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u/Whatsthemattermark · 1 pointr/HadToHurt

This would be a great point, if it weren’t for the fact it’s utter bollocks. I have played on many electronic dart boards and all use steel tipped darts. No one who wants to play properly would use plastic tips.

u/boywonder5691 · 2 pointsr/HadToHurt

Use these to keep the sides trimmed and you will never have a problem again. I bought them a few years back and they are great

u/TommBomBadil · -2 pointsr/HadToHurt

Junji Ito - Uzimaki - is a great horror-manga where everything warps into spirals.

u/Neneke1 · 1 pointr/HadToHurt

Look up for this !!!!
This is the one I got from Amazon::

Collagen & Vitamin E Tepezcohuite Cream

u/factor_of_X · 1 pointr/HadToHurt

Oh Dear!
I knew a hotshot who swore by moleskin tape

u/the_blind_gramber · 2 pointsr/HadToHurt

Dude... Do we need to crowd source some Kevlar/chain mail gloves?

NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves - High Performance Level 5 Protection, Food Grade. Size Medium, Free Ebook Included!

u/leveraction1970 · 48 pointsr/HadToHurt

Fuck the athletic tape. Just use this stuff.

Stick it to the parts of your feet that rub against your boots, heel, big toe, second toe if you've got freaky feet. It's peel and stick and takes like 2.2 seconds to put on before you put on your socks. You can cut it to whatever shape you want to fit your foot better, but you don't need to be that accurate for it to work.

u/a-dumb · 39 pointsr/HadToHurt

Leukotape. This stuff will change your life if you are backpacker or long distance climber. I spent three days wearing heavy mountaineering boots during a winter climb in the Sierras. 30+ miles, 9,000 vertical, and about 8 stream crossings and it stayed in place on my heels the entire time. It’s some kind of sorcery.

u/sithknight1 · 5 pointsr/HadToHurt

My doctor introduced me to this when she operated on my toenail. It makes it heal two or three times faster. I would just apply it to the wound in the morning and put a bandaid on it for the rest of the day. Healed in no time.

u/FrozenLizards · 4 pointsr/HadToHurt

I believe this is a tomato slicer not a shredder accident.

These things are scary for hands.

u/Christmas1176 · 34 pointsr/HadToHurt

A blow torch is a tool that basically shoots out EXTREMELY hot fire here

u/Gonzobot · 0 pointsr/HadToHurt

You know medical imaging is a thing, right? It's not scifi when you see Dr House order an x-ray and then they can see the patient's bones (and parasites). We have a machine that we can strap to your head that can detect brain activity in specific areas, or one we put you inside of and then just visualize the whole brain and see where the electrical activity is in realtime. This is combined with medical knowledge from doctors, who can see which areas of the brain are lighting up. (If you're curious how they figured it out, it's not exactly rocket science lol)

Hell, it's a toy at this point.