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u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Healthyhooha

I’m so sorry you’re dealing with this :( I’m in a similar place where I have itching and everything so far has come up negative. Go back to your gyno and demand tests for a FULL SPECTRUM yeast test (not just candida albicans, there are other types of candida and yeasts that can cause problems and they can test for). Also demand a test for mycoplasma and ureaplasma. I just did this and have results coming in sometime today. Hopefully something comes up that I can treat!

Be pushy. Don’t be polite or shy. And if they refuse tell them to make a note on your chart that they refused testing, then go see a different doctor that will give you these tests.

Here is more info on mycoplasma/ureaplasma

What my gyno recommended I do for now is the following:

Take probiotics. These ones specifically

These are good too

She also said do a boric acid suppository once a night for two weeks. These have had great reviews and i am using them now.

She also said i can put probiotics in my vagina. I go on my back and put my pelvis in the air like a shoulder stand, and then my boyfriend helps me by opening up the capsule and putting it into ny vagina lol. God bless him. My gyno said i can do it at same time as boric acid but i did it in the morning. Definitely wear a panty liner and bring extra with you to change throughout the day.

To soothe itching externally I mix aloe vera gel with lavender and tea tree essential oils. 1tbsp aloe vera, 8 drops lavender, 8 drops teatree. Make sure that the oils are high quality and you are not sensitive to them. They work well for me, and are antimicrobial.

This product is similar if you don’t want to make your own, and it gas helped me in the past.

This is what I’m doing for the time being and I think it it helping. I am on day 5 right now and itching has gone down a bit.

Also, I know this sucks, try to avoid sex while you are treating it and at least two weeks after. I am in a 4 year long relationship and we haven’t had sex in about two months. It is very hard but we still are sexually intimate with clitoral stimulation and blowjobs etc. this will help you heal faster. Weirdly, through all of this, our relationship has been more loving and supportive than ever, though we did have some dark moments earlier in my problems.

The following products have been recommended from different women’s healthcare practitioners as well.

More for soothing dry irritated labia

Also Yin Care Wash is supposed to be good. You can use it as an external wash in the shower or put on a cotton pad as a toner. It is quite soothing for itch.

I have used this wash a few times and i think it is pretty good. I use it maybe 1 or 2 times a week. Please dont overdo it with washes.

These vitamins are supposed to be good for vagina also

Best of luck to you! I have been dealing with this since July :( we will get through this!!

u/powderbubba · 3 pointsr/Healthyhooha

I had some luck with dmannose, but what really knocked out my uti was uva ursi. Get the liquid form off Amazon (link below) and it is seriously a God send. I did 30-40 drops 3 times a day for 10 days. You don’t want to take it longer than 10 days and I believe you should only do this 5-6 times a year. Obviously do your own research because I’m not a doctor, but I swear this stuff will have you feeling better after one day (but make sure you take it for the full 10 days!). Dmannose only works if the bacteria affecting you is E. Coli. Uva ursi will help if the uti is being caused by different bacteria (link to article about it below). I would also recommend getting on a strong probiotic and cut out allllll sugar for a while, even fruit. Focus on lean meat and lots of veggies and add some plain yoghurt as well.

I am so sorry you’re dealing with this. I know the mental toll it can cause. Take a deep breath and know that this is NOT forever! I’m so sorry your mom isn’t more supportive and helpful. But you are not alone!!! And please please reach out if you are feeling suicidal. Not sure which country you’re in, but please look up suicide hotlines in case you need someone to talk to. Sending you so much love and seriously PM me anytime if you have questions or need more support. ♥️

Herb Pharm Uva Ursi Liquid Extract for Urinary System Support - 1 Ounce

u/dylanob135 · 1 pointr/Healthyhooha

Hey- little bit of an update! I did some research and I decided to try some Boric Acid supplements for Bacterial Vaginosis, and I’ve seen some really good progress! You insert one into your vagina I think once every night. I’ve only done it twice but here’s a picture of how much better my vagina has been looking: . Haha I know this sounds like an Ad but I swear this stuff is pretty great. You can always try it and see if it helps any. But still keep that doctors appointment in case it is HPV. Here’s the link to what I used:

u/smylmr · 1 pointr/Healthyhooha

hey there, now the problem with antibiotics is that if the UTI recurs, like you said you are going to be put on another set of antibiotics. The risk with this is quite high for your health. I would advice you to try natural remedies. I am going to give you some tips that will help when you have a UTI and to prevent new ones.

