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u/StupidQuestionsRedux · 0 pointsr/HumanPorn

>More or less

Is the Anti-Romanyism confined to older generations? Are younger people just as racist as older ones?

> Yep.

Is this self-image baseless or is it a reflection of an underlying socio-economic reality? It seems to me, from a developmental perspective, with, perhaps, the exception of Bulgaria, Romania lags behing other Eastern European countries which recently got accession to EU, in fact these two deserve to be in a class of their own. From reading various works on Eastern Europe, I envisage Romania to look like what Russia would look like without a Sankt Petersburg or a Moscow, a place filled with vast amounts of peasantry and a poorly developed urban tradition, and from a historical context a perpetual periphery, a disputed no man's land used as a bargaining chip by the neighbouring great powers which manifested little interest in bringing the region to European standards. In fact, in accordance to some of the more notorious accounts of the region expressed by reputed Western correspondents like R. Kaplan, the author of "Balkan Ghosts" and " Eastward to Tartary", the border between Hungary and Romania, not the one between the former capitalist Austria and communist Hungary, constitutes the real line of demarcation between West and East in Central Europe. Although, there are some good examples of formerly less-developed nations which throughout history were dominated by more powerful neighbours that managed to overcome these historical adversities and became prosperous First World nations, Ireland, Finland or even South Korea are some of the names that instantly spring to my mind, I'm less confident in Romania's prospects in contrast to countries like Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Poland etc. Because of geopolitical factors like being "double landlocked" so to speak relatively to the countries West of the former Iron Curtain and most major transcontinental trade routes sidestepping it but also social ones like a relatively lack of human capital, there are less incentives to invest in Romania compared to ones that share a direct border like Poland and Czech Republic, thus the difussion of Western capital taking place at slower pace. In addition, it seems that some of the values instilled by the local Orthodox church into a deeply religious population aren't helping either. Taking all these aspects into account I wouldn't be too surprised if Romania will experience difficulties in bridging the gap that separate it from more prosperous former members of the Eastern Bloc in the near future. I assume you're Romanian, what's your perspective as a local? Do you consider my view to be too pessimistic?

> Because people think in terms of ethnicity, not citizenship. They may be Romanian citizens, but they are not ethnic Romanians.

That seems rather backwards, don't you think? I think the French have the right approach in this matter, if you're born there you're considered French no matter what. Anyway, put yourself in the shoes of someone who isn't familiarised with the ethnic groups inhabiting Romania, a passport reveals someone's citizenship not ethnic affiliation and it's verifiable information unlike membership in some nebulous ethnic group. Do you think it's reasonable to expect the average Joe to burden himself by learning to be aware of which particular ethnic group inhabits which particular countries and be able to distinguish between them? If, hypothetically speaking, you were to meet a Nigerian member of the Igbo ethnic group and he claimed they, Igbos, are good people and all those scams involving Nigerian princes are the work of those dastardly Hausa from the North who sullies their reputation how would you react?

> And yes, gypsies are pretty wildly disliked here, so a foreigner thinking that all Romanians are gypsies is something like a horible reputation. You have to understand that Roma are disproportionately poor, so most occupy the lowest strata of society.

I think this general dislike has the potential to greatly hinder Romania's ability to tackle these difficult issues.

> So it's like the the whole society is judged on the vocal misbehaving minority.

Personally, I don't think Romani people are the main factor tarnishing Romania's image to outside world. If your description is accurate, it seems to me that Romanians overrate this influence, a childish way of deflecting from their share of the blame, Romani people being nothing more than just a convenient scapegoat which allows Romanians to not acknowledge their contribution and to avoid some painful introspection. If that's case some soul searching is deeply needed.

> There was an interesting discussion on r/europe a few days ago. You might like it:

Thanks, I appreciate it.


u/megret · 2 pointsr/HumanPorn

Wonderful pic. The first thing I thought of when I read the title, though, was the novel Homer & Langley. A really good read.

u/the_hobgoblins · 1 pointr/HumanPorn

Picked this book up at the weekend

It's packed with beautiful pictures like this of Ian Curtis and the rest of the band, just found one of the band outside a building I used to live in too, cool!

u/ewewmjuilyh · 1 pointr/HumanPorn

You can easily get a great, new DSLR and a handful of accessories for $600. Like this

u/wmass · 6 pointsr/HumanPorn

I have a copy of some 1912 sheet music, Valse June, that has a cover illustration that looks like her:

u/thecrazing · 2 pointsr/HumanPorn

> (sorry I'm on my mobile and don't know how to like anything)

Incidentally, thanks for meeting me more than halfway on this. I dunno if I would've been so cordial responding to someone who opened with 'I think a major is stupid and I roll my eyes at it', especially while typing on mobile the whole time.

..Although in my case, my first undergrad was psych and I probably would at least partially agree with said hypothetical person anyways.

>I don't know that there needs to be a hard and fast line thats drawn, if that makes sense.

It does make sense, though I'm not sure I agree. If 'take seriously' means 'read it and think about it', sure, I'll read and think on just about anything. If 'take seriously' means trust, then I think think there should be lots of lines drawn.

>Her latest book

This one, I take it.

u/thomthomthomthom · 1 pointr/HumanPorn

This looks like a photo from Private Acts: The Acrobat Sublime. Can't say for certain, though.

u/headyyeti · 5 pointsr/HumanPorn

Anyone interested in Vanuatu, I highly recommend reading Getting Stoned With Savages: A Trip Through the Islands of Fiji and Vanuatu by J. Maarten Troost

u/Gnurx · 1 pointr/HumanPorn

Over at amazon you can buy the book for $4.225 USD -- or for under $30.

u/Fish3Ways · 11 pointsr/HumanPorn

Her name is Frances Densmore. She was a revolutionary ethnomusicologist for the Bureau of American Ethnology (the Smithsonian's earliest anthropology department) in the last 1800s. This fella's name is Mountain Chief, and she made dozens of recording just like this one and kept close relationships with leading anthropologists of the day like A.L. Kroeber and Frank Hamilton Cushing. As for his leggings, the crosses aren't that unique. Do a quick Google search of "plains war shirt" or "blackfoot leggings" and you'll find crosses all over the place. Source

u/[deleted] · 11 pointsr/HumanPorn

Her memoir One day, I will learn how to make a proper direct link... Nailed it!

u/el_chacal · 1 pointr/HumanPorn

Vaguely reminds me of this Matthew Sweet album cover

u/Favo32 · 14 pointsr/HumanPorn

>When a renowned Yemeni lawyer heard about the young victim, she took on Nujood’s case and fought the archaic system in a country where almost half the girls are married while still under the legal age.

From her memoir's amazon page.

u/Cobaltsaber · 1 pointr/HumanPorn

There is a copy of this at a local gun club, its a bit more technical then what your asking for but I'm not sure what else your going to find.

u/Redspringer · 3 pointsr/HumanPorn

Harrowing book about the war - same pic on the cover:

u/godiebiel · 6 pointsr/HumanPorn

Had to do a reverse image search on Google !!

This is Carl de Keyzer book "Zona: Siberian Prison Camps"

Here are some additional photos and review !

u/jackjustdied · 1 pointr/HumanPorn

Same equipment! I think I'm unfairly harsh on the kit lens, so I usually stick with the fifty. I nearly bought the 55-300mm (it seems like an amazing deal) but my buddy told me to save my pennies. See, I'm hesitant to buy DX lenses, just in case I want to upgrade to full frame at a later date. I'm still torn on that.