably warm with internal temperatures reaching around 32-35C or so. Idle temperature, for comparison, is around 28C. When you pick it up, it will feel kind of warm, but not hot. Your phone can take much higher temperatures than what it experiences during charging, so you're not causing any damage.

I have personally used all of the following Benson approved USB type-C items.

u/Ypallage · 1 pointr/HTC10

I bought it from Amazon, this one

u/lIaestheticIl · 2 pointsr/HTC10

I haven't had any issues like that with my device that I've had since launch.

These are the cables I'm using, I have 4 & the stock cable which came with the device.

The only issue was the base of the cable was a little too wide to fit while my phone was in the case. So I had to dremel the edges a bit to make them fit, but I've had no other issues.

u/whereisdelete · 1 pointr/HTC10

Cable was a Tronsmart compatible with HTC 10.
Actual reference:

u/xGetSweatyx · 1 pointr/HTC10

Found this deal awhile ago. 6 cables for the price of one. Can't beat it

AUKEY USB-C to USB 3.0 Cable Braided Nylon (5-Pack 3.3ft x 3, 6.6ft x 1, 1ft x 1) for Samsung Galaxy S8, Nexus 6P 5X, Google Pixel, LG G5 V20, HTC 10 and More

u/snazztasticmatt · 3 pointsr/HTC10

I ordered this this morning with a coupon that made it $2.99 (expired, sorry :( )

u/NiceGuysFinishLast · 2 pointsr/HTC10

You may have issues as it is only a class I card. Class 3 is recommended.

You want UHS class 1, speed class 3.

I know, this is confusing. There is also UHS class 2, with speed classes 1-3.

UHS class 2 is fastest, but also more expensive. I have this UHS class 1, speed class 3 card. Sorry for link formatting, I'm on mobile and lazy.

Card is set as internal storage, phone is blazing fast, records and plays back 4K and HD video with no problems.