  1. Use D-Mannose. D-mannose is a natural sugar that sticks itself to E.coli which is the bacteria responsible for UTIs. It is then easier to flash it out of your system by drinking more water.

  2. The second item is Hibiscus extracts. Hibiscus has some really amazing health benefits and will go a long way to fight infections in your system

  3. Eat Probiotics. These are healthy bacteria that help to fight against the bad bacteria. Yogurts for example

  4. Boost your intake of Vitamin C by eating fruits like oranges

  5. Consider some supplements preferably made from the items I mentioned. A good recommendation is Harmony by Eu Natural ( This is by far the safest and most effective remedy I have come across.

  6. I briefly mentioned but I will like to stress it again. WATER! Drink lots of water not only during UTIs but on normal days as well


    These are some tips from me, I hope you find them useful
u/dalcadas · 3 pointsr/Healthyhooha

UTI queen here. I usually get 1-2 per month, typically because of a wide range of reasons. Most notably I get them after sex.

All of the things people mentioned already (pee after sex, drink water, avoid this and that, etc.), while beneficial, never did anything but make me stress about UTIs even more. If you’re like me, you’ve accepted that you’re more prone to them no matter what you do, so the most important thing is killing them without turning to antibiotics. (Taking antibiotics that frequently was concerning my gyno because of the possibility of developing antibiotic resistance.)

So now whenever I feel a UTI coming on, or when I wake up in the throes of one, I take high concentration d-mannose pills. You can find them anywhere. I get mine from Amazon. I’ve tried two brands: one and two

I tried #1 first and they worked beautifully! But I switched to #2 because you get more for your money. But I might switch back because #1 is slightly faster-acting. You’re supposed to take them as daily supplements—I don’t cause I get lazy, but they work just as well as emergency meds. I don’t even have to take those AZO pills that make your pee orange (unless it’s a particularly strong infection).

I haven’t had to touch an antibiotic since and my gyno says I’m completely healthy. (I also suck at drinking water.) Good luck!

EDIT: As for yeast infections, I got tired of dropping money on Monistat, so I take a Boric Acid suppository once a week or, when I get one, everyday until it’s gone. For general maintenance, I use Summer’s Eve Aloe Love Cleansing Wash, though I don’t know if that actually does anything. At the very least, it’s not harmful and claims to balance your PH.

u/blairewilde · 1 pointr/Healthyhooha

Sorry to hear you are experiencing this, I know it can be extremely frustrating. Two things that I found helpful were Boric Adid suppositories and probiotics. I linked to the ones that I used but there are so many other options out there for these products. I am not a fan of consistent use of antibiotics because eventually our bodies can develop resistance to them, so please be careful with them.


Boric Acid

You put the suppository in your vagina (usually at night) and symptoms cease sometimes within a day, but you should experience improvements within a couple of days. No odor, no itching, etc. I have heard of women who use these and their BV/yeast problems stop permanently. My period really messes with my ph balance, so I usually use them the last couple days of my period and then will use one if I ever have any symptoms come back. I experienced recurring BV since puberty, about 10 years, and this is the one thing that has brought instant, consistent relief without other negative side effects. I have heard of some people not having as much success, or even their own negative side effects, so I would look into that as well for you to balance the potential risk vs, potential benefit. Some literature on this method: 1, 2, 3.



Before using the Boric Acid, I used probiotics and found them to be very helpful but not as comprehensive as the BA suppositories. Within a week, many of my symptoms would cease, including any odor or itching (a very rare symptom for me), however my discharge would still seem a little off.


Before making another trip to the doctor, I would strongly suggest purchasing one of these! I also will second looking into what you are eating and how it might be impacting you. Wishing you luck!

u/peachncake · 6 pointsr/Healthyhooha

i got a bidet attachment from amazon about a year ago, and it has been the best $30 i've spent. this one is super easy to install and very affordable:

u/GisellePalmer · 1 pointr/Healthyhooha

You can definitely make your own boric acid capsules, but don’t use Borax, find boric acid from the pharmacy. Also these lactic acid suppositories are a godsend and seemingly cheaper than what you’re buying, hopefully you can get them shipped there!

vH Essentials Prebiotic Vaginal Suppositories, pH Balanced for Feminine Odor, Hygiene, and Health (15 Count)

u/eksyneet · 3 pointsr/Healthyhooha

yeah, just search for probiotic suppositories like these. there are studies comparing the efficacy of oral vs vaginal probiotics and there's no competition really.

>Also would you think that vaginas would create a resistance to boric acid suppositories' effects on the long term usage?

nah. it's just acid, you can use them forever if you want. but it's inconvenient, and boric acid suppositories can be pretty irritating, and really, it's always better to sort out your body's natural defenses when possible than perpetually rely on external support.

u/greykitty55 · 3 pointsr/Healthyhooha

Less than $40 right now. Get it, you’ll love it! But, go very light on the pressure...i can’t imagine why anyone or how anyone would use the #10 setting, lol.

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 - Self Cleaning Nozzle - Fresh Water Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Attachment (blue and white)

u/xGiaMariex · 3 pointsr/Healthyhooha

I have this same problem. Not yeast, not BV, not and STI. Gyno has no idea....but let me tell you something that has been an absolutel GAME CHANGER....there’s a product called “Rephresh”. It’s an ampule with a clear gel that you insert vaginally. It’s supposed to reset your vaginal pH. Whenever I feel irritation coming on, I use one and then a second application 3 days later (you can use them every 3 days and they come in packs of 4). Irritation is gone. I also try to sleep without panties and go without panties (I wear a lot of long dresses and skirts) as much as possible. These 2 things, but especially the Rephresh has helped tremendously.

2 things about the product: it says something about controlling feminine odor on the box. I don’t have any odors, just itching and irritation. Also—you will notice clumps of white stuff a day or so after you use it. I have called the company to ask about this because I also recommend it to my patients and couldn’t figure out what it was. They said that it’s old/dead cells from the vaginal walls.

I’ll try to find a link of the product (they have a couple different types).

Definitely worth a try. I absolutely swear by this stuff.

Edit: this is it!!

If you try it, please let me know your experience if you don’t mind. I’m a few months away from being an NP and I’d like to know if this works for others. I have recommended it a couple times, but haven’t heard feedback yet.

Edit 2: I saw a couple suggestions for using steroid creams. A low potency, OTC cream is okay for occasional use, but it can damage and thin skin after a while. Be careful with relying on this remedy too often.

u/nolovenotenderness · 3 pointsr/Healthyhooha

Not sure I'm qualified to give advice when I was just in here asking for it last week, but I can tell you what I was doing when my first, two year long yeast infection finally went away: after a round of typical cream suppository treatments, I used a probiotic suppository called PurFem - my gynaecologist wrote me a prescription for it and I got my pharmacy to order it, but you can also find it on Amazon. At the same time, I did a roughly month-long version of the candida diet - I think this was the book I read that allowed me to justify doing it so short term, but you can find basically all the same info online. I also started taking oral probiotics, garlic supplements, and apple cider vinegar capsules. You've probably already encountered all the basic advice about wearing cotton underwear and washing with unscented soap that always comes up when you have this problem.

All that said, I'm no expert. Just thought I'd share things that seemed to help me in the past, since I can relate to my doctor being unable to help me with this problem.

u/natashabeddingfield · 1 pointr/Healthyhooha

I take these. It’s called pH-D feminine health support on amazon. If you’re still debating and thinking about, read the reviews. I, myself, love these and think it’s a need for every woman out there.

u/squiggywiggle · 1 pointr/Healthyhooha

I honestly don’t think they check the pH standard. They do sell over the counter pH test kits in the pharmacy (or you can order pH test strips by the roll on amazon for wayyyy cheaper you’ll want this one Micro Essential Lab 3110M18EA 325 Hydrion Short Range pH Test Paper Dispenser, 3.0-5.5 pH Normal vaginal pH is around 3.8-4.5 so if you’re outside that range (usually higher than 4.5) it’s pretty indicative that you have BV.

u/Pajarito_6180 · 2 pointsr/Healthyhooha

pH-D Feminine Health Support by Vireo, Boric Acid Vaginal Suppositories, Bottle of 24 (600mg)

That’s where I got them. If you search this subreddit you’ll find a ton of info on how to use them and testimonials on how amazing they are.

Did they ever give you an external cream because sometimes there is yeast externally that causes the itch and an anti fungal cream is the only thing that will help

u/DRHOY · 1 pointr/Healthyhooha

> The company was not able to find me one. I’m going to try to go to their offices in Palo Alto and just cry and beg.
> I tried emailing and calling a ton of people in 2015 as well. I was able to get only one.
> It’s the original Lelo Ina. But there was a manufacturing inconsistency that caused those made later to have stiffer clitoral arms, so they have a numbing effect. I need the original version. I’ve been through 6. I have 2 broken ones left.

Incoming. 1 left.

If you enjoy a dry dedicated location near a wall socket, a Bodywand Wand Plus Rabbit 8 might also be of interest.

> Idgaf about sexuality.

Therein lies the rub, so to speak.

> I actually get super annoyed by the focus on psychology.

The primary organ involved in any sexual experience is always the brain.

> I’m concerned with how our sexual organs work.


> That science is what’s lacking.

Yes'm... and then some.

> Why the fuck did you just link that bullshit fake news article?

The article wasn't completely bullshit, and you might find allies within it:

"The reasons for this lack of understanding surrounding clitoral anatomy are many, but according to a paper published by Urologist Helen O'Connell in 2005, there are at least two big ones:

  1. Incomplete or inaccurate textbook descriptions. Many only go so far as to describe the relatively small, external portion of the clitoris, or depict the internal anatomy with a single, two-dimensional picture. This planar view, states O'Connell, provides insufficient information to truly understand its structure.

  2. Nobody knew about the full anatomical scope of the excited clitoris until the late 1990s, when researchers finally got around to using MRI to study its internal structure "in the live state" (a tool researchers had used to examine male sexual anatomy as far back as the 1970s)."

    > Read my article please.

    Not again, Ma'am.

    > Note the black and white illustration are from 1844.

    Some consideration could be made of Leonardo Da Vinci, c.1508. If I could be bothered to decipher mirror-written Latin, our first anatomist appeared to recognize a clitoral structure that may be alluded to within his notes.

u/sammi_1723 · 3 pointsr/Healthyhooha

If you are stopping the antibiotics and want to try some other treatments you could try d-mannose. I swear by that stuff! There’s one on amazon that has hibiscus in it also and it’s magical. this one.
1/2 teaspoon of baking soda in 8oz water twice a day for a couple days works pretty well too. Just don’t over do it on the baking soda!

u/kchirpy · 2 pointsr/Healthyhooha

I've been taking two of these in the morning, two before bed, and two after sex (it says you can take up to 9 in one day):

Then one of these daily with breakfast:

Everything's seems really great down there since I started doing this. Hope this helps!

u/tattoosandtea · 15 pointsr/Healthyhooha

Boric acid is amazing for BV! I use these ones from Amazon as they’re cheaper and have more than the ones from target. Seriously give it a try they work so well!

Like someone else mentioned, I use these in combination with the VH Essentials Cranberry Probiotics

u/Spark2Allport · 3 pointsr/Healthyhooha

I did! I developed a burning sensation and itching after having sex with a new partner and knew it was a yeast infection. Used boric acid suppositories for 5 days and everything was clear! Immediately after using the first boric acid suppository, I felt relief. These are the ones I use:

I have the bottle around just in case bv or a yeast infection strikes! It has been much more economical than going to the obgyn and/or monistat.

u/vagattackTA · 7 pointsr/Healthyhooha

Okay so

  1. All I have is discharge, no pain, no odor, no burning, no itching, nothing but gray discharge in large quantities
    2.its been the exact same since I noticed it
  2. Hard to tell if the boric acid or the vaginal cream did anything during treatment but the day after I stopped it would be the exact same as before
  3. Both were 7 day, no improvement
  4. I'm on refrigerated 15 billion live women's health, I've been taking it for a little over a week 1 in the morning an hour before I eat. Florajen is the brand I think
  5. One every night for 10 days with no improvement here's a link to the one I used
  6. I did about a year ago and I was clean
  7. I'm here first and only partner. Prior to her I hadn't had sex in about a year.
  8. She did recently and she's completely clean
  9. They only swabbed once but she did a visual exam about 3 weeks ago
u/pigglepops · 1 pointr/Healthyhooha

I had to get them off of amazon, I talked to a few pharmacists and asked why they don’t sell them in stores. Apparently, people were taking them orally and not reading the directions so they don’t sell them in NY state. Other states may though. I’ve gotten a few friends hooked on these too they really do work.

u/Lamzn6 · 2 pointsr/Healthyhooha

RepHresh Pro-B Probiotic Supplement for Women, 30 Oral Capsules

If you’ve been on antibiotics a lot, your microbiome might be impaired. This has helped me with UTIs along with another wonderful product called Ellura.

But you should listen to everyone else about trying a different kind of dildo.

u/PJKimmie · 2 pointsr/Healthyhooha

I usually purchase it at Costco, but they do happen to have it on Amazon here!

u/holy_schnitt · 1 pointr/Healthyhooha

If you don't have time to get to target you can buy these here:

Sometimes I only need to use them for one night, but if I actually think I have BV I will use it for 3-4 consecutive nights and that usually does the trick. There's tons of reviews from women who have used them, so if you still feel weary you should read some of those :)

u/ActualNepotism · 2 pointsr/Healthyhooha

Definitely sounds like you need to drink more water in general, don’t worry about how cold it is either (if you really need it to be cold, get some ice cubes to throw in. They sell refreezable ones like these )
The legs/feet thing concerns me though and you should probably go to a doctor. Could be a circulatory problem or possibly something more serious like diabetes.

u/fingers-in-ears · 7 pointsr/Healthyhooha

I would ditch the wet wipes altogether. Even if they are unscented, they still contain detergents and other things that might be upsetting your skin. (For example, this is how I found out I am allergic to aloe vera.) Start using a bidet to clean your backside instead. If you don’t want to install a bidet onto your toilet, get a travel bidet. Cheap and easy to use.

u/Dimsssum · 4 pointsr/Healthyhooha

The DivaWash, 177ml

I use this brand, i love it and its 100% plant based.

u/DealCrush · 3 pointsr/Healthyhooha

I’ve had one that I had to take 7 days of antibiotics in the past 2 years and that was only because I got lazy and wasn’t taking the D-mannose everyday. I now take 1000mg every night before bed in the capsule form (NOW brand) and if I feel symptoms coming on I take 2000 mg by powder every day for 7 days in addition to the 1000mg (2 capsules) before bed and haven’t had a full blown UTI since. I also recommend ordering the UTI test strips (you can get them cheap on Amazon) and test your urine from time to time. If the test strips indicate bacteria (even if you have no symptoms) up your dose of D-mannose daily until it’s back to normal range.

What I use:

UTI test strips -

D-mannose powder -

D-mannose capsules -