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u/andrewsami70 · 1 pointr/HorseMask

From this listing I choose seller Akord Technologies, if you want I can post a picture of the mask. Its not very cheap at 11 pounds, but it looks a lot better than most of the knock-offs that I see pictured all over the internet. Also, since the original mask is pretty hard to get in the uk, I'm sure you can sell it for a price close to, if not equal, to what you paid, and I think you'll be surprised at how much you can use the horse mask other than a Halloween party.

Importing the mask has a problem though, you are subject to receiving the shipment late, thus ruining everything. That's the only reason why I chose to get from the uk, especially since i had a flight scheduled and I was staying in a hotel so for me delay=money gone poof.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/HorseMask

i got this one and i pulled the horn off the first time taking off the mask( dont pull by the horn) its now held on by a safety pin and still looks great. Its a rubber mask btw. for some reason i was expecting a foam mask or something like that

u/tearadon · 8 pointsr/HorseMask

Accoutrements Horse Head Mask
Ordered this last week and got it Tuesday.
Over 1000 5 star reviews too.
Hope that helped!

u/Obviouslynotafaggot · 6 pointsr/HorseMask

Amazon has it. I just bought one.

EDIT: I just realized there was a link on the sidebar... unless they just added it. Either way you can get it cheaper at:

u/jpk002 · 1 pointr/HorseMask

I use really long straws: and

If it's a bottle of something though, I just shove it up my snout and drink.

u/DirewolvesAreCool · 1 pointr/HorseMask

I bought them here:

zero shipping from China, they arrived today (but it took a month) and they are as advertised on the page.

u/Sternenplasma · 2 pointsr/HorseMask

Holy shit, they are 35€ in germany. Link.

Thats 43$ !! What the hell